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Found 1 result

  1. I'm suprised that there's no topic on armored warfare here. Link: http://aw.my.com/us Gameplay Video: Impression: Very, very similar to WOT. Even the interface layout looks exactly the same as well as a lot of the mechanisms (aim time, module damage, hp bar, consumables). Graphics is better (Cryengine). Minimap, etc. at exactly the same position. There's also REPAIR, FIRE EXTINGUISHER and FIRST AID KIT at the same location too. Nations confirmed to be in are the USA, the Russians/Soviets, the Brits and the Germans (and they are highly likely to be in CBT). Here's a tech tree spread sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NuYnK7Yo_CrNg_VfVuAunarEs557Hv8QbmW8g7CuN8A/edit#gid=0 Reason why it may be worth a try: Similar mechanics as WOT, which means, for the most part, good. The biggest SPG is 155mm, and according to devs 'SPG immediately become visible to other SPGs upon firing'. Highest tier is tier 8, which means potentially less grind (although also, potentially more room to add more toys to grind for). There is no premium shells. There're less likely to be stupid machines such as WTF 100 and 280mm HESH because, you know, modern-day tank designers are less retarded to make those things. There're no 'slow heavy' tanks. And all tanks can be easily penetrated from sides, rewards positioning and flanking. Battles are probably more dynamic. Its made by an American company. So likely the american customers will have a better voice (and we can laugh at the russian whiners crying USA OP). More nations, as countries that did not play a big part in WWII armored warfare (such as Sweden, Isreal, India), as well as more interesting tanks for China, Japan, France, Italy, Poland. Closed Beta starts Q1 next year. Apologies for the repeat topic, didn't realise another topic was there buried 3 pages down.
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