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Found 2 results

  1. Thought about this a little bit while I was pleasantly grinding the Leo PTA: What tanks have you played, which you felt really made you a better player? IE, the learning curve to make that tank successful challenged your previous way of getting things done, and made you approach tanks differently? My Hard Knock Tanks: Leo PTA Why? Taking return fire is just utterly devastating. Learning how to position to get damage without taking any in return from a medium tank perspective is something I need to better apply to my RU Meds T-34-3 Why? Gun handling and depression are not there. At all. Learning to use terrain features to create the depression is a huge bonus. As far as gun handling goes, though... well, thats what food is for I guess IS6/KV1 Why? I learned how to play the game in these tanks and even though I havent touched the KV1 in about 7 months, its still my 3rd most played tank. I learned how to win in these tanks, and to brawl. I need to revisit the PTA soon and work on not fronting, again (Thanks, Crab, for pointing this out to me!) and work on my positioning again. Over the 60 days Ive really let my play slip BIG time. Cant have that!
  2. So - I have a German artillery crew (was on a Hummel, just moved it to a GW Panther which I had bought on sale pre 8.6) and an S-51 for sh*ts and giggles. I was honestly never very good at arty but it was fun to one-shot things and listen to the rage. I've played maybe 12 games in my arty since the new patch, and I hate it. But maybe I'm not giving it enough time, and also only have high tier arty right now so the learning curve is (might be) quite steep. I can sell all my arty at a decent profit (bought them all before they were up-tiered in 8.6) free up some garage spots and also at least 1 really good crew, or I can put in the pain to try and relearn how to play arty, either by buying a something lower tier in the German tree or maybe starting the brits / french. Thoughts and Opinions?
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