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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to be doing a T32 review today as I don't see a recent post about this tank and thought, hey. fuck it, this tank is fun and i could review it. So here we go. Lets just get the basics down with some pros and cons. Pros: - Super Strong turret. This shit can take shots from E4's to JPZ's - Incredible gun depression. You get a spot where you can abuse your gun dep and turret armor and your set. - It's pretty fast, having a 35 kph top speed you can get places pretty quickly. - Hull armor is better than the T29, you can angle and sidescrape without taking so much punishment. Cons: - Stock turret is fucking terrible. only has 114 mm of armor at the front. - Bad pen for a T8 heavy. It has the same gun as the T29 with a quicker reload. So you're most likely going to have to carry some prem rounds. - Accuracy is pretty meh. - Bad hull for T8. Just like the T29, even though it has better armor, the LP can be penned by T7 and even some T6 tanks. Now, lets get my opinion on how to play this tank. Personally, you might be thinking, woah dude. You only have ~40 games in this fucking thing, why are you telling me how to play it? You're right, but with ~40 games I've pulled a 68% WR and 2700 dpg out of my ass, only ~40 games so it's not that impressive, but you should still read along. I play this like the T29, only way more agressive. I can abuse the fuck out of my turret because the turret upgrade from the T29 is such a huge gap it's insane. The DPM boost is pretty good too, with 100% crew and a gun rammer, I've gotten the reload down to about 8.54 seconds(compared to the T29's 10 sec reload) you can eat other tanks alive. With the top speed you get(35 kph), I can flex around the map better than other heavies(i.e. the KV-5) or the T29 which was a tier lower. Now, Time for some replays! 1) http://wotreplays.com/site/2231452#malinovka-ancientautisim_pro-t32 2) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232271#tundra-ancientautisim_pro-t32 3) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232272#live_oaks-ancientautisim_pro-t32 I hope this review helped some people decide which heavy line to go up, or even to buy this tank back. Cheers! Note: I get pissed off and if you don't like angry words don't watch the replays or don't look at chat.
  2. Hello Bois, inspired by attention-whoring-e50-adztown-something-BabyRage-MyWIN8 i tried to pad some penis points today, and whore some attention along with it. Basically how i played: -focusing full hp targets, unless direct threat to my tonk -not helping teammates, to farm more dmg -not coming back to help @ crucial flank -not comming back to defend if there was something ez to farm -farming ez useless dmg -Steve suiciding to help depad w/r My generous sample size told me so: -padding to 4k is gay, real man pads 5.5k/6k/7k wn8 on meds -excruciating pain for throwing games is as bad as being proud of 4k wn8 on t9 meds/type59 -Even if you try to throw in Type59, you just cant get below 60% w/r due to shitters and pref mm. -WZ120 gun sucks, but pads pretty Dank/10 -i wasnt camping enough cause more than 1 spots. i need to work on it. -It really feels bad to have that kind w/r x2222222222222 -To depad w/r that low @_Steve had to suicide every battle -There is no joy in loosing for me, even with high wn8. Slightly less triggered, but it still sux elephants dix. tl;dr -my epenis just punched me in my eyes, send halp. -having that low w/r with 3k+ wn8 requires help with throwing Stay tuned for more padding, gonna fuck my w/r all over, while providing e-penis enlargement to myself
  3. Apparently people want to know stuff about what I think about when I play this game so I guess here is your chance. My Crew Notorious reddit shit poster My three Marked Tanks http://imgur.com/a/ErEOP 268, WT E-100, Grille 15, E5, Fv215b, Leo1, Cent AX, TVP T50/51, E4, Bat Chat, T-10, AMX50b, AMX 30, T30, Type 59, 121 My content https://www.twitch.tv/elronnpike https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfErewpTVt3AhRukCBu2zw My Profile in game
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