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Found 2 results

  1. I decided I should probably start sharing my replays as well as thought process whilst I played in an effort to: Improve as an individual Help others learn the intricacies of the game and thought process of top level players whilst they play So without further ado... I only have one replay so far as I normally don't save replays but this time I happened to have replays saved ^^ http://wotreplays.com/site/2256589#live_oaks-fulcrous-t110e5 In chronological order based on time left. I initially head to city to take advantage of the E5's newly buffed armor profile as well as avoid the batchat arty who is most likely to XVM-snipe me. 14:04 - noticing most of their tanks were lit by the rail tracks, I begin to head back towards base. 12:54 - I position myself by the black mound to 1) be arty safe and 2) force 1v1 engages. My goal here is to shoot lowest HP tanks to remove guns from the game. 12:45 - noticing I have a shot on the AMX 30B, which is more threatening than an RU, I prioritize him but miss. 12:37 - RU 251 is in the open and 30B is dead, I take my shot at him and then proceed to focus the Cent 7/1 to remove a gun from the game. 12:19 - I shoot the 121, a tier 10 tank is obviously more threatening than a light tank will ever be in this position. 11:59 - Shoot the WtPz4 as he is the threat. It also lowers his HP if he ever chooses to push me, making it easier for me to whittle out the enemy when they push. 11:49 - Lorraine 40t is in the open and the waffle is no longer lit, I take my shots at him to lower his HP before they realize they outnumber me and rush. 11:37 - RU251 begins to rush me noticing that I am alone. I back up to get a shot. Unfortunately he decides that perma-lighting me is the better play. 11:24 - he is perma-lighting me in front. I take my chances to kill him that way artillery does not get the pleasure to take shots at leisure. 11:07 - Leo 1 begins to rush. My goal is to kill him ASAP. I have teammates behind me so I knew he would die quickly enough for me to turn around for any tanks pushing me. 10:35 - I kill the 121 10:20 - Lorraine cannot touch me. 9:42 - Arty is the only reason I will lose this game. I focus him down. I then begin to shoot the TDs from another angle they don't expect me to poke. 9:08 - WtPz4 is dead. 8:43 - I bait a shot from the T30 into my mantlet. He is now an easy kill. 7:56 - I inform my team our win conditions in the smoothest way possible - a 3 way pincer. 7:03 - WZ 111 1-4 gets 1v1'd and T49 dies to me. 6 minutes onwards - clean up.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB9uUwcw1GM I could have edited out the gold code and a bunch of other errors, but I'm too lazy. Besides, all the gold I've been told is hidden within the IOC treasury should cover my loss. Being the bottom on the xp charts on an IOC team is a new low. I blame Tedster.
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