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Found 45 results

  1. There, click-baity title made. Looking for competent players who can tolerate a little cancer in their life/platoon. I've the M37 and G.W. Tiger, both at sub 50% WR and way too many games, and both dictating to my CDO that it needs to be fixed. Wondering if anyone has low tier keepers (Luch/Ke-Ho/M5A1, etc) that they'd like to help weight the team on a 3-man platoon, because low tier arty are terrible (for me) at affecting the match with any consistency. At Tier IX, it's easier, as many more have keepers there, you just need to be able to tolerate the worst Tier IX arty piece in a 2-man platoon. Please, help stop my addiction to food/fuel and Prem HE, and stop my infesting matches with their presence. In return you get an arty player who knows what the WASD keys are, can/will counter-battery, and enjoys inflicting pain on the enemy. Off work tomorrow and Thursday, so willing to set up a time, anywhere from ~1000-1800 EST to try and unfuck these. Willing to make this a longer-term project, and not try in one session as well.
  2. I'm considering starting down the French arty line (from the 12t). Can anybody that has done this grind advise on which tanks are complete trash and should be skipped if possible? I don't particularly enjoy arty, and they certainly aren't money earners, but I'll admit the Tier 10 was fun on the common test so I basically just want that to occasionally blow off steam. Arty flame suit on...
  3. I just made a post on wot forums, then found it worth making it own thread on wot gameplay forum as well as on sandbox. WOT forum link. Discuss (-:
  4. Just when you thought you'd be safe behind that big rock/building, there's now a "mortar" mod to allow arty to fire at their high, indirect angle instead of the default low angle. Hopefully WG breaks this mod quickly. It should be pretty obvious to see in a replay.
  5. Something that puzzeld me just happened. I was in an M103 behind the windows in C3 on Himmelsdorf and a Bat-Arty kept pummeling me in the face dealing 450+ dmg per shot until I died. From the indicator I know that the Arty was in the J1/J2 area of the map, so no side shots. I don't play arty so I don't really know the trajectories their shots have, but how could he hit me? My guesses: He could hit every shot through the small window (because arty is inaccurate ) He was splashing on the wall above or below the window and somehow the splash reached me (but I thought the Bat-Arty didn't have that much splash damage...) The modelling of that window is not perfect and splash goes through as if it weren't there like on the rock in Windstorm Below you can see my impressive drawing skills that show a schematic of the thing. Replay included for clarity http://wotreplays.com/site/2503290#himmelsdorf-dudixy-m103
  6. Arty guide status update: haven't even started. Busy with final exams. Won't start working on it until Dec. 17... You might want to go through the different pages to search for the actual tips. As you know, posting arty guide on WoTlab forum attracts a lot of love. Hi everyone! Artillery is one of the most unique class of tanks to play. Artillery is a very powerful class of vehicles and can often determine the outcome of a battle, whether people like it or not. It doesn't matter if one is an experienced artillery player or has just begun to explore this fantastic class, discussing strategies and exchanging tips with fellow artillery players can only improve your game! Please share anything that you think helped your game and could possibly also improve other artillery players! After a few thousand games in artillery, I learned a few things myself: 1). different artilleries have different shell travel times. always count how long it takes from when you click the trigger to when the shell actually lands. Factor in the shell travel time and predict where your target will travel during that duration will significantly increase your hit ratio. If you start to feel agitated and find your shells always land after your target, take a breather and calm yourselves: this helps to stop you from counting to fast and misjudging your tanks shell velocity. For new artillery players, there are mods online, artillery reticle mods, that have shell travel time displayed on your reticle when enter arty mode. 2). study the shape of your aiming reticle. The shape of your aiming reticle while in arty mode tells you about the terrain at which you are aiming and often also tells you the angle at which your shell will land. If your reticle is a long, thin oval, it means your shell will hand closer to ground at a sharp angle; so in this case, you would aim slightly behind your target so your shell doesn't land infront and miss! If the reticle shape is a fat oval, it means your shell will come more perpendicular to the ground; so you would aim your target at middle of your reticle to increase the chance of your shell landing on top of your target, where the armor is the thinnest, to do maximum damage. 3). set up near a wall or an building. This is to combat light and medium tanks that bypass your team and try to kill you. You set up near a building or a corner is so that the tank hunting you can't see you and have to guess where you are. This means they will only spot you by proximity when they come around the corner. Because people drive very fast, they often don't react fast enough to avoid driving infront of you, which is the very moment you have almost 100% chance of nailing a hefty shell into the side of their armor and do full damage. set up near a hill or a wall so that tanks can't circle you. If they try to get around you, they'll hit the wall and be very vulnerable to your shots. 4). install xvm. The xvm is very helpful in that it identifies on the enemy team who the best players are. The best players are also the most predictable players: there are key positions on very map that they try to rush to at beginning of the game. You pre-aim at those positions or along paths that lead to them. When the good players get spotted at the very beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to nail them right away. It's crucial that you are ready IMMEDIATELY when they appear because it takes 2 seconds for their 6th sense to activate, which is also the average shell travel time for a big caliber arty gun from 800m alway. Also, having the xvm allows you to prioritize your targets. You nail the best players, who are also the main forces that push, then the rest of their team will halt their advance. Dealing 2k damage to the enemy's best players is more significant than dealing the same damage but to less important players. 5). study your target. Sometimes your target keeps reappearing at the same spot because that spot is a key strategic location on the map. You study his movements to find a pattern in his habits so that you fire at the best opportune moment to nail him. A useful tip for hitting target that pokes over a ridge, fires a shell and retreats immediately: you fire when he's on the way up the ridge to fire. This is so that your shell hits him when he exposes himself over the ridge to fire. The average aim time for a gun is like 2 seconds, so your target will stop briefly, which is when he'll be hit by your shell. The shell hitting him not only will mess with his aim, it'll also likely to track him, giving your team the chance to shoot him to pieces. Even if he repairs immediately, he still loses because he just used up his only repair pack. I have the luxury of playing object 261, the tier 10 soviet artillery almost exclusively nowadays. The games in which I participate as artillery is only in tier 10 games. Depending on your arty, the tricks that worked for me may not work as well for you. Hope other artillery players join in on the conversation and make each other better! Ignore the haters! ARTY MVP!!
  7. hello, recently im playing t9 or t10 tanks, most E50 obj907 E5 amx30, and looking for some mates to make a platoon. but the problem is that i always platoon with an arty(ID: Boesejing), and since then the friends who i always platooned dont like to platoon with me any more, and only me and arty make the game a little bit hard to win for us. so looking for friends here who dare to platoon with us. better if u are a meds or t8 lts player then the arty wont ruin ur game much, hope u have almost the same stats, and im not the "commander" of the platoon, u can do whatever u want or go whatever u like, ts can be used or not. hope here has some players who are not afraid of platooning with an arty -_- btw who can tell me how to make my tank stats showed in the left side - -
  8. I live in the midwest (Nebraska) and am considering installing this. Before I waste a lot of time, I had a few questions. The biggest problems I've had with WoT center around lag/ping spikes and arty trash. Some of the connectivity is my ISP but some isn't and thats why I started this thread. For players who live in the CST US; I'd appreciate your insights on any stability, ping/lag/latency issues in AW v WoT if any? I've got 9600+ games in WoT and am enjoying WoWS but I well remember that 7,000+ of my WoT games were played on a computer where a 14 fps was a good thing and below 500 ping was great. Things have changed as my fps runs into the 70s and my connection and lag are usually 59-120 or so (with a W/R bump from 46 to 50+ over time) but things can still get dicey and I'm sensitive to that. I started off playing arty due to my shitty connection and old computer but now I absolutely despise it and I hate getting one shot shat upon. I know AW has arty and the new player guide in this section gave some examples of why its different but I'd like to hear some 1st hand perceptions from other fellow WoT arty haters how things are in AW? Thanks
  9. Heyo! I know arty isn't a very favorable thing to talk about but.. I need help with this one. I don't know if I'm playing it right or if I'm even performing decently in it. If possible, I'd like you guys to highlight what I did wrong, what I could have improved on and anything else you can come up with. No need to be nice, be brutally honest. I'd prefer if you were. Thanks for any help ^_^ Here are some games where I think I did well. https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=110615 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=110645 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=110679 And here is a smaller collection of replays from this night/morning. https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111024 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111027 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111029 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111033 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111034 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111035 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111041 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111042 https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=111053 Crew skills Commander BiA / Mentor (86%) Gunner BiA / Snap Shot (86%) Driver BiA / Smooth ride (86%) Loader BiA / Camo (86%) Loader BiA / Camo (86%) Equipment Rammer Gun Laying Drive Coated Optics Shell Loadout 12 / 2 / 4 Consumables Combat Rations Small Repair Kit Small First Aid Kit
  10. Recently I just started playing arty for more female crew. And obviously there aren't too much info at Wotlabs on how to get good at arty. So I figured that I might contribute a little bit on my own. Among Chinese WoT community there's an arty tip called "The Great Right Button Method(右键大法)". The gist of it is: When you need to rotate / move your hull, hold right mouse button (RMB for short) to lock you gun barrel. Only move your gun when your hull is static. Here's one way to do it: Instead of just Ctrl+right-click on the minimap when re-aiming, do the following: Hold RMB to lock your gun barrelPress shift to exit strategy modeRotate the hull to aim cover the new location w/ your gun arcPress X to lock hullPress shift to enter strategy mode, move your mouse to overlook at the new locationRelease RMB, aim as usualIf all goes well, you would notice that the reticle bloom is much smaller than simply Ctrl+right-click re-aiming. You could also apply this tip when dodging counter-arty fire and relocating. Is this science or voodoo? Science for sure. Some fine dudes who bring XVM to Chinese server (l10n and dedicated rating system) figured out how the reticle bloom is calculated. I'm not sure if I'm authorized to re-post this, but if you can read Chinese (or give Google Translate a try) you can read the full text here: http://xvm.garphy.com/?p=1733 Does this work for non-arty vehicles? Yes. The blooming mechanics are the same for all types of vehicles. But it's more noticeable for arty. Actually I might have seen someone mentioned this tip at Wotlabs forum already. But memory fades. Hope this tip helps you get better at clicking. Now that I need to click the other button (and hold it!) as well, this clicker thing is becoming too much for me...
  11. How are people supposed to be playing artillery? I know arty is a really hated piece... but its good to know how to use.
  12. So, since yesterday 9.7 is up. I've started grinding the last US med line and am currently grinding the T20 (which is awesome btw ). Did a few battles and noticed there is like hardly any arty in the game anymore (5 battles played, 1 arty ...). Other members from my clan noticed the same thing (although we were not platooning). And it stayed like that all night. Then we started noticing the queue itself. 30-50 meds and heavies in queue while there were consistantly 300-400 arties and lights in queue. Not being anti-light we hadn't even noticed the number of lights per battle, so we decided to check. And sure enough, 1-2 lights per battle. A guy playing his bulldog complained MM took at least 1 min to get into a battle. So was yesterday a fluke? Or did they change the MM, where I just missed the info? Anyone else notice the lack of arties (hurray!! ) Is it the same on the US servers? Thx,
  13. Note: Group analysis, since I'm likely too retarded to do this by myself. For those of you that have seen the new artillery model in Armored Warfare, what do you think of it? My thoughts are: 1. It looks more fun to play against. It's less bursty but more cumulative damage if you neglect awareness of it. 2. It looks more engaging. You don't have to wait a solid 50 seconds to miss your shot on a stationary target. 3. Much more skill indexed. It grants a risk/reward concept. You can fire from a good position at risk of being countered or pay off. Thoughts? I'm posting from a phone so I can't link a video, sorry if you haven't seen the features. I'll try and have a serious discussion but I said the A-word so I doubt it will happen.
  14. Hello everyone, Any players out there willing to give tips for avoiding arty on the "open" maps. Specifically Malinovka Hill, Prokhorovka in general, and Redshire South Spawn, Heavy Corner. I recently unlocked the E75 and have found that I have become more of an arty magnet than usual. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. 0
  15. Ok, like so many of you I'm not the biggest fan of arty. (Yep, I do agree it needs a nerf or better yet, remove it from the game). That being said, I don't rage all the time about it and I know WG isn't gonna make it disappear any time soon. Hence my question ... how do you counter arty (especially when playing in a heavy). A light and most meds don't have too many problems since they can relocate quickly and unless arty was pre-aiming a spot where you pop up it will be difficult for them to cripple you. And TD's aren't supposed to be spotted anyway. But in heavies ... So I thought I would describe my game style when arty is in the battle: I'll go to the grinder, hold a choke point, ... and be reasonably succesfull when arty doesn't shit on me because I can be arty safe. But there are many points where you just aren't: sand river, prokho, malinovka, red shire, airfield, ... (the list is long). When there is 1 arty I might take my changes and try avoiding their direct hits by staying in motion as much as possible, but with 2 and especially 3 or more I will completely change my play style or even avoid parts of the map where I normally should take my heavy. By changing game style I mean I actually take the time to completely change location so arty has to move for sure, so they at least have the extra bloom to deal with again. But, in these battles I find for myself that I don't do enough for the team. On the other hand, when I watch streamers on twitch they don't always. For example, I was watching SirFoch playing on prokho 3 times in an afternoon and every time he was in the middle shooting up at the hill (who doesn't). But the thing is, there were 3 arties (heavy hitters too). When he got spotted he fell back, kept moving, but didn't relocate. Just pop up 15 secs later in about the same location and continue. In these 3 games, arty barely shot at him. If I try to do ... madonne ... How do you guys deal with situations like this? Do you risk the arty click? Do you relocate completely? Do you find a location that's more arty safe and just try to carry from there? Because I know for a fact I'm doing something wrong here. I could easily average 3k WN8, but at least 1 out of 4 games is shit because arty ruins my battle (either because I'm too passive trying to avoid them, or because they actually manage to cripple me). Thanks for any input/insight.
  16. I've noticed that for a while I have not been able to play higher than a 2500 WN8 level. I've tried adjusting my game play by playing more aggressive, playing more passive, but nothing is seeming to work. If anything, it feels like my WN8 is dropping. I'm here in hopes that someone can help me take my game play to the next level, any help is appreciated. I mainly play my IS-6, M103, T49 and my Object 140 and T-62A currently. I will post replay's of my performance soon if anyone would like to look at those http://wotreplays.com/site/1669924#tundra-whenisayboomisayboom-is-6 Typical game, take the east, fall back to cap, get tunnel visioned and forget to reset http://wotreplays.com/site/1669984#winterberg-whenisayboomisayboom-object_140 Good game in the 140, team stupidly caps while cleaning up .
  17. Hi! We are having some heated discussions within the clan as to which degree the accuracy changes have nerfed SPGs. Looking at my stats from vbaddict, accuracy and damage went down somewhat, but it's a short interval so I can't tell. Spamming gold rounds ameliorates the reduced damage, but losing 60k per game is insane. Among the arty players, what is your current experience when clicking?
  18. I guess it's arty, so it's not that bad. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Mostly innocent question, if they had said "he didnt have a t9 and we r doin misions l00l" I wouldn't have cared too much. But then this happened. >good in that teir6 >good in arty Guys, same caliber same damage amirite? THIS FUCKIN GUY. COMIN IN WITH HIS JOKES N SHIT. I could've sworn all players from Reddit are assholes. Best part though, right here. no words. whatsoever. I was almost crying from laughing so hard. It's ok, they've talked with the admins about it. (we weren't actually dead, all of us lived through the match) Can confirm. All I do is bitch about players. All in all, the t6 actually outdamaged his platoonmates with an astounding 900 damage.
  19. That person you all love has posted a QnA from Storm. One thing stood out: Soooo. If the Battle Assistant mode were to be available to all players through the game it would have to come with a clicker nerf. What is he admitting by that statement? Simply that the Battle Assistant mode gives clicker players a substantial advantage over those who don't use it. An advantage that is big enough that it would call for a nerf for the entire class of vehicles if implemented in the game itself. But apparently it is fine if individual cance arty players use this mod and get the advantage on their un-nerfed SPGs. I actually tried this mod out and it gives poor arty players like myself (I only started down two different lines of arty to learn how to avoid the fuckers) a huge benefit. Experienced clickers probably don't benefit as much.
  20. As one could probably guess with this topic, I got TK'd by arty agaaain today leaving my count at 4 times team killed by arty in the last week, just arty helping out like always so, whats other peoples experience with this? because its feeling like I should really avoid trying to circle heavies (or facehug, or really be within 10 meters of an enemy) from fear of my own clickers
  21. I wasn't sure where to put this so i figured this fit under tomfoolery! (Not really a vent but just found this interesting/funny) Mods please feel free to move if in the wrong section. He only splashed me, but I felt special (like receiving an autographed photo) since it's not often you get shot at by Garbad in an arty.
  22. I didn't have the time to make the arty guide this winter break, but I thought I owe it to the clickers whom I promised a guide... I've thought long and hard about revealing some of my positions because I was worried that people will wise up and make it harder for me to click. But, since university has started and I won't be playing for a while, why not release this! It doesn't matter if people know where I like to click, they are gonna get clicked anyways! It's basically impossible to avoid good artillery players' shots lol!!! There's a person who private messaged me in-game, and I promised to email him my arty positions. To you, sorry this took a long time. I forgot your email! So I hope you are seeing this! I annotated all the maps I think that are in play right now in pdf format. Excuse my handwriting. The file is too large for me to upload via forum, so I've attached a dropbox link. Just click it, and it'll take you to my pdf document on Dropbox! It's hard to include everything; there's just too much information that I wanted to include. Any questions or need clarifications? I'll try to answer them on forum. lol! Happy clicking! https://www.dropbox.com/s/te9a7f9a1suja97/Munchtastic%27s%20Favourite%20Arty%20Positions.pdf?dl=0 Clarification: Those positions are what I use EARLY and maybe MID-GAME. In general, I move around lots through out the battle. Don't stay in 1 place only... Generally, you want to hide behind a rock, house, or in any confined places so that if somebody tries to kill you, they have to drive in front of your gun. Take note to hide around 50m behind the corner so you don't get proxy spotted as enemy comes around the corner My steps on finding new positions: 1) go into arty mode and put reticle on a position you wish to hit. 2) double tap "R" to move forward full speed in the general direction you think a better position could be 3) if the reticle turns from red to green, it indicates the shell can travel to where you indicated 4). Congratulations! you just found a new arty position! BTW: It's possible that some immature moderator may delete this post. So, if you want to take a look at these positions later, i suggest you download the pdf and keep a copy yourself. lol
  23. I didn't have the time to make the arty guide this winter break, but I thought I owe it to the clickers whom I promised a guide... I've thought long and hard about revealing some of my positions because I was worried that people will wise up and make it harder for me to click. But, since university has started and I won't be playing for a while, why not release this! It doesn't matter if people know where I like to click, they are gonna get clicked anyways! It's basically impossible to avoid good artillery players' shots lol!!! There's a person who private messaged me in-game, and I promised to email him my arty positions. To you, sorry this took a long time. I forgot your email! So I hope you are seeing this! I annotated all the maps I think that are in play right now in pdf format. Excuse my handwriting. The file is too large for me to upload via forum, so I've attached a dropbox link. Just click it, and it'll take you to my pdf document on Dropbox! It's hard to include everything; there's just too much info. that I wanted to include. Any questions or need clarifications? I'll try to answer them on forum. lol! Happy clicking! https://www.dropbox.com/s/te9a7f9a1suja97/Munchtastic%27s%20Favourite%20Arty%20Positions.pdf?dl=0
  24. Can someone put together some sort of guide on where arty (your common GWE with 43% win rate to the mighty purple orbital laser cannon) like to aim. ideally for all maps if this already exists and Im a clueless fool who cant find anything himself have missed it I would love a link After 14k battles there are still a few maps left that Im not always sure where arty is aiming. Also knowing the favorite places of both baddies and umm... skilled arty players in their conqs would be rather useful as I generally avoid playing arty please dont hurt me
  25. Hi guys! It has been months since I posted a tips thread on how to play arty. As I promised then, since my final exams finished yesterday, I am starting to work on a detailed-artillery guide to help new struggling "clickers" to "click" better! So far, I've decided to partition my guide into 3 modules: 1). Principles of Arty Gameplay + General Clicking Advices 2). Evolved Clicking (more refined strategies of arty gameplay to help you survive against light tanks and mediums, and tips to improve your hit ratio) 3). Advanced Clicks (strategic approaches that I take in end-game situations when the game is on the line + how to adapt as the battle progresses unexpectedly) Please tell let me know on what you really are struggling with when playing artillery, and I'll keep that in mind as I construct my guide. I'll not be posting arty positions that I use; arty positions are trade-secrets that once they are leaked, they stop becoming effective. For this very reason, I advise arty players from sharing arty positions on forums at all. However, I'll provide hints and my approaches that I've used to discover new arty positions. On every map, there exist very effective arty positions. For example, on Himmolsdorf, I pull of 2.5k damage games easy on either spawn positions. Don't give up! I'll do my best to guide you in discovering your own arty positions! I'll keep you guys updated!
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