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Found 3 results

  1. Updated Post Stuff Alright, thanks to some assistance decrypting the .XML files, I now have all nations. I only included guns that have some penetration decay in at least one of their rounds, so most artillery pieces are not seen here, neither are any derp guns that fire exclusively HE and HEAT (Sherman's 105mm, for instance). The complete spreadsheet. - I update this every patch within a few days, check the document title to see what version it's on. Some notes on things I thought notableNo premium AP/APCR round is significantly worse at maximum range than the standard counterpart (excepting the SU-100Y's round which trades more damage for less starting penetration). Several rounds are 1mm worse or identical, one is 3mm worse, but given that the APCR round generally brings with it superior penetration up to that point and increased muzzle velocity, it is hard to argue that the round is a waste, it's just not as beneficial as one initially expects. A not insignificant number of APCR rounds do not lose penetration faster than their AP counterparts, contrary to much previous documentation. Any gun that has a -% value in the "Loss diff." column has an APCR round that loses a lower percentage of its penetration than the AP round does. Now, thanks to higher starting penetration the absolute loss may still be larger, but some guns lose both lower absolute amounts and lower percentage amounts (American 90mm M3, for instance).APCR rounds increase muzzle velocity by 25%, seemingly across the board.Most HEAT rounds are slower than AP, and even more so than APCR. However, there are some exceptions (mostly at higher tiers) where the HEAT round is as fast, if not faster, than AP. The T69 is the most prominent, adding yet another bullet point to the "And they thought this was balanced how?" checklist concerning the release state of the tank.The fastest round in the game is the T-62A and Object 140's 100mm APCR. Eat your heart out, Germany. At 1535 m/s, it takes only 0.47 seconds for the shell to reach its maximum range of 720 meters, and only loses 10mm of penetration in the process.At 381 m/s, the 76mm KT-28 on the T-28 has the lowest muzzle velocity of any direct-fire AP round. Still not slower than the British 3.7 inch derp gun, though.Weapons that initially seem to be identical save for accuracy, aim time, and rate of fire (say, the gaggle of 122mm clones in tiers 6, 7, and 8 for the Soviets) can actually have some differentiation in their muzzle velocity. It seems that even if penetration remains the same the speed of the shell may go up with an upgraded cannon of identical caliber.I made a comparison of the nations based on velocity by tier. I've always wondered if Germany, the "sniper" nation, actually got something that might be of benefit for that. They certainly don't always have the best penetration in tier. I've not yet looked at whether they maintain the best penetration over range, though. So far just velocity. The results break down in a fairly unsurprising manner. The early tiers (and years) are a bit of a crap shoot, but as time and tiers go on things settle down into about what one would expect. Germany has the greatest average velocity of them all, the remaining NATO countries all closely grouped below that, and the Dirty Commies bringing up the rear with their oversized and slow shells. I did not include arty in this comparison, or else Germany's average would actually steadily sink as they have a good number of arty with AP rounds. Germany's average at the end would be significantly higher were it not for the mediocre 12.8cm L/55 or positively pedestrian 15cm L/38. One of the weaknesses of the way the game mixes WWII-era vehicles in with Cold War specimens. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Post Stuff So I collected the contents of the American guns.xml file to see what variable determines penetration loss over distance. Tier? Caliber? Muzzle velocity? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Copy/pasting my Reddit post....
  2. Hi! I'm still not aware of all the gamemechanics and "What to/Not to" in wot so i ask you insted. I have no higer tier tanks atm but will have in a near future. But already I find the grinding on some tanks from stock to fully upgraded painfull and that is a bit frustrating. I don't mind grind xp for the next tank in the tree since i understand it's imported to learn the game the hard way. And here is the question: When stock and outgunned, outpowerd, lack in wievrange and most of the time is in mercy of my fellow teamplayers. Is it a faster way to get XP if i fire HEAT and damage modules and tracks (and smal nr of hp) insted of using AP. I tried a bit of both but since not 2 matches is the same it's hard to se any diffrent. Does anyone know how much XP all different XP genetating action do? Is 1 penetration out of 5 AP shells better then 5 hit's with HEAT concerning XP, and so on. (I know i can't spell and i sux in gramma but i think you understand my question. (: )
  3. 12k matches and I'm still soaking in the data, but I'm tired of digging for it. I'd really like some of the Unicums and seasoned drivers to put their weapon load %'s, and then what they fire it at? For example...I've been loving my JP2 lately and I get sucked into a lot of T10s with it; I often think I'm firing the wrong rounds at the wrong vehicle. I primarily load (in %'s) 70/30, so I'm trying to find the load out that fits the most tiers. So how about some HABU (hook a brother up)?
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