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Found 2 results

  1. Hi fellow tankers, after reading many disparate reviews and topics on few of the Chinese tanks I'm driving as well, I thought I'd do a writeup what I learned so far. As some of those things are recurring questions to many players, perhaps some of those questions can be answered here. The guide does not cover information on all the low tier tanks from the Chinese branch, as most of them are not really worth to be mentioned and can be very painful to grind, so you will be glad when you can finally sell them I will, however, update this guide a) to reflect changes in the upcoming patches (hopefully 9.3 brings the long awaited buff to LTs!) as well as to include one more tank, the Type 64, for which I didn't find the time to write a sum up yet. So, lets get down to work: 1. General Foreword tl;dr: In this topic I will give a description as well as a guideline for playing a specific set of tanks. While this guideline will certainly not be _the one and only_ feasible option / valid way to play the tank, it best suits my very own play style. If you can identify with this, perhaps the points provided will give you a bit of insight or inspiration to try something and improve your own game. --- In the broadest sense, this is also a display of skill. Now, what is skill? Skill is defines as “the ability to do something well”. In the context of tanking this means handling your tank in the right way so you inflict damage, avoid taking damage and win the game. It includes making strategical and tactical decisions, be aware of your surroundings and predict other player’s behaviour. “Skill” is a feat which can be learned. It is no “black or white” thing, so you don’t either have it or you don’t. You could imagine skill on a scale from 0 to 100 or in categories from “unskilled” over “average” to “perfect” It is important to keep this in mind, as your opinion of your own skill, your and your self-evaluation is important as well. It will have a huge impact on whether you play successfully and receive positive feedback (i.e. win the game) or you do not reach your goals and receive negative feedback (i.e. lose the game). . Also, this is important to keep in mind to have the right attitude towards other players. While unskilled players are oftentimes regarded as dumb, idiotic or the like, they are merely unskilled as you once were (with exception of some unicums, which were allegedly born the consist of pure skill ), just as with reading- or writing-skills (their mental potential to understand complex problems / solutions, however, is a different topic). On the other hand, you may seem to be (relatively) unskilled in the eyes of an unicum, even though you already achieved a certain ranking on the skill-scale. You should be picky about your personal performance only and don’t blame others for your shortcomings (even though I admit that circumstances are sometimes very unfavourable). . I am not the most skilled player, but I’m trying to improve ever since I started with the game. I hard-grinded trees, because I neither understood game mechanics nor game flow at the time. Nearly 3k of my battles I did ignorant of any of the underlying game principles. Only for the last 3.5k games I really started to understand the rules and the stats coinciding with them. Though, I see all of my games as my legacy. They define me, as they represent my personal development and tell something about my ability to learn and to improve. The following guidelines are written from such a perspective: I’m not “perfect” and certainly not “advanced” when it comes to applying everything I know. But I can analyze facts, know how something should be done, and thus try to improve it – and this knowledge I want to pass on. Playstyle While I started off with grinding heavy tanks and artillery (I acknowledge my sins and I repent! ), I soon found that my heart lies with light and medium tanks. Although they have a great stat-padding potential, I play them because I like them the most, they are the most fun and deliver what I expect from them. . I prefer those tanks to be mobile, agile and flexible, while at the same time packing a good punch as well. Thus, my reviews will have a light emphasis on mobility. The game is about inflicting damage to others for me, big time. While I can’t achieve high numbers in a single roll, I like it to be a constant harassment to the opponent and deprive them of their ability to have many options in their position. This means I’m either spotting them to death (“The men who stare at goats”-style) or flank the hell out of the map. . I don’t like to run with the main force and try to break apart either alone or in a small group most of the time. While this is a risky endevour, it can bear some very sweet fruit if successful. 2. Tanks Foreword on the Chinese light tank line While I enjoy light tanks, I don’t enjoy _every_ light tank. This is why I don’t start at the 59-16. I played this tank for only few matches. Initially I thought: Hey, what a great anti-scout. This thought was blown from my mind once I met T-71s, which pretty much owned me quicker than I could realize what was on me. . While effectively starting from the 131 and only recently finishing with the 121, I realized that these four tanks – 131, 132, 120 and 121 – have one big advantage: they all reward you for a specific kind of play style (and punish you if you don't adapt), they act and react in kind of the same way. They have a set of similarities, but then again, each tank has its own unique features which need to be handled slightly different. . The 131 is most similar to the 132. While slightly inferior regarding hit points, gun stats and even MM, it’s a tad lighter and more agile. In every other aspect it is virtually the same. The 120 on the other hand feels more like a different tank to the 121. While being a bit more mobile / flexible on the battlefield, the gun stats – mainly with the long reload – and your hp pool do not allow you to put really hard pressure on the opponent. The 121 on the other hand reloads just as quick as any other med, has the whopping 440 alpha, a bigger hp pool, and a stronger front plate which really lets you nail down some opponents. It can occur that you can hold an entire flank (city map) for 2 minutes on your own against three opponent tanks, while in the 120 you’d quickly get overrun. The differences are more distinctive. . It is due to these similarities and/or differences that I will cover the 131 along with the 132, but write a separate section each for the 120 and the 121 WZ-132 (131) WZ-120 121 I'd like to thank my two editors who proof-read my draft version. They provided some additional input as well to refine this article. I'm looking forward to your comments and discussion. Please keep it civil and keep in mind to bring constructive arguments Cheers sigma
  2. The WZ-131 (and the 59-16 before it, grinded them when we had the community-choosen event on the EU server) is my first serious attempt to re-learn vision control and scouting since i started playing again this year. While my understanding of the ingame mechanics has improved a lot, i still feel like i'm very useless on many maps and in a lot of situations, and therefore are unable to even attempt to carry the game - i simply do not have a idea what i could do to improve our odds of winning. While for example malinovka is very easy to carry (this map is propably the only reason for my 55%WR @200 games), i'm absolutly lost on maps like Abbey, generally town maps and the new maps (Sacred Valley/ Severogorsk). Sometimes i can still deal a lot of damage even on those maps, but thats usualy in games that we would have won even without me. To give you some idea of how i play, i uploaded my 10 latest WZ-131 games+ "commentary" on what i think i did good or wrong. It would be very nice if some of you could watch one or multiple replays and give me some feedback, to be more specific: i) general map tactics - bushes and firinglanes i obviously didn't use, bad positioning etc etc ii) more general things like situational awareness and tactical thinking, especially where its lacking iii) really anything that comes in your mind to improve my gameplay (Warning: I have currently neither sixth sense (5% missing, rest of the crew is 95% camo) nor premium, so all XP values are raw) Equipment is rammer, camo net and optics. Replay 1) Cliff, Victory, 900XP, Survived One of those games where i didn't do particulary good or anything special - we would have won without me, and i don't think i could have done anything if they had overrun either flank. Cliff is one of those maps where i don't really know how to be helpfull - in the middle area i get turned into scrap very fast, both flanks are slugfests for heavys and TDs and the lighthouse is not very usefull in my opinion. I never felt like i had any great influence on a battle on this map in a light tank. Replay 2) Ruinberg, Loss, 450XP, Dead Another map where i don't really have a clue what to do. Since my chances in the city are really low, i went to the little village and tried to spot some people and get a few shots off. Works out fine until i yolo straigth in front of a SU152 and get a away very close. After my retreat i get cornered by a T71 and can't do much until i get killed and we loose. Even if the SU would not have been there, i doubt i could have had much influence on the city anymore... (Notice how much damage my team did in the afterbattle report, lol) Replay 3) Lakeville, Loss, 250XP, Dead Yet again: Apart from the initial spots on the people going town, i have no clue how a scout can be any helpfull on this map. Since i ALLWAYS (can't remember a single time it was not so) get spotted after spotting 1 or 2 of their people i immedietly pull back but still get damaged. Then i tried to make their T21 shoot me to scout him (he is a blue player) which works like a charm - but no one shoots him, so it was all useless again >___> I try to help some in city, but they get wrecked just when i arrive. Decided to take the bush outside the city to maybe spot someone for our TDs in the middle - nope. While our team in their base gets wrecked, i decide to push with the TDs - all their people left the town to defend the base and there was not much to be done. Since i couldn't help there at all i pulled back to look out for enemys and got killed by their T71 in our base... i have really no clue what i could have done, from the beginning on. Replay 4) Ensk, Win, 700XP, Survived Yes i had a very long streak of maps i don't like to play in lights, and this is another of them: Apart from some very carefull supportfire at the east side, i have *again* no clue how to be effective. Luckily both our flanks stomp the enemys very fast, there was not much to be done. Replay 5) Fishermans Bay, Win, 900XP, Survived At last a map that doesn't leave me totaly clueless... I get some initial spots and flex around in the middle for a few minutes, getting some (unimportant?) sideshots in until i decide its safe to go for arty. After i killed the arty, its nothing more than cleaning up. (Notice that apart from their green Platoons the complete enemy team was red/orange) Replay 6) Murovanka, Win, 800XP, Survived On this map in a scout on south team i would almost allways slow-mo-active-scout the forest (works like a charm, thank you camo crew <3) and from the north try to get into the little sink at the 1 line. If the enemy has no fast mediums or high-view-range tanks, i would try to knock over the tree and spot way more effective. Doesn't work out in this game, so i just poke out and accumulate some very little spotting damage. Luckily our team cleans up very fast and there was not much to be done again... Didn't feel very usefull though Replay 7) Sacred Valley, Loss, 400XP, Dead lol, no clue what to do on this map as a scout. Somtimes i manage to passivescout for minimal damage, but this time i went full balls and did some damage at the temple. Decided badly to rush the IS3 and got consequently killed. Team did very little damage though, don't know what i could have done... Replay Redshire, Win, 800XP, Dead I know this map is really great for vision-tanks, but i allways loose the vision game on redshire Got some lucky spots for some spotting damage and got killed because i tunnel visioned on the ISU. I don't really know how to spot enemys on this map in a spot where your allies can shoot them without suffering enourmous return fire... Replay 9) Sand River, Loss, 400XP, Survived Yaaa this map... i can active scout enemys for hours without any support fire to actually DAMAGE them After some useless spotting i decided to shoot the southern part of the map from the ridge, overextend twice and take a lot of damage. Then try to defend our base with my platoonmate but can't do much and run away as last player till we loose Replay 10) Here i wanted to insert some replay of me terribly failing on abbey (left path? all heavy and mediums, getting crushed. Middle? lots of Mediums and lights, get crushed. Right flank? i decided to spot some guys there and maybe flank over the little island later - get some spotting damage and then reverse to much fall into the water lol) Instead, have one replay of me actually playing good (for my standarts atleast). Its from yesterday, while the others are all from today and played in a row. Malinovka, Win, 1150XP, Survived (Scout+Patrol Duty) I hope some of you find some time to give me some helpfull tips and hints Thanks in advance!
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