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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i am trying to build a spreadsheet so it helps my clan with some basic things The idea is you input the name of the player, and it automatically loads you the basic stats of said player. What i've could do until now is this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fo5JsNNTRpH0mN1xHTN58CV9u4ECCEX4c_rqF-aG8A8/edit?usp=sharing The problem is that i used a function called "IMPORTXML" to retrieve the data from Wotlabs but it seems that the google spreadsheets have a limitation on how many of this formulas you use. With a few players this was working like a charm, but once i started adding up more players, the function keeps saying "loading" and it takes a looot of time to fill the cells. Any idea or help with how i can fix or do this? Thanks guys!
  2. I am curious if there is any interest among the WNx veterans about developing a Player Rating for World of Warships. The two main statistical websites have basically defaulted to using the simplistic %damage, %kills, %win rate as the three data sets they extract from the API. Warships Today rating system (WTR): https://na.warships.today/help/warships_today_rating Wows Numbers rating (PR): https://na.wows-numbers.com/personal/rating Recent work on the wows-numbers site shows their is more data available from the WG api than before - spotting damage, ship spots, kill/death ratio, survival rate, are all showing up in the more comprehensive wows-numbers site, but are not being used in the rating for being superfluous according to the site owner. To a certain extent, I do agree, the best players are the best at PR and WTR based on just those 3 numbers, and while it is abusable by seal clubbing or overplaying ships with low expected values, it's easily detectable by a clan commander. I am more interested in seeing if there is any interest in driving Warships player traffic to this site by developing the preeminent rating system. Maybe everyone is content to let the site fade out as World of Tanks slowly fades from the scene, but there is a very active and dedicated player group for warships, and it has not peeked yet, developing the best rating system would drive traffic here, if that is even something that Solono wants. In any case, I wanted to put this thought out there. I am a mathematical neophyte to be sure, but it is interesting to me to watch how the rating mechanisms come into existence, and it seems like this might be an opportunity to bring new enthusiasm back to wotlabs.
  3. So this is the forum to go when you're tired of WG forums? I'll keep this short in case I'm posting in the wrong place. Maybe I haven't done my research properly, but I somehow failed to find out how to access the battle API of WOT. I've seen there are a lot of stat based metrics for WOT and am disappointed at how much winning games is being neglected. You have probably tried Elo rating before and I wouldn't be astonished if the large teams made it a pain to work with. As I have just implemented Whole History Rating (publication) for my favourite open source game, I thought I might as well see how it does on WOT. It generally converges much faster than Elo and might thus have a chance of coping with WOT's big teams, although I can't make any guarantees. WHR is a bayesian rating system like Elo. It is time dependent, meaning your rating function is optimized for each point in time, not just your most recent or average game. It also adds an uncertainty to each point in time, similarly to Glicko or Trueskill (they only store one data point). The only thing that improves your rating is if you win games, so it's much harder to exploit than ratings like WNR and winrate. I will explain this in more detail later. You can also read this thread if you're interested. If you're wondering who else is using this system, take a look at Go ratings. How does one access the WG API? Are there any battle data sets(containing a list of battles with usernames of each battle and who won) available that I could test this on? Let me know if you need more information.
  4. Hi all, The client shows me as having 13,952 battles and a 49.92% win rate. The API server (which is what I assume my WoT profile uses as well) shows me with 13,619 battles and a 49.73% win rate. I assume there is some ETL job, probably batch driven, which keeps these in sync, but it doesn't seem to have run in at least a day or two. Anyone know how often the game server stats are synced back to whatever persistence layer is used by the API servers? If they didn't have multiple sources of truth, of course...but that's another topic.
  5. Hi, i have created a stat sheet for our clan and have been using 60 win8. i would like to find a way to automate that data. would perfer to use an API vs scraping the website. does one exist? also, what time frame is the recent win8 on the clan page? cheers
  6. Not entirely sure if this is the best place to talk about this, but from the other topics I saw here it seems the most relevant. Anyways, it is a well known fact that the API does not include damage upon detection statistics to be accessed, and thus this has been a limiting factor in WN8 calculations etc. for a long period of time. However, a few patches ago I was curious to see if such information could be extracted from replays. Using WoT-Replay-To-JSON (a vBAddict tool ) a particular replay was able to be analyzed in a human-readable form. Insights: The replay was well structured, most importantly an identify block was clearly found in the bottom lines of the JSON file. It contained two pieces of vital information: the playername and also the associated internaluserID, which was the internal ID used throughout the replay file to reference the player with their specific tank and statistics for the game. Under the vehicles block, referencing the internal ID of my player name allowed me to find the spotting damage, under damageAssistedRadio apparently. I believe this is also the spotting damage that shows up in the in-game scorecards (Right?) Thoughts: Since the spotting damage data is available (for quite sometime now actually, and vBAddict apparently factors it in into their calculations) and especially readable and quick to reference when parsed into JSON, isn't it possible to have an automated script process the replays (for those that do record replays) and pass on the spotting damage values to the servers where the API stats are processed to be factored in for calculations? Would this be some viable way to factor in spotting damage for WN8 calculations? Obviously, what I am proposing and talking about here is under the assumption that what I was looking at in the JSON file was indeed damage upon detection. If I am a fool or a noob who does not know what he's talking about, feel free to educate me. I am open to whatever opinion everyone has about this. JSON file is here for reference. Thank you.
  7. I was thinking about how the API doesn't report spotting damage and how we might work around it. Does the API report experience received? If it does, couldn't we roughly back out spotting damage since we know the formula? e.g. divide the total by 1.5 if it was a win and subtract out damage done and multiplying it by 2? I know this would be pretty rough due to the many little bonuses added for various actions, but would it make sense to try?
  8. While fiddling with my script trying to moving it over to the API, I noticed that the total battles I get from it missmatches the total on my account. I quickly found out that the Pz IV is bugging my battles up, so I started going through every API on every server ( EU, NA, RU, ASIA and KR ). This is what I found missing; Full list: vehicles.xlsx The thing is that the Pz4 issue doesn't happen on any of the popular rating sites, so now I'm pretty confused...
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