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Found 19 results

  1. A Grille 15 replay for analysis and comments. Highlight of this battle is I was up against Gasai Yuno. We won. I think my one big mistake (possibly due to reflexes) was being out twitched by a BatChat that I had lined up for rounding a corner. Thanks, http://wotreplays.com/site/3068070#murovanka-smirkinggerbil-grille_15
  2. How do you do it? I am now for 2 days trying to 2-mark the T-34-3 and I find it kinda hard since the vehicle is sometimes hard to keep consistent. I was literally 0.3% away 5 times already and I always fucked it up, team died in few minutes or arty oneshotted me. How do you deal with rage and frustration? Should I stop looking at percentages or stop playing when on tilt? Thanks for any advices, frustrated fellow here.
  3. As put to WoT this morning, and now here: As the title indicates. Will soon have enough to elite out a T29 heavy, or a M46 Fatton. Stats show that I tend to do better in heavies, but I do so love the medium meta. Really digging the AMX 30 p and the Pershing, and love gun depression. However, I also cotton to hull down fighting, side scraping and punching holes in overly aggressive heavy players. I hear the M48 is meh, just like the tier 10 AMX 30, and of course if I go the T29 route, I will end up with a E5. A little torn, could go either way. Looking for some experienced folks in either line to lend some advice. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, I just noticed today that my T-34-85 is near 3 MoEs, at 91.33% to be exact. This is from casual play only. I've been bored with the game lately, and have decided to try to get my third mark in this tank. I've never gotten a third MoE yet. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated. I have two marks on several tanks, including M6, T29, and my Crommie, and also of course on the T-34-85. If it interests you, my setup is Vents, Rammer, and Binocs; 41 AP, 5 APCR, 2 HE, and permanent summer camo paint. Crew skills so far are Sixth Sense, Snap Shot, Smooth Ride, Situational Awareness, and Safe Stowage all at 100%; and then BiA currently at 63% on all crew. Tank stats are 52% WR, 40% survival rate, dmg ratio of 1.63, K/D of 2.36, avg XP/battle is 518, avg dmg/battle is 923 with 566 received and 247 assist. 1.12 spots and 1.4 kills per game. Looking forward to hearing any pointers
  5. WaterWar's replay review center Hello all and welcome. With this new replay subforum up and running I have decided to open op a "review center" where I will offer advice on YOUR replays. I have now made a mentoring thread where I offor mentoring to anyone, so if you are interested in longer and more in-depth feedback on your playstyle I suggest you head over there instead. This thread is quick feedback on just a few replays. WaterWar's mentoring: What you can expect from me I am a deep-purple player on the EU server where I have played a wide range of tanks (limited TD's though). My reviewing will be based on my own experiences with what works well on the EU-server. I will be providing explanations on what you should/could be doing better but also what you did do correctly. I will be constructive and will point out every mistake I can find - big or small. If I find a replay to have a particularly good lesson in it, I will (with your permission) upload it to my YouTube-channel where you can hear/watch me explain how I would handle the given situation and what you didn't do. I will review replays of light, medium and to some degree heavy tanks. I don't play TD's enough to have any real experience with them - so I don't want to start to review something I am not 100% comfortable with. Exception to this rule is the E-25 and the old British TD-line as I've played all of them. I will NOT be reviewing several replays from the same person - as that would give me a massive workload in no time. Therefore I would like you to only provide 1-3 replays. The more replays you provide, the longer I will take to review them. What I expect from you You should not pick a replay where you do well (purple levels) as the mistakes I can find in that will be limited. Try to pick games where you get into a situation you can't handle (i.e. a mistake) and/or where you don't know why you had a shit game and/or you are playing a tank where you are unsure if you played the map to the tanks strength (e.g. going Valley with E100 on El Halluf). Also I require patience as I am doing this for free (in-game donations are of course welcome ), so you wont get an instant review (give me a few days to a week). Since I am playing on the EU-server, with the EU-meta, not all of my comments will translate 100% to the NA server - especially not when discussing meta-gameplay. However the small scale tips/tricks will be fine. I leave it up to you to assess when/when not it is a meta-difference. I will try to focus on the smaller scale play, as that is (mostly) universal for all servers. Thanks to Folkerknecht for pointing this out. tl:dr What do I review? - Light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, British TD and E25 gameplay from all tiers. What server do you play on? - The EU server with the EU-meta. How many replays can I submit? - preferably one, but up to three will be ok. What is the price? - It is completely free. How long would I have to wait for your review? - at max up to a week. Do you like cats? - Cats furr Life!
  6. So I finally purchased my M26 Pershing after having it unlocked for close on 2 years now. Rules: \ 100 battles (min). \ Solo pub only. Current load out: \ Tank is fully researched apart from the Patton. \ Rammer - Optics - V-Stab (I mulled around about vents, but I don't see the point of it at this point in time) \ Small repair - Small first aid - Auto Fire Ext. Notes: I'll upload the replays in groups of 10. I will also try and get some content up onto YT.
  7. I'm sure you've seen plenty of threads like this, but I think fresh opinions are always good. A Brief Backstory I used to be a very bad player. I didn't understand game mechanics, and I played on a very low end machine. It was how I imagine most players play when they start WoT. Eventually, though, I wanted to improve, as my "drive forward and die" strategy wasn't doing me much good. So, I watched YouTube videos. I watched Twitch live streams. I even read some pages from the WoT wiki, and forum as well. From maybe 3-4 months ago, I went from a 43% WR to a current 47%. It may not be a big improvement, but I feel good about it. However, I feel I have hit a wall. I'm not seeing massive improvements like I was before, and while my win rate will not continue on a 12% per year increase, I think I can still get better. For those of you still reading... With my recent WR right around 50%, I feel like I'm doing about average, which is what I'd expect for someone who understands game mechanics and weak spots. I get tactics, although I'm not the best at implementing them. I know from watching me replays that I'm very aggressive (I don't like to wait at a choke point if there's an equally good one a square up) and I understand this gets me killed a lot. I'm looking for advice on getting better, but not in the "angle armor and get hull down" sorta way. I think the best way for me to improve is to look at the tactics side of the game. I don't expect to be a unicum, but I hope maybe one day I'll be green (or even dark green!), instead of the orange that I am now.
  8. While finally making my way up the American medium line I got to the M4 and couldn't decide weather to go with the Jumbo or the Easy8 next. The Jumbo is a bit more appealing as later I could also bounce down to the mighty T29. The Easy8 is all about maneuverability and speed it seems. So I guess I'm asking which of the two you all prefer and why? Thanks. ^^
  9. Hi all, I checked on the Newbie Palace and it seems this is the best place to ask for replay analysis and critique of gameplay. I have a a bunch of game uploaded in replays that are mostly my best games... I'm a green in recent stats at the best of times and have hit a slump since I started grinding the On Track. I will post my replay page and feel free to rip me a new one. I dont take criticism personally and I wish to not repeat my mistakes. In general I feel that I lack patience in the early game and find I try to force a flank or move before the right time and get slapped down. I have read every wiki guide and knowledge based article I can get my hands on ( game mechanics, map analysis, meta game, tank reviews ect...) My T67 is my best tank, the only one with a 60% W/R. I've really tried to focus on continually reevaluating the mini map but feel I am a step too slow in the higher tiers. I will post my general replay page.. Most games are good games, but I have begun posting my shitty games in a effort to assess where I'm going wrong. This started with my Leo PTA replays. I will also post separate replies to specific replays where I will comment on my mindframe at the time of the game. cheers http://wotreplays.com/uploader/VII_Legion_euro/id/371104
  10. I have been a member of WotLabs for about a month and a half, and been playing WoT for about 3 months. I'm closing in on 3k battles, with an overall of 52% / 696; recent 55% / 1022. I've improved quite a since I've joined just through reading threads and guides, and watching some of the youtube videos and streams that are out there. I figure it might be time for me to start getting more feedback directly about my game in addition to just absorbing advice and information for the community in general and other players. So, in this thread I'd like to ask for a few things, from anyone who has time. 1. Random Replay review – If you have time to go to my vbaddict profile and grab a random replay of your choice to review (to avoid me cherry picking) and review and provide advice, I'd especially like the following- (a) The single worst mistake I made in the battle. (b) The best play I made in the battle (if any). © Any other advice you care to offer, but really one point to try to fix and another to build on is probably all I can really absorb to carry over from a single battle anyways. 2. Curated Replay review – I will post a replay or two periodically with some comments of what I was thinking as I went through the battle, and what I thought I did wrong or well. If you have time, take a look and tell me where my thoughts were misguided or I've analyzed incorrectly after the fact. 3. If you have any overall themes that you are seeing in my stats and/or replays that I need to correct, any non-specific replay related advice is also welcome. (btw, I haven't played an arty in nearly 2 months, so ignore that 100+ games I played in the Priest trying to do that On Track event like a noob) I don't really want anyone to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at my replays and stuff, since in the end it's up to me to actually improve, but any feedback is appreciated, Thanks all! LostMuffin P.S. I'll post a couple replays below in a little bit.
  11. Hello WoTLabs community!!! I am now starting to grind out the is7 due to the fact that the tank is very difficult to kill, it has a big boomstick, is relatively mobile, and I want my is6 crew to feel some love as well. I am currently on the kv1s, and its pretty much fully upgraded except for the top engine (which I don't plan on getting just yet, the stock one is perfectly fine IMO) and I absolutely love the kv1s at the point in time. Definitely a keeper. But the main question I have is what should I expect from the rest of the tank line and how should I change up my play to make sure I impact the battle in each tank on that line..... So far, it seems to me that the IS is just an uptiered kv1s, and I will definitely need help on how to deal with enemy tanks in this thing because I always grin in glee whenever I see an IS because they are so easy to kill. I know the IS-3 was nerfed a bit and is a shadow of its former self, but I know I will be playing this tank because it is still a great tank Im just scared to even think about playing the is8..... Any tips on how to play this line as effectively as possible is greatly appreciated!!!
  12. Hi beloved community. Since Navy upgraded his rig from: to I've been a little jelly and thinking of getting busy my self. Here is what I have: -GTX 460 (768MB DDR5) -Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz -8GB of DDR2 1066 (4x2gb) -EVGA P55 LE 123-LF-E653-KR LGA1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard -1000w power supply (plenty of plower, but this thing is old.) -Western Digital Caviar Black WD10000LSRTL 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -Big case. Bought the rig second hand from a friend when he moved to London, installed the GTX 460 about 2 years ago. Everything runs fine still, but this was basically high-end stuff 4 years ago and lately the quarter second lag when a new tank is spotted in WoT or during intense action has been bothering me. Also, copy of windows 7x64bit is probably not legit. I don't need top-end performance or ultra graphics, just a good set up that will get me through the next few years. Are there some glaring weaknesses you see here? Is anything salvageable? I was looking at Belial's setups at various income levels which was really useful-I might just spring for one of his options. Right now I have about $500 I can throw into upgrades, by the end of the month and with a bit of my tax return I could probably bump that to $800+. Or does it sound like I should just start from scratch given that everything is bordering on "vintage" and may be a liability if I keep it. I am like a 4/10 in computer sophistication. I can throw new hardware in, but have never set up a mobo. Many thanks guys. EDIT: Just saw Belial's earlier posts were edited out. Did I get in over my head by posting here?
  13. Hello wotlabs, I am here for a while just searching for improvement and now I decided that I should post a replay just to make sure I am doing the right thing. Since this is my first post I decided to do it here and not in the french tanks subforum(?). Now I know I shoudn't have tried to hit that ISU-152, but other than that, what else should I have done different/better? Thank you all in advance. http://wotreplays.com/site/678764#hidden_village-sianix-amx_50_100
  14. Hey guys! I am starting to do youtube videos everyday for my stream viewers and I hope you guys can come and join me as I try and pinpoint certain area's of struggles for new players! My stream is having tons of success and I hope to Further help anyone who cannot make my stream schedule by posting these Helpful Tips and Tricks! I will be posting Videos everyday and always answer requests for certain tanks if I have them of course Some things my youtube videos cover : 1) Your Mini Map! It is Super Important and I will teach you how to correctly use it! 2) Your tank placement throughout the map! Where you should go, why you go there for all of the tanks! 3) Correct locations to shoot enemy tanks such as heavy tanks, medium tanks, and even arty!!! 4) My fav How to properly use Artillery and some tips and/or tricks on becoming a better Arty Player! 5) What Lines to grind... Why You should Grind them, and how they fit your play Style! 6) How to increase your statistics. example: wn7,wn8, eff, etc ( By becoming an overall better player, not stat padding!) 7) Proper use of a Light tank and/or Scout, Proper Scout Lanes How to use every tier 10 effectively 9) Strength's and/or weaknesses of certain tanks and/or tank types! 10) How to Change the course of a battle into your Favor! 11) How to Truly Enjoy Tanks... by watching my stream Stream Information: I stream every day at 12:00 PM Eastern to 5 am Eastern!, Each stream is announced ahead of time on my facebook and steam group Facebook Group : https://www.facebook...77266325718013/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/togood2222stream Stream Information: twitch.tv/togood2222 I stream at around 12:15 ish AM Eastern EveryNight (Midnight) Please follow both to never miss one of my streams as I update them constantly and have interesting conversations with my viewers! Youtube Information : youtube.com/togood2222 These are the 7 I have put up so far! IS6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZgs5eEQ7Lk Object 261: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPEZ18RU1TE VK.7201K: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsIhlesP-j0 M60: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s8dXynbgGA KV1 With 57mm: KV1 with Large Gun: Object 268: New Video Up ! I go over Prokhorovka and how to correctly Play it: ​ More will be on the way!!! Have a Great day!
  15. Before I begin, note that 1) I'm not that good at this game (see sig), but I'm fairly decent, and that 2) I have not played much Chinese or Russian meds- only got to tier 8 on Chinese line and eventually sold it. So I wanted a tier 8 perm, but the IS-6, KV-5, T-34, et al, didn't sound so interesting to me. The T-34-3 caught my attention since I hardly see it and I enjoy playing medium tanks. However, no matter how hard I try, no matter how good of a game I have, I can't seem to win in this thing. Here are my stats for the tank so far: First thing to note is the 49% W/R. It's quite frustrating. Next, note my less-than-desirable avg dmg per-game @ ~1600. How I play it: The poopy aim-time and accuracy make it a poor sniper, I learned that quickly, so I try to float around mid-range from enemy location. However, the poor gun depression hampers this as well, forcing me to expose myself to get in a solid shot. I use the speed and maneuverability to pop around a building, rock, hill, etc, take my shot, and pull back auto-loader style. I try to flank enemies, but many times the gun dep and long reload make this difficult. I shoot mainly gold. My loadout is Vents and rammer to help with the reload time and GLD to help with the aim time. My crew isn't so great due to having played very little on the Chinese line; as of now I have 6th Sense + Recon @ 62%; Deadeye + Snap Shot 62%; BiA + Smooth Ride 61%; and Sit Awareness + Repairs 61%. Consumables are Repair, 1st Aid, and manual extinguisher. Thank you in advance for any advice/tips on how to better play this tank; I can't help but feel this tank has great potential, if only I knew how to play it...
  16. Advice sought from better players please- what should I have done in this game to close out the win? There I was 1:1 vs IS7 with all other dead....on a city map Here's the replay- my worthless teammates piled on abuse but no advice; what does Wotlabs think? http://wotreplays.com/site/428640#himmelsdorf-ngunity-t-44 Here's my thought process at the time, (as I recall it) from 15 secs before the allied E75 dies: I need to get a flanking shot as busting through that frontal with APCR is unlikely; me and the E75 did a number on the IS4 so we should be cool to do it again. Never met the E75 BTW and no comms. I was waiting for E75 to get him to commit before I moved in... then the wretched E75 died and when I popped around the corner the bloody dead IS7 on my team was shielding him I don't have enough HP; I'm one-shottable so I've got to avoid being shot I've got get away and put some distance here, if I can establish some suprise I can get a side shot. (note my crappy driving on city maps when fully zoomed out is a habit I know I must break, keep crashing into minor obstacles) If I get to the map edge I might be able to pop out and suprise him and/or abuse vision Can't get a jump on him, this F@@#ing map is too small Maybe if I sidescrape I can coax a miss out of him then nail his LFP Keep bouncing the bloody LFP need to try something else Dead. damn it. I hate driving zoomed out, I always bloody crash into stuff. Why didn't my abuse serving teammates give me advice, fricking C@^ts Here's my thoughts in hindsight: Why didn't my abuse serving teammates give me advice, fricking C@^ts I have no repair skill on that crew so if my track would have repaired before IS7 reload is questionable Maybe I should have rushed the IS7 and taken the hit gambling that I had enough HP and hopefully wouldn't get tracked and could have gotten ahead of his turret just long enough to smash 2 x APCR into his flank and rear. I didn't realise I had over 500 HP in the heat of the moment Maybe I could have driven to South East and established vision control from there..... Help? thank you
  17. Hi everyone. I just bought my T-34-85 and I went for the 100% crew so that I could grab skills and perks and have them level up as I transfer the crew all the way up to the T-62a. Which skills and perks would you all recommend that I could start them on so that when they reach the T-62a will be leveled up? And why? Thanks!
  18. Since cracking 50% winrate, my improvement has sort of stalled. To that end, I thought I might as well take to these forums to see if I could get some advice on how to improve my play. Here's my Noobmeter profile: http://noobmeter.com/player/na/TheSpaceCommunist and here's links to a couple of replays: http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1001245231.43111710561752206 http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1001245231.38429530489182011
  19. Any tips on how to play this tank well? For the life of me, I can't seem to understand what to do in this tank and usually end up frustrated. I have all the mods unlocked except the last engine.
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