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Found 32 results

  1. Where do you get your mods now? I'm looking for Xvm, sniper zoom that I can set X"s manually, zoom out if it's not banned. I can't find anything googlin that looks legit and virus free. Thanks
  2. Gryphon_


    If you run xvm and have seen dots and even arrows appear in the minimap, check this out XMQP From koreanrandom: If you use xvm, go into your settings on modxvm.com and turn this on. Takes clicking on the minimap to a whole new level...!
  3. I don't know how many people actually do their own XVM config instead of using modpacks, but I thought we could have a dedicated thread for people that actually does this and/or just general questions or support. Kinda the same principle as the Quick Questions thread, just mainly focused towards XVM, but other mods with configs could relate. I myself have been doing this for a year, so I kinda have some experience with the config structure and what not. XVM Related Links: Site: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Forum: [EN] - [RU] Dev Builds: [Nightly] - [Change Log] - [Commit Log] Documentation: [Readme] - [Macros] - [Macros-Hangar] Recommended Editors: Notepad++ - Probably the best text editor for Windows XCTuner - Editor for .XC files that assists in editing your config - Doesn't support advanced coding features - Recommend for newbies, tho it wont really teach you anything. XCPad - Text editor tailored towards .XC file editing Need somewhere to post your xboxhueg config? http://pastebin.com/ or http://privatepaste.com/ Fire away.
  4. OK, i have this sweet option on on most of tanks, but for some reason FCM - 50B relation don't work. 50100 works, but 50B don't. For example when i switch to FCM, 50B crew goes to FCM, but not vice versa. On 50100 works other way around. XVM problem or?
  5. Introduction Hello and before anyone can get mad or offended and so on please hear me out? As someone who is working on becoming a game developer someday I try to understand why and how some updates, marketing strategies, and overall mechanics effect how player bases react. So in this forum I like to kindly request that all information be backed up with a reasonable argument. We all want this game to do well and we all are responsible for helping its staff by providing accurate feedback. As such I have spent time looking over forums discussing with all different level of skill players and clans on team speak and so on. Illegal mods As many players know who have been playing for a decent amount of time, know all about War Gaming's stance on how illegal mods are handled. This involves mods such as Grox pack and the famous War Pack. While this is as far as the player base that this effects the mod has easily got to be new players who understand basic game play but don't understand advanced game mechanics. This comes out to I’d be willing to wager to say 80%~ of the total north American player base information is from WoT labs. This is not a bad thing but cannot be overlooked. As such it has caused some players who don't understand to quit the game / rage uninstalling. A simple idea at least worth looking into is > Ways WG can fix this issue step one you know that magical thing known as a python log? Well it is a file in the wot client that checks if your running mods and a few other things as well. How can this be used? Have a program that before allowing any mod to be used it checks with the servers list of banned mod descriptions and looks for code in a mod that would affect the said parameter. This is pretty much a simple way of at least heavily hindering the ease of using illegal mods. And all legit mod creators can if their mod is denied access by the program to submit their mod to an official moderated forum were a (very small) team of WG staff can look them over to see if it passes the test if it is legit and legal it would have an exception thrown in the code to allow this mod although this would have to be done every patch for mods that are legal but don't pass the bot. Game mechanics As many higher than average players improve they start to come under what many call XVM sniping. As some of you may know XVM is a mod that tells according to a community created skill equation to all players who have it showing them the most proficient player on each team. This can create a very toxic environment as this also can show an estimated "win chance" according to the skill level of each team. Leading to people saying and doing things such as "oh this match is a loss" and or drowning them-self or disconnecting. This is also many new players when they look at mods for the first time. This is a bit of a sub issue but many players of a higher skill level that I have talked to would love an option to hide their stats (like how Press accounts do). In any case XVM as said above is no good for anyone creating a hierarchy based on a number. As for XVM sniping itself it's when people with high WN8 (the number used in XVM) get typically when SPG players focus them the entire match is a huge contributor to why experienced players in general despise SPGs and I will go into that later. SPG Mechanics Self-propelled guns as they are in WoT are an extremely big issue in terms of source of player rage lack of immersion and in general considered an “easy class.” Now why is that the case why does it induce so much rage? Well the reason for it is not something that can be just found by looking at numbers. Now some people may disagree with me but from the information I have been able to gather the issue lies in the simple fact that: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers all are incapable of doing anything to stop arty directly, (directly being able to get to and destroy them). Typically players know nearly exactly were the SPG players are but only after being hit or seeing someone else get hit. This most likely is why artillery results in the following: frustration at being helpless, frustration from getting hit for typically 33% of your total hit points and then rare sudden one shot hits. Also worth mentioning that although SPGs were added with the intent of reducing camping as an experiment I have seen thousands of times were players are punished indefinitely more for playing more up front and trying to be more “active”. Then on the reverse players who hide the entire match in fear of getting spotted and slammed by a round that they cannot stop. This has absolutely nothing to do with if an SPG is actually aiming at their current location or if said SPG is loaded or not. The entire concept of “I could be hit” is what seems to drive this mentality. That said this entire argument can be proven invalid if example player teams SPG player knows how to counter battery and drops it early in the match, simple problem is most SPG players have no clue how or don’t want to as is not very rewarding and anyone who is remotely intelligent in a SPG moves right after they fire to avoid counter battery or the shot fails to connect even if they don’t move. Some possibly ways that this could be fixed in my personal opinion is an increase to splash decrease in shell penetration and something like a warning when a SPG is aiming in the square players are currently in like a red square appearing in the map? This would help people be more aware of the map itself as well. CLAN WARS 2.0 Disclaimer: I am not nearly as well informed of how clan wars 2.0 works so take all with a grain of salt Alright I have seen and hear a great many things and although I am personally moderately ok with how clan wars 2.0 works I can see how players especially the ones with jobs or school (this is most players) feel about this. First off many have complained how much skirmish grinding it takes to stay on the tier 10 map this is mostly on how far players are committed to playing said skirmishes and being basically forced to play is not helping. Solution? Possibly make it so each provenance makes the same amount in relation to the amount of influence and industrial resource needed. And as an incentive have a modifier to give let’s say X% more given to tier 8 compared to tier 6 and so on. Also landing zones are an issue but I’ll leave that up to someone who knows more about it. Link to the official discussion on the normal WoT forums doing very well http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?showtopic=476890
  6. UPDATE: Sadly I have discontinued support for updating this document as it received zero support in the form of charitable donations (the odd £1 or $1 to good causes is always a good thing!). If you'd like to retroactively support this then either read the doc or help me with my other hobby - magic - by buying me a pack of cards or something from my Amazon Wishlist. The guide is still very useful as a reference - more so when combined with the latest XVM documentation. Due to the constant reformatting issues on this forum (doesn't normally create issues but it does with something this big!!) I have changed the format into a Google Doc that anyone with the below link can read. Make your own XVM Config [Guide] Few disclaimers: This is written as a guide, it's not a 100% 'step-by-step spoon feeding instructions' as that would defy the whole point! It's to give you ideas/inspiration and remove the fear you have of creating your own configs. If you break anything I'm not to blame. I have included as much helpful info as possible and if you wish to have anything added then let me know. It should be enough to get 95% of you by without breaking too much stuff!
  7. I was just wondering if there is way to get the recent wn8 shown in game instead of the overall wn8 shown.. I think It would be better because then youd actually be seeing how the player is doing recently so you could maybe count on them or not count on them in battle... just a thought.. can you do that/have that? cause id rather use recents then overall..
  8. Improved Descriptions of Skills/Perks (included in Locastans Session Stats/Messages for a while now) Icons - 0.9.3 CLEARCOLOR SCOUT --- Pogs contour icon mod. This version is from me, other versions can be found here. I m keeping this version of Pogs contour icon mod alive - Oxmaster wasnt willing to do so because of low demand. In my opinion viewrange and speed are more important than a few mm of penetration and hitpoints are displayed by OTM. Here it is: Icons - 0.9.3 CLEARCOLOR SCOUT.zip If you find wrong values tell me. (speed - view range - hull armor front-side-rear) XVM config Source: http://www.modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/ features: Server Ping in garage, WR, WN8, avg Tier, numbers of battles, hitlog, clanicons, minimap mod ... I recommend also to install this font, which enhances the minimap. Its from a guy in the korean random forum (xvm-devs) - sorry forgot his name. 1 config file for XVM - for XVM 6.1.2 beta (WoT client 0.9. - download and install complete xvm from here: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ - delete "configs" folder in "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods" - paste configs folder from this archive to "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods" done WN-Calculator This is an Excel-sheet I created for calculating the WN-Rating. Atm it will display WN4, WN6 and WN7 + WG's BS-Rating Team total HP counter for 0.9.7 - klick! J1mb0 lite + Serverside Cross for 0.9.8 in spoiler ACHTUNG! No guarantee from my side - may cause problems with other mods - possible problems you have to figure out yourself.
  9. Hey been playing tanks for a long while, figured it was about time i signed in on the wotlabs community. i got a quick question in regards to EFF and XVM. lately i've been plateauing in my climb to improve and raise my overall XVM rating, and i've just noticed that while my XVM session stats after a round of games will be in general a marked improvement but my efficentcy scores are consistantly low 800-ish compaired to my xvm of 1500-ish. i know xvm calculates overall stats and spotting etc to give you a value but i know nearly nothing about Efficiency and how it's caclulated. and what it means. maybe i need to focus more on doing direct damage over assisted/tracking damage? thought i'd learn a lil something this morning while i have my coffee and recover from last nights adventure.
  10. Hello all, sorry if this isn't exactly the right place for this, but it seemed like a good place to start. I'm Tronyx and have been playing tanks for over a year now, but just recently started getting into WoTLabs, XVM, and working on my WN8. Recently, seemingly within the last couple updates of XVM, I'm seeing a discrepancy between my WN8 on WoTLabs and in game. Currently, WoTLabs shows 948, but in game it shows 1015. I've tried reinstalling XVM a couple times (even uninstalling WoT), but I'm still seeing the inconsistency with my WN8. Everything else, IE: WR, match up perfectly though. Any ideas? Thanks, Tronyx
  11. After 9.6 when I created some groups I am not able to reach contacts and have this window. Most of the time. It is somehow linked I think to XVM comments. When clicking the window I get message " Can not connect to chat server" Any ideas how to fix this crap? Tried - remove all mods, clearing the cache, copying over all wot files from notebook, even reinstall wot from scratch. Still there. It does not happen on notebook, only desktop so the issue be local.
  12. So I've been keeping detailed records of battles for about 300 games now, just shy. I've had the impression for a long time something shifty is occurring with MM and the teams I'm being handed. The only way to deal with impressions is to compile the data and actually look it over to determine if something is really up or you're just crazy. These battles are all solo, a standard mixture of tanks, neither exceptionally good or bad overall. Tiers ranged from 2 to 9 with average probably running 6 or so. Since I'm at another rage quit I thought it would be a good time to compile the numbers to see if anything is showing. I need to learn Excel anyway, so two birds one stone. I recorded the tank, the tier of game, XVM's WT prediction, the actual battle result, and which team had an advantage in top tier heavies. I simply averaged 3 numbers: MM tier, XVM prediction, and then the actual result. XVM's win rate prediction: an odd 55.24%. On the one hand, this is what I expected the number to average to. My mathematical intuition had this as the number before I even ran them. This seems rather bad for a player of 63% WR. Cue paranoia. My actual tier vs tank (counting sheltereds at -.5 and +.5) actually came out to a mild advantage of .104. Overall I've been getting higher tier about 10% of battles. I felt this was occurring as well, it seemed as if I were indeed getting a little luck on teiring lately. The weird part is win rate. Actually averaging up my WR for this period I won a surprising 66.0% of games. My intuition had that number set more around 62%. The gap between XVM prediction and actuality is at a whopping ~11%. ~300 is only a small sampling, but I think I have a useful take away here. Lots of people say XVM win rate ticks them off and here it is: it's showing I'm going to lose when I'm not. I've been basing much of my perception of MM and teams on XVM's ratings, and thus it feels like I'm getting hosed more often than it appears I am. At least in this sampling there doesn't appear to be any bias occurring in MM, just a bias being planted in my perception by XVM's attempt to quantify. I'm actually surprised at how how my WR for this period has actually been compared to my impression. Ok, so, no more XVM winrate prediction.
  13. Need. XVM. Help. (repost of a help thread somewhere else) { Since 9.5, I can no longer edit XVM configuration files with the old editor, I know it has been incompatible for a long time, but it was only since 9.5 XVM when it no longer worked. So I need some help with editing the config. Could someone make a config for me that has the following: Players panel with xvm stats user icons and spotted markers like this one, but other than that, default. Hitlog just to the right of the players panel, just below the team scores panel. 3 lines, grouped player names. Tab panel: Similar to aslains here: http://xvm-mod.com/w...s/2013/07/2.png Format: Clanicon, IGN, Battles, in k, WN8, win rate, games played in tank (no hecto plz), win rate in current tank, and vehicle name (without fancy aslain font, default plz ). Other than that, the same spacing, etc. Wotlabs xvm colors, here: So yeah, could anyone help me make such a xvm config? Thanks P.S. I luv smileys. } Its_Matra, I just can't do it The colors.xc replacement doesn't work (outdated colors.xc file?) and the hit log refuses to listen to gedit, the editor I use. Heeelp.
  14. Since 9.5, I can no longer edit XVM configuration files with the old editor, I know it has been incompatible for a long time, but it was only since 9.5 XVM when it no longer worked. So I need some help with editing the config. Could someone make a config for me that has the following: Players panel with spotted markers at -22, -2 (x,y). Revealed: #00ff00 (*) size 24, Lost: #DDDDDD (*) size 24, Never seen: #DDDDDD (#) size 12. Hitlog just to the right of the players panel, just below the team scores panel. 3 lines, grouped player names. Tab panel: Similar to aslains here: http://xvm-mod.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2.png Format: Clanicon, IGN, Battles, in k, WN8, win rate, games played in tank (no hecto plz), win rate in current tank, and vehicle name (without fancy aslain font, default plz ). Other than that, the same spacing, etc. Wotlabs xvm colors, here: So yeah, could anyone help me make such a xvm config? Thanks
  15. micKee's Battle Interface [0.9.5] [updated - 31.12.2014] Preview DOWNLOAD » micKee MODPACK v9.5 Included Mods XVM - micKee's configAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in English! PMOD Pack - used for zoom in, zoom out, session stats + other goodies (use F3 key to activate/disable Free Camera Mode in replays)Additional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! GambitER - Damage PanelAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Shtys - Info PanelAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Shtys - Minimalistic SightsAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Marsoff - Damage IndicatorAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Korolins - Contour IconsAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Hell Minimal Hangar ModAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in Russian! Spot Messenger - used for the automated "spotted" chat message (use F11 key to activate/disable this)Additional info about this mod » Here! Info in English! Ingame Replay ManagerAdditional info about this mod » Here! Info in English! No longer included: Installation Instructions Download the mod pack!Important! Back-up the following folders: World of Tanks/res_mods & World of Tanks/res/audioIf you used to have other mods installed, I recommend deleting the contents of the following folder World of Tanks/res_mods/0.9.X before adding in my mod pack!Unzip my mod pack into your base 'World of Tanks' folder!Activate your XVM-ul at http://www.modxvm.com/en/Enjoy!DOWNLOAD » micKee MODPACK v9.5
  16. Is there a way to configure xvm to show in special battles so the caller can use it as an added tool when choosing who he picks for a battle?
  17. (Author's Note: If the discussion surrounding this thread indicates sufficient interest, I will ask RBS to let me create an article on this topic including the community response and a range of opinions from different player backgrounds in addition to an elaboration of the arguments presented here) XVM is likely the most popular addition to the standard World of Tanks client ever designed and implemented. It allows a wide range of information about both friendly and enemy players to be displayed within a battle. The ability to display player win rate, WNX, percentile rank, games played and potentially other statistics (such as match win percentage) allows a user to get an accurate picture of all the participants of any particular battle. Subsequently, the user can adjust their play accordingly to (in their mind anyways) maximize the chance of a win. However, the very information which many players effectively use can also be misused. The frequency of this misuse (when high enough) deteriorates the gameplay experience of a substantial fraction of the population, and can therefore be harmful to the game. The intention of this topic is for the discussion and analysis of the ethics surrounding the use of the XVM mod, and the influence it has (both positive and negative) on the gameplay experience of both users and non-users. A Numbers Game The information provided by XVM has legitimate use in the arena of battle. Generally, the statistics of any particular player can be used to anticipate their behavior and overall contribution to the match. In any particular vehicle, players of a certain rating often fall into a predictable behavior pattern. Combine this predictability with a complete picture of the team's distribution of player ratings and you can with fair confidence anticipate the general flow of a battle. Comparing the composition of the enemy team to your own can be used to predict the results of map engagements almost before they occur, allowing the user to proactively counter a negative result. Essentially, a skilled XVM user can maintain a significant statistical advantage. They will not be right all of the time, but over hundreds or thousands of battles their wealth of information will tell. However, an important question needs to be asked: Is the possession and use of this information ethical, and what effect on general gameplay does XVM have? The initial question involves the "fairness" of this information access. All of the information provided by XVM can be freely accessed by any player, either from the WoT client or websites such as WoTlabs or Noobmeter. However, what XVM offers is a packaged, condensed set of this information applied to every participant in a battle. Essentially, it does the work for you by presenting this information in a condensed format. Additionally, this information is provided within the battle itself - an option which is not possible without using a client modification. As XVM is a free, legal mod the ethics of use do not revolve around "pay2win." However, the very nature of the information provided raises important questions. Did WarGaming ever intend for players to access information in this manner? Based on the effects of XVM use I have witnessed, I have to say "no." XVM use provides a demonstrable advantage. Knowing the relative skill levels of every participant of a battle allows a skilled player to adapt their play accordingly. Essentially, XVM when properly used is a tool to amplify the user's skill, allowing them to provide a stronger positive influence on their team. This degree of information access blunts an element of randomness associated with matchmaker. Originally, any player would have no other information about the other battle participants other then their name and tank. To anticipate their actions, awareness of the flow of battle combined with any previous experience with the player was required. Due to the large number of active players, previous knowledge was negligible. Communication was required to coordinate. However, an XVM user does not need such a body of knowledge. The statistical breakdown of the players in battle correlates to behavior, both at a tactical and strategic level. Essentially, you no longer need to know the names of players - only their stats. Reacting to Ratings This enumeration of the playerbase has had a widespread influence on gameplay - one which I feel has been negative. The "proper" use of XVM to influence personal play is not the root of this degeneration. In fact, I suspect that the influence it has is negligible, as the majority of players who are capable of properly utilizing the information XVM provides are clustered on the right tail of the skill distribution, making up a very small percentage of the populace. I suspect that the majority of battles are won and lost without a single user on either side using XVM for anything more advanced then target selection. However, this in itself is a use which I feel has a negative effect on gameplay. The ability to correctly identify the best players on either team has resulted in a culture where player skill directly diminishes gameplay experience. Purple Persecution Essentially, XVM users focus down players with high ratings. This manifests itself in manifold ways. Artillery fire clusters around the highest rated player as opposed to the easiest to hit, or even the player in the best position to damage the enemy team. Players in the middle range of rating will focus their fire on high rated players, often forcing a numerically unfavorable trade which they feel is justified when weighting the skill of the high rated player into account. Tanks with an autoloader or high alpha gun often suicide simply to inflict damage on a high rated player. In most cases, this trade is at best neutral to the battle result - focusing on the high rated player results in the remainder of their team "picking up the slack" due to reduced combat pressure. Based on experience, the final impact of this XVM use is either neutral, or biased in favor of the high rated players due to an overestimation of the effectiveness of focus fire, or simply an incorrect or inefficient application. However, secondary to the battle result is the effect these tactics have on the gameplay experience of high rated players. It is not fun to be focused by artillery. The same applies to being suicide rushed by an autoloader with premium ammunition loaded. These are tactics which are sound in a 1v1 engagement - a lower rated player can often obtain the highest damage ratio simply by a direct, headlong rush. Under normal combat conditions, the high rated player may be essentially immune to damage due to armor, positioning, vision control or terrain abuse. To negate this advantage, you need to close to point blank range, load premium rounds, or resort to artillery fire. These tactics have been shown to be strategically unsound - instead of forcing a mediocre ratio against a high rated player, it is often better for your team to fight more effectively against middle or lower ranked players, leading to a numerical advantage later in the game. From the perspective of the high rated player, their experience is diminished. Even though their win ratio is nearly unaffected, they are now forced to change their gameplay to respond to XVM users. XVM use forces high rated players into extremes. They either need to be so aggressive that they are taking attention due to their positioning, or passive enough to avoid direct fire. In a match with artillery, areas of the map which lack hard cover are often unusable. Even as a bottom tier or undergunned tank, high rated players are often forced into devoting their attention to avoiding artillery fire or dealing with suicidal rushes. If 5 tanks rush one high rated player and all die because of it, the high rated player's team will likely win the match. However, the high rated player is sitting in garage instead of driving their tank. From personal experience, the use of XVM has negatively influenced the gameplay of high rated players. I would much rather be driving a tank then sitting in garage, even if the final match outcome is a win either way. However, the effect XVM has on high rated players is not the only source of degenerate play. Players at both ends of the XVM spectrum are affected. Red Rage One of the most depressingly common uses of XVM statistics is to categorize and demean players. Derogatory terms exist for essentially any player rating. Low rated players are called "tomatoes," "oranges," or "bananas" based around the color of their XVM rating. While terms exist for all rating ranges ("apples," "smurfs" and "grapes") these are almost always used by high rated players as an insult. Before XVM, players would be insulted based on their play. Someone who was playing poorly would be accused of botting, called a "baddie" or otherwise denigrated. I am not condoning this practice (even though I am guilty of it, as are most players in general) however at least these insults were based directly on witnessed play. Now, XVM results in these insults being thrown before the match even starts. A player who believes their team is at a disadvantage based on XVM ratings will often type "GG" into chat, and potentially give up on the battle. It does not need to be explained that having team members giving up before the match starts is a negative influence on gameplay. The reverse is also true - a team with a significant rating advantage may see players playing poorly or putting in less effort, believing that a win is assured. High rated players are not immune from XVM persecution. Terms such as "stat padder," "reroll' or "no life" are often fired at players with exceptionally high ratings. This often encourages the high rated players to fire back with the previously discussed terms, leading to chains of insults and arguments which diminish team performance and can even lead to team damage or griefing. Based on these actions, the results predicted by XVM can often become a self fulfilling prophecy. The actions of users who do not understand the nature and limitations of statistical information dominate the correct applications of XVM. Knowledge != Wisdom Overall, the ethics of XVM use fall on a slippery slope. The wealth of information provided grants an advantage that can easily be considered "unsportsmanlike," or as a "crutch" which does not truly contribute to skilled play - merely to assumptions and "playing the numbers." However, the universal availability of XVM means that it alone can not be considered an unfair advantage. However, I believe that XVM use is made unethical by misuse. It promotes degenerate play, reliance on imperfect statistical metrics and generally diminishes the enjoyment of players at both ends of the spectrum. It promotes adversarial, insulting communication as opposed to team play. Players who successfully gain an advantage from XVM encourage others to misuse XVM due to a lack of understanding of what the information really means. Essentially, I believe the proliferation of XVM has been harmful to World of Tanks. Therefore, while XVM can be ethically used, I believe its very existence promotes unethical and unsportsmanlike play. This game would be better off without it. Thoughts? MaxL_1023 (Edit: Added "Technically" as an option to Question 3, after one vote had been taken.)
  18. I was just wondering what color scale you guys use? Default or WoTLabs custom? I personally use the default one because im lazy and assume everybody uses it and i want to see exactly what others see (stronk logic i know). What do you use and why? Which one do you think is besterest?
  19. I would think this would be the correct sub forum. if not, apologizes. Im currently having some troubles login to enable modxvm. Supposedly it was fixed, according to many xvm players that I talked to. So far, So, is there any updated news for this problem? Edit: yes I have cleared the cache. As for ISP, Im getting a decent 20 mbp/s.
  20. As of xvm 5.3.0 there's an option to enable HP macros in the players panel and on the minimap and I'm trying trying to add hitpoints to my players panel. I started by copying the remaining HP function from the hitlog and going from there, and created a players panel with remaining HP that works very well... on the left side. It looks like this: "playersPanel": { "medium": { "formatLeft": "<textformat leading='9.25' tabstops='[90,80]'><font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{name\u0025-2.13s}}</font><tab>&nbsp;<font color='{{c:hp-ratio}}'>{{hp%-1.00f~&nbsp;<font color='#FFFFFF'>HP</font>|*}}</font><tab></textformat>", "width": 46 }, And ingame it's perfect - the HP numbers are all aligned left and look very clear: But that's just the left side. Everything I've tried to do to mirror it on the right players panel hasn't worked very well. The text is always aligned to the right and the HP numbers are offset a set distance from the variable player names, causing them to be hideously misaligned and much harder to read. What I need is either a way to align the text in the right player panel to the left, or a way to space the hp and name macros based on pixels or percentages, so that the health is all straight going down the list. Unfortunately, I really don't know what I'm doing and nothing I've found has worked. I would appreciate help from anyone who knows more about this sort of thing.
  21. Twice since 9.1 push I've been stuck at screen before battle loading, and it makes you afk for the match... Anyone else? I read its was the VBaddict uploader, but I didn't have ATS or BRR installed.
  22. I downloaded Rexxie's modpack (thanks for the work put it!), and I liked it for the most part, except for one bit: the XVM config. So, I went into the XVM editor, and created my own config, but it just makes this file called "xvm", and I have no idea of how to activate it. I've tried going to the @xvm file under @Default, and routing all the things in it to xvm.xc, but it doesn't seem to work. Help? Here's what I made: http://www.mediafire.com/view/6di20ny20o9jogf/xvm.xc
  23. Disclaimer: This is something you have to modify according to your own tanks, crewskills, equipment and taste. It is not universally applicable. The closest enemy will not see me until I fire... I've entered in custom circles for the minimap part of the XVM config file. They indicate at what range you will be spotted by, mostly, an enemy with 400m view range. You are already familiar with the white drawrange square and the 50m proxyspot circle... Red circle: You will be spotted, in the open, standing still.Purple circle: You will be spotted, in the open, moving.Yellow circle: You will be spotted, in the open, firing. { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444", "distance": 303, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } }, { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFF00FF", "distance": 326, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } }, { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFFFF00", "distance": 378, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } } Link to my xvm config file. Detailed instructions on how to use (any) custom xvm config file: I've used the WOTINFO site as a source for the data, I used to crawl around spreadsheets and russian posts, but wotinfo seems to keep track of the valid numbers. Use this site to find out about your tanks and setups then update the numbers accordingly. Maybe you want to assume it is a 440m viewrange tank who's looking at you? I generally run my meds and TD's with full camo skill, if you do the same my config will pretty much work for you. There may be issues using this with modpacks et al. as they usually come with their own xvm config or minimap mod.
  24. OMG LONG POAST!!! STOARYTYME! So for the past 60 days, I can say unequivocally that my play has not improved. I've been struggling with this for a while...largely because of numerous factors, a few of which relate to meta. I hate playing "flavor of the month" tanks, and am generally a slow but steady grinder who will grind a line to completion once he puts himself to it. As such, I've never played a battle in a tier 10 TD (excluding test server of course), for example. I also refrain from seal clubbing, as I don't particularly enjoy it, and as a tank collector, I enjoy collecting the tanks and learning to play them (aka I have shit crews in all tonks except my 8+). I've been able to maintain my combat effectiveness in tiers 7 and below, although most of the tanks I've been playing in those tiers have been shit tonks (AMX M4, ARL V39), but I still grind them...the only exception being the T28 which I finally free XP'd past once I got within 35k of the T95. So, why is this in the "addons" thread? Well we all know the meta has changed to make "sniping" far more important than it needs to be, and thus what I call "twitch skills" - the ability to accurately track, aim, and hit a moving tank at range...which requires both precision and speed IMO - you must capitalize quickly when enemies are spotted, quickly aim on them, quickly zoom on them in sniper mode, and accurately click and lead the target (if necessary) to score a hit...sometimes aiming at weakspots is a luxury when sniping. I'd consider my gameplay stalemated since probably 8.7 or so. Anyway, when 8.10 hit, for the first time in quite a while, I played a few games without XVM, and dialed back my settings considerably. The game felt a lot smoother, and my accuracy improved tremendously. Sure enough, FPS consistently around 60 or so. Then, I installed a basic config of XVM that I've been using for quite some time: Minimap mod, reload timer, displays win rate and WN rating only. FPS consistently down to under 30, and to my horror I noticed, often hovering around 20. My ping is usually manageable, with the exception of lag spikes, almost always under 50 (usually around 30), so it would seem to be a hardware issue not a connectivity one. I've played the game on the same laptop since my first battle over 2 years and 10k battles ago, and have done so on a touchpad, using settings that aside from a few early patches where they caused my computer to run extremely hot, have been on the low side of things. My computer does not heat up excessively when playing WOT since the graphics "optimization" in one of the early 7.x patches that corrected this, which seems to indicate my hardware has room to spare in terms of rendering. So why is my FPS so low, and more importantly, what can I do about it? I hate running without XVM and the minimap mod.
  25. Is there an XVM Config that gives 60-day Stats such as W/R, Eff, WN7 etc? So people know what im looking for i want a config that shows: Overall battles played 60-day WN7/Efficiency 60-Day W/R? if thier is, i would love to be directed to it. if not, being directed in how to make it would be great. thanks Also, jsut to clarify, all i want is for it to look like the Defualt XVM Config but with 60-day stats instead of overall. some of the other Configs i see people use are too cluttered for me.
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