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Found 7 results

  1. I have some free time, and I think this will get buried in status pretty easily so I'm making a topic that I will remove once this has settled. I'm going to make some content. Video or in text here on WoTLabs, but I'm drawing a blank on the content I actually want to write up, so I'm leaving the question to the floor and letting you decide the topic(s). What part of the game do you want more information of? There are no wrong answers, it can be simple or very very meta, that's up to you. I'm down for a good writeup once you decide. I feel like a poll might be in order but then I'd have to add the topics, so I'm just going to do it this way: the two answers that get the most upvotes are the ones I will write up. Upvotes are green, not blue (see below), I'll count blue too but make it easier to see thank you I am open to doing replay analysis and map analysis, but keep in mind that I have zero editing skills and will be keeping most of the content purely theoretical. If that's what you want then so be it, but I won't be doing too many reviews in that case as they generally only seem to help the individual unless there are some universal problems. I'll try to answer anything asked here too, but focus will be on the topics at hand. There might be a chance I end up doing some of it on video to simplify the explanations. Some examples: MM reading (prediction) Decisionmaking processes Off Meta gameplay Inner workings of specific mechanics (autoloader, italians, siege, vision and so on) Micropositioning (plsno) Troublesearching gameplay flaws and fixing them Tryhard stuff Adopting an improving mindset and the list goes on, I'd rather the community that's still alive thinks of something on their own but there are no wrong topics, whatever the community feels the area that needs improving in content is the most is the ones I will do, so up to you. Shoot your ideas friends
  2. Since it appears everyone is doing I think I might as well do an AMA. So go ahead and ask me anything... anything
  3. Apparently I'm cool enough for this now \/ Here I shall put my replays, when I remember to. Please also use this thread as a Q and A if you've ever wanted to ask me things like why apple pie is the best, how to get all the girls as a 4000lb marine mammal, or maybe even tanks related stuff once in a while. FAQ: Why are you so bad at tanks? Because keyboards are not designed with flippers in mind. How do you play tanks with flippers? Badly Taylor Swift or Katy Perry? Leanna Decker <3 What is the best medium? Object 140 What is the best tank in the game? Leopard 1 How do I IS-7? Hulldown, sidescrape, shoot enough APCR to flood yurop with tears, and hug people with your face. Here's some 9.6 replays, I was at 98% MoE after this. Games shown are with the above setup, although I changed to more APCR a few games in. http://www.mediafire.com/download/uft2h69th98a8tt/IS-7_5_games.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/rc3hdpx13952ytl/IS-7_6_games.zip
  4. Some guys out here asked me to start Q&A about the RU version of the game and everything around it. So here I am, ready to answer any your questions (even the ones that can be googled, I'm a kind person). General questions are welcome too, except you can find answer here: http://snarkynomad.com/10-big-russian-stereotypes-that-are-kinda-true/ I checked, its no bullshit. Two remarks -- unfortunately I have no experience of being in a clan (for more than 2 hours), so I'm no authority on this topic. I also only play RU and test (thinking of starting EU alt), making any comparisons may be tough to me. Let's start!
  5. Actually, about anything. I haven't been playing LT's as much, since the map changes have been taking the fun away from them. I've moved back into medium play, and am enjoying it. However I'm far from the best med player. VBAddict profile, if you're interested.
  6. Hi, Im zdude1858, one of the mods of /r/WorldofTanks. I was talking with Ratz1lla last week about getting the wotlabs forums more exposure and rat suggested an AMA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with reddit and amas, an AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, basically just a q&a session with an person/group. It isn't restricted by topic, although they generally stick to topics related to the experience of the poster, in this case, being a unicum. I was planning on hosting it all day this saturday. there will be restrictions on who gets to be part of the "unicums" answering questions. I was thinking 65% and greater than 2.2k wn7 60day. (these are flexible) Ratzilla and zeronez have already showed interest. Since the meta between servers is different, we were trying to find unicorns from all servers to hang out an answer questions. If you decide to hang out and post, we can get you "gameplay expert" tags similar to purple poaster, but without mod powers. (just make sure to get in touch with me beforehand so I can set up tags for you) any thoughts/comments are welcome. edit: changed wn7 requirement to 2.2k from 2k changed name from super-unicorn to just unicorn
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