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Found 1 result

  1. Okay i know that @ThomChen114 has already made an article on these tanks, but i think i need to link quickybabys video to do the tank justice... because the tank is the most op bit of crap i have ever seen. Quickybaby said that it was a Pay to win tank Completely overpowered Had the best aspects of the liberte, patriot and defender (which he said were op) BUT BETTER Had no place in the game SHOULD BE NERFED HEAVILY OR REMOVED STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOP!!!! THIS IS QUICKYBABY- the stuff he said sounds like it should be said by foch (though foch would swear a lot more). Quickybaby making a stand against this is rare Note this comes from 19:30 after the battle Statistics This tank has an 88m with 300? alpha, 220ap/260apcr dpm that is as good as a patriot, better gun handling and accuracy than a patriot, and 8 degrees of gun depression so it must be slow, right? NOPE 50km/h top speed, 16.something power to weight, and terrain resistances better than the patriot. So its faster than most mediums. OKAY THEN Well, so its op, but at least it has no armour right? HAH WRONG AGAIN basically 230 all over the front, going up to almost 260 when angled. The cupola is a "weakspot" (200-260 effective all around), and with 80mm side armour, its not like the side is paper either. WHAT THE HECK ARE WG DRUNK ON. Also, ITS CREW They are anime characters (please spare my eyeballs) THE COMMANDERS VOICE ARRGGHHH In terms of the game, as wg wants to keep their anime characters in anime tanks, YOU CANNOT SEND THE CREW TO THE BARRACKS. THIS TANK CANNOT BE USED AS A CREW TRAINER. Wg haven't added a japanese tier 8 ht crew trainer, so the prem they add cannot train crew??? Isn't that one of the purposes of a premium tank? Why is it even here? And lastly, mostly because i need to stop somewhere because the list of things messed up with this turd, why is a tank that never existed on paper, that was never a tank, THAT DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE A TANK is doing in a game based around semi realistic combat? why does this exist in the first place? I MEAN LOOK AT THIS TURD All, in all, wg have created a tank that shouldn't exist, added it, and then made it better armoured and gunned than most tier 9s. it leaves the patriot, chrysler, defender and liberte in the dust as the most op tank they have ever released. So would I buy this tank? obviously its op. Well no, for a few reasons. 1. its an anime tank, screw that crap. 2. that involves giving money money to wg. 3. I don't have any money anyway. 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, wg have continued to powercreep this game. Wait a few months, and theyll have a hentai tank with boobs drawn on that does 750 alpha, with 300 pen, a 500mm effective upper plate, that travels at 90km/h backwards that doesn't have ammunition, but instead fires panties or something Oh and the crew will be all body pillows. Seriously, they'll just keep introducing more op tanks. Oh and more black ones too XD