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Found 17 results

  1. There is really no comparing this tank to any other tank at tier 6. The 105, if it was any better, would be overpowered. On the ARL it is simply serviceable. With 223 base pen, 330 alpha damage, and a base RoF of 5.6 it has everyone else beat on pen, and almost everyone else beat on damage. The gun has in class dispersion values that compare almost favorably to the 122 on the KV-85, another gun that shoots stuff. It has armor that bounces almost anything a tier 4 can throw at it, as long as they don't shoot the turret, and it can actually sidescrape (no joke here it can). In the mobility department the ARL clearly outpaces other moving tanks like the O-I and Churchill VII. With a blistering top speed of 37 kph and 16 power to weight it outpaces tanks carefully selected for being slow. Truly a powerhouse of tier 6, only the venerable Churchill game carrier can compete with this stale baguette shooting monster. Also why the hell does this thing get a bullshit gun? Like what the actual fuck Wargaming? It just deletes tier 4s and 5s. I might have to keep this tank for "3 marking".
  2. What upgrade path to follow? What extra gear would you install? What is the preferred playstyle? Quick summary of the tanks specifications: Mobility: abysmal 12 HP/t ratio, good terrain resistance values and top speed of 45 km/h Armor: frontal 75mm, sides and rear 35mm, huge flat areas Size and camo: it's gigantic, like fucking huge Gun: 155 pen and 135 damage, has 2000 DPM Gun handling: it has .36 acc, 2.1s aim time and -10 depression. Stock turret is bloody awful tho and it ruins all the stats, severely. So I'm going for this upgrade path: gun -> turret -> tracks -> engine -> radio. How big is that in game? By my rough estimate, if you take 2 IS-3 tanks and stack them on top of each other the Chi-To would still be bigger.
  3. I don't think this tank has a dedicated thread, or if it does, it hasn't been posted in for 12+ months. So, once in a while, you probably drag your Cromwell(B) out and think "What happens if I put manageable gun handling and decent armor on this?" You get the 3002 M (henceforth referred to as the mini-Panther). Pros: Armor buff on the upper plate gives it 130mm effective armor which trolls lower tier mediums and some tier 6 scouts. VERY fun to bully with the armor on this thing. Second best in-class gun handling for the tier, combined with a lean aiming time of 2.21 and base accuracy of .34 making it an excellent sniper and overall above average snapshotter. weighs 40+ tons. She's a big girl and placing your meaty girth upon helpless 20 ton tier 4s with too little armor is too fun to pass up. Especially with all those Swedish TDs that are like feathers. Gonna place another bullet here for big rams because seriously, anything worth ramming you can catch up to on a downhill slope. 45-50 cruising on flat terrain, 55 definitely downhill means nothing runs away when you attempt to ram it. The Average: Middling DPM. Not as much as a Crom, not as much as an Easy 8, but more than the 34-85 and T25 and Strv 74. Middling speed. Outpaces the slow stuff that you're scared of, you can run away from a flank if you don't overcommit but you're a little iffy on those speedy cap resets. I lost a game because the speed was a little lackluster and couldn't reset. Mildly above average view range, but not enough to warrant a pro. It's 370, which means you can run optics if you run food with it. I prefer binos, for a sweet 486 when bitch camping or trying to spot. Cons: Relatively big with thin side armor. 40mm side armor means the countless 85mm+ guns get 2x overmatch on you making it very hard to sidescrape. You also get raped inside-out if you expose your side to the 105mm HE hoses. Relatively low camo. Not like a cromwell where you get light tank camo. So yeah, lovely tank. Got my first mark after about 30-35 games, getting top tier is like kicking puppies and when bottom tier, you have enough DPM to make anyone be seriously annoyed. The buffs to its armor were probably more effective than the mild gun dispersion buffs. You turn into a pseudo-heavy when fighting tier 5s and tier 4s are just food for you.
  4. Oh boy, another premium. And this time, its another Sherman! But wait! This time, its actually historical unlike the Furry Fury! And it actually looks pretty neat. Daily Bounce TAP Tier VI Medium Tank Hit Points: 750 Hull Armour: 123 / 38 / 38 mm Turret Armour: 177 / 63 / 63 mm Shell Avg. Penetration: 128 / 177 / 38 mm Shell Avg. Damage: 115 / 115 / 185 Reload Time: 3.6s Rate of Fire: 16.66rounds/min Aiming Time: 2.1s Average Damage per Minute: 1915.9 HP/min Accuracy: 0.38 Turret Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s Traverse Speed: 44 deg/s Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 42 / 18 km/h View Range: 370m Here's hoping it includes the historical crew including Creighton Abrams himself as TC.
  5. ROHAN WoT page SHIRE WoT page GONDR WoT page Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future. Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8! TS: vs23.tserverhq.com:7078 ; forum: middle-earth-tankers.boards.net Contact _Mik_, Kamzilla89, or any officer in our absence! Gondor (Tier 8 ) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 8 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1100+ recent WN8; 50% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 3 viable tier 8 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Rohan (Tier 6) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 6 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1000+ recent WN8; 49% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 2 viable tier 6 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Shire (Training/Casual) Requirements At least 1 tier 5 tank A great attitude Less than 10k battles Middle Earth Code of Conduct Middle Earth Code of Conduct All penalties are per the executive staff's decision and are subject to leniency or intensity changes are necessary. Intentional team killing is forbidden. Penalty: banishment Harassment is forbidden. Penalty (single): reprimand or banishment ; Penalty (multiple): banishment
  6. Since I haven't been able to find enough opinions on this tank, let's start here! What are your thoughts for ya'll folks who have owned it, or played it at all. Pros? Cons? Meh's? Quirks? Stronkholds? Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you REALLY feel.
  7. old topic, almost 1 year old. nobody is gonna see it anyway, so here is a new one. I know I have a clan but the clan is small, and they are all shitters. @vernl I play bad, kinda, 3k wn8 so, make me gud bois Tanks I mostly play are Super Pershing, M48 Patton, T55A and Rudy, IS-6 rarely a bit of IS-7 and T110E4/5, but mostly the 4 first tanks because I want to grind my crew :3 If my platoonm80s want TS, here we gooooooo! IP: s2.freets3.stannaz.uk:2108 PW: artilleryiscancer
  8. The Punished Ones is a semi competitive clan looking to recruit some players with around 1200 wn8 recent. We got some trainers in the clan and we are willing to help out players. We are a small group atm about 15 players or so. We are hoping to do tier 6 and then later tier 8 clan wars. In our TS we got a future bronze league team sitting in it (Love Tap), the players in the clan are very interested in doing tournaments to gain even more gold then clan wars. We don't have age requirement but we want mature players, we will determine if you are mature enough by playing with us. We are also a bunch of jokers who love to just have good laughs all the time. We're mostly looking to have fun and improve as a good group of guys and girls. TS: ts9.gameservers.com:9112 PW: 101eg You can also message me in game (The_Rainbow_Platypus) or Blackout_Garrett, Tlane04Prime, Grandpa_Kradok, Jace2, Sacksburg, Zanedevero123. http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/T-P-O
  9. Currently grinding the Chaffee for the current on-track and figured it'd be more fun with people to shoot the breeze with at the same time. Let me know if anyone's up for tier 6 platoons.
  10. Hey, guise! First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog. I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank. If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want. I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya! Oh and happy St. Patricks day!
  11. Question: Which tier 6 and 8 play as an actual heavy (not heavium) as bottom tier? (if any) 'Brute': Fairly reliable protection or good at trading. Regardless of tier. Tier 7 = T29 Tier 9 = ST-I, E75, vk45.02B Tier 10 = Ehundo, IS7 'Heavium': Will trollbounce / brawl but don't really want to expose against higher tiers. Tier 6: KV85 Tier 8: IS3 Tier 9: Wz 111111-1/4 Tier 6: - T150: Armor towards higher tiers when sidescraping? - KV-2: Sufficient alpha (AP+ or HE) to forget armor due to trading well? - ARL 105: Turret too bad to play with heavies? Tier 8: - Tiger II: Suffers versus tier 9-10 armor wise? Can't trade? - KV4: Turret too soft? Can't trade? - 110: How good is the armor? Heavium role as bottom tier? Can't trade? - JPII: Superstructure but too situational / mantlet and no turret? - T32: Too situational / boom not sufficient?
  12. My theory? The gap in gun pen across the tier is too wide. Going off the top of my head in Tier 6: 59-16 - 86 VK2801 - 110 MT25 - 112 T21 -128 Type 64 - 128 AMX 12t - 147 T37 - 150 That's an almost SEVENTY pen difference between the tanks in the tier. We head to Tier 5? M24 - 98 VK16.02 - 96 Crusader - 115 At most? a twenty pen difference. Up to Tier 7? Around Thirty pen difference. In short, Tier 6 probably has the biggest gaps in relative Gun pen in any tier. It's the only Tier where I use consistently load APCR in order for my tank to stay in line with its peers. And now with the introduction of the T37, we also are starting to see a larger HP pool difference as well, which makes a MASSIVE difference at this tier, where one shot at you can be the difference between exploding or not. Is there any way to remedy this?
  13. My guide to calling tier 6 Strongholds Strongholds Strongholds are very important battles. They help you earn industrial resources. Bigger clans often do tier 10 and tier 8 strongholds, but that is not the purpose of this guide. Lets get started! Restrictions: Only Tier 6 and below Up to 7 tanks. For the purpose of this guide, I will only be disscussing tactics when you have 7 players. When you have 6 players your tactics can be quite different. If you want another guide for 6 players, just post a reply. Right now I will talk about the best strategy for clans that are green and blue, and purple unicorns. The strategy consists of light tanks and heavy tanks. An ideal setup for me would be 3 T37s, 1 Cromwell, and 2 M6s, and 1 AMX12t . This works because this strategy can flex amazingly well. If you push one side and no one is there, you can use a T37 to scout because of its amazing view range. All the tanks are mobile and can fall back when needed. The guns on the tanks all have very good damage per minute and that means winning brawls with other medium groups. Also with the camo rating of the light tanks you can destroy enemy heavy tanks. General tactics are to keep your tanks together in one area. If you split up, the enemy team can kill 3 of your tanks, and then it is 7 v 4. Maybe 6 v 4. Then the other team wins. The other straight forward tactic is that if you find a flank empty, always fall back. If you push up, its a race to see who can cap. If you fall back, they will come to you and you can get the first shots off. As this tactic is all about out playing, you first need to learn how to out play certain tactics. Heavies: Many new clans bring lots of heavies to have a big brawl in a city of some sort. The best way to defeat this type of team is to encircle them. If you can find the positions they are all in, you can force them into a brawl you can win. An example of this is ruinberg. You can scout the ridge. If you find no one, you can all zerg into the city from different angles and force them into a dynamic brawl. One which you can easily win through focusing fire. Lights: Some other clans will try to play with lots of lights. Out playing these guys is very easy. All you have to do is force them into a long range engagement. This can be done by splitting your forces up in positions where they can support each other. If the enemy team attacks one group, the other can snipe the people and its a win for you. Same strategy: If the other team uses the same strategy, the game will be a very hard fought one. The most simple way is to just force a huge brawl of all the tanks. Use all of your tanks to hopefully win the brawl. At this point, all you need to know is how to focus fire. I hope this helps you and your clan play strongholds. If you have any questions or comments, post them! I will try to answer them in the best fashion that I can.
  14. I think most people here are familiar with the current meta tanks for tier 6 stronks and tier 6 TCs before that. The more serious CW battles features full 15 man teams with a fairly high level of play. What are the possible effects of this on tank choice and strategy? The nerfs to the 1S and Hellcat and the introduction of the lights have put the T37 on top for Strongholds, but the speed and vision abilities of the T37 probably means less when there are far more people on the map. Opinions?
  15. I got... really reallly reckt during this touranment, particuarly the end bit (I had south spawn for the first two days so no fighting turtles) and my question is Is it possible/how would you break a turtle on ruinberg with a light tank comp ie Croms, t37, vk3001m (I had a kv85 and 2 as well) becuase I was at a loss with this All of the teams were turtling in the buildings on south spawn and I couldent deal with it the turtle consisting of arl44 kv2, kv85, T1 heavy etc (some of them had a light tank or two) its a bit of a novice quesiton but the turtles did me in here
  16. Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you a game i had on the Cromwell. It is in the abbey. I get 9 kills earning me a Radley Walters medal. If you are thinking of getting a Cromwell this would be a handy vid to watch. It is followed by a review of the Cromwell. A typical game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySuu1Hiz7Wg Please like and subscribe if you enjoy. Have a great day Havoc
  17. title says it all. looking for a scout expert to go into a training room with to figure out spots/route tier 6 scouts can properly use on most maps. After 21k games, Im looking for a proper way to actually do scouting. As well, Id like to have some clarification and reinforcement on basics. Thats all. If (willing), PM me, else,echo "move on, and have fun in pubs."
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