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Found 1 result

  1. After playing ~100 games in the Mle 51, the M103 (some time ago, though), and the Conqueror, here is what I think how these tanks compare. While I can say quite confidently that they are basically different flavours of the same or very similar tank, much like what the T-10 and 1-4 are to each other, I do think that WG has done a good job (intentional or not) of making each of them unique. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ M103 (a.k.a American Conqueror, shit E5, should I skip the M58?) Pros Troll armour – hull is full of strong and weak zones next to each other, e.g. the larger part of the 103's front drivewheel is 250 effective. Although the 103 may not weather small guns as well as the 51, it's armour works (sometimes!) against Jagdzillas. Rounds corners by driving forward, poking, and bouncing return fire with drivewheel 340 pen HEAT: HEAT is a downside in many situations it is, but the raw pen this gun gets is just too good to give up, especially in an era of Japanese heavies, 320 effective weakspots, IKEA wedges and cykaconq cupolas. Hull sides: are preangled so will autobounce within a 20 degree arc (also not overmatchable unlike E5's 44 mm). Sexeh Cons Merely decent accuracy as opposed to 51's sniper rifle and Conq's railgun Merely decent snapshotter, i.e. not a Conq. Limited ammo cap TURRET ROOF UND CUPOLA (FULLCAPS FOR EMPHASIS) Turret ring (also why the fuck is the turret the size of the empire state building?) Not an ideal sidescraper -12 reverse speed (M53/55 senpai yamete) 1850 hp should I skip the M58? Verdict: It's different but worse. Pretty much a tank balanced for 2016 thrown into 2018. Still playable and armour works, but problem is that E5 line is heavily outdated as a whole. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mle 51 (French conq, French M103, loaded baguette) Pros Fast (40/15 and reaches it) Agile Can ram Easy to use armour profile BULLI: 260 ufp/220 lfp combo is dank against most Tier 7/8s and some 9s Good gun, best turret bloom + DPM tied with M103 Can overmatch STRVs with 127 mil 40mm roof armour No stock grind Cons Size, or should I say SIZE(that’s no eiffel tower) Side armour Rip when flanked Prominent cupolas Can't sidescrape 340 pen HEAT will rekt you tfw when you rush to your favourite hulldown spot only to find a T-10 with gold preloaded on the other side 380 VR 315 pen APCR not the most reliable Verdict: Very strong tank overall with holy trinity of armour, firepower, and mobility. However size and side armour issues means the tanks’ strength is limited by the degree to which you control the engagement – fortunately the tank is very good at controlling engagements. Tank is hurt more by high pen gold rounds than the other two, and is significantly worse when your team falls and you need to farm. Also gets fucked by STRVs Would make a decent Tier 10 if it had 300 more HP, wait, ohhhhh. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Conqueror (British M103, L1A1, Super Caernarvon) Pros Best gun (325 APCR, laser pointer accuracy, no bloom) also 120 pen silver HESH -10 gun dep makes it stupidly easy to farm people Best defensive tank out of all 3: reliable sidescraper, small cupolas with troll angles, hemispherical turret, spaced armour on cheeks, probably best @hulldown in Tier 9 after ST-I nerf Thickest side armour Most hp at 1950 400 VR Cons LFP Big, squishy (ammo) rack gets pummelled all the time Driver-san Can’t push against good players smart enough to ignore your tracks 17mm engine deck Verdict: The Conq is great at shitting out damage in fair weather or foul. It’s also the best tank for holding positions, and bridges the gap between a broken Tier 8 to a highly desirable Tier 10. However, the tank is a straight downgrade compared to the 10; suffers from chronic cancer focus, is pretty poor for pushing, and suffers from module issues. Play this tank when tilted. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ tldr Which tier 9 should I pick? All things considered, while all three tanks are reasonably strong in today's meta and matchmaking, the Conqueror sits on the only CW-relevant line, and is the most reliable performer without doubt. On the other hand, the 51 is fun and easily the best tank for solopubbing. Lastly, I don’t see much reason to play the M103 barring……aesthetic reasons.
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