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Found 13 results

  1. Another French premium has appeared, this time something resembling the 50 100. Yes it's also a heavy. Somua SM Statistics: tier 8 1400 HP 32 °/s turret rotation 359 m view range 32 °/s hull rotation 50/20 km/h maximal speed 232 mm standard penetration 300 alpha damage 0.38 accuracy 2.2 s aim time 43 s reload of the magazine 6 shells in the clip 3.75 s reload of the shell More screenshots at https://ammorack.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/new-premium-somua-sm/
  2. As title says, I'm trying to 3rd mark it. Issue is that games are rarely average. It's either 3500 - 4000 damage, or 800 - 1200. Biggest problem I have with it is trying to survive, or finding place where you can run off or stay hidden. And that bastard is often getting spotted from 400 meters before firing. And, of course, it's no Emil II so that it can actually take hits. Crew is 1st skill 6th sense + repair, second is unfinished BiA. Posted last 6 replays if that helps in pointing out my mistakes. First, did poorly. Second, did good. Third, did mediocre. Fourth, MM odd ball. Fifth, RNG and likely my choices lead to bad game. Last one, close win. Funnily enough, for whatever reason, I am and was (pre-buff) doing better in AMX 50 120, tier for tier.
  3. I'd just unlocked and bought the T71 (t'is on discount in SEA server) so what should i be expecting/look forward to? i've gotten pretty much gone through or am still at most of the other nation's tier 7 LTs [ AMX 13 75 LTTB M41 Bulldog SPIC WZ-131] so i'd like to think I know what i'm doing with light tanks so far. i've got a rough idea of what to expect, that it being similar to the AMX 13 75, but I'd just like to hear from others on their opinion/experience with this tank
  4. From Rita: T 50/51 Hello Warriors, here is the tier 10 CZ T 50/51: Description: In early 1950, the two alternative TVP programs - the Škoda T 50 and Praga T 51 - were unified into one design called T 50/51. The T 50/51 is the last known development stage of the TVP program and represents the watermark of independent Czechoslovak tank design. The vehicle had many modern and advanced features such as a 1000hp diesel engine, sloped armor, round cast turret - one of the elements considered was also an automatic loading mechanism. Several parts were built and tested and the vehicle was considered for mass-production starting in late 1952, but delays in development as well as political pressures led instead to the license production of the T-34/85. The project was cancelled in March 1950. Tier: 10 MT Hitpoints: 1950 Engine: 1000 hp Weight: 40 tons Power-to-weight: 25 hp/t Maximum speed: 60/20 km/h Hull traverse: 54 deg/s Turret traverse: 37,5 deg/s Terrain resistance: 0,767/1,055/1,726 Viewrange: 410 Radio range:850 Hull armor: 65/40/? Turret armor: 120/80/? Gun: 100mm AK1 Damage: 320/320/420 Penetration: 248/310/50 ROF: 8,155 DPM: 2609,4 Autoloader: 4 rounds Time between shots: 1,5 seconds Magazine reload: 24,932s Accuracy: 0,336 Aimtime: 1,92s Depression: -8/+20 Armor: Model:
  5. As I'm about to start the grind in both the french heavy line and T57 Heavy line I'd like to understand better the mystical world of autoloaders. I don't want simply to know what to do, I want to understand why I should do it, so I'd like to talk in depth about this with you good players as all alone I can't figure it out since I'm basically still a noob, much more so in the field of autoloading which is totally obscure to me. I'm reading all the guides I can find about the tanks of this two lines and other autoloading vehicles and I find this kind of words quite often: "as third piece of equipment many players prefer optics for pubs while vents for companies/platoons or organized play in general" So, first thing: the fist two pieces are vstab and gld in almost every case right? When is this not true and why? Is the aim time in autoloaders so bad that you have to use gld? For all autoloaders, even the less campy ones and the ones that do best at close range? Does the Bat Chat drop gld to have both vents and optics? Why? Other tanks in such this situation o that differs from the general line? I've seen/read some guides that state that you can go with vstab+vents+optics and leave gld out in most cases, like all the french heavies. Is this correct or wrong? Even if the aim time in these tanks is higher than the shell reload time? Is it because maybe are these guides and reviews done before the accuracy nerf that rewards full aiming? Now the proper question: is the matter that simple? Optics when playing alone and vents when you can count on the team or at least someone else? I understand why optics are useful, especially in the end games situations, when you have to spot your own target as soon as possible but still vents are used far far more often (as for vbaddict) than optics. Is this because it's the only way to reduce the reload on autoloaders? I read some time ago that vents on autoloaders are almost mandatory, but I can't find the source so it could be some tomato randomly talking on some forum... Isn't the reload time gain so little with vents to feel inexistent? (I only talk looking at numbers of course, so I don't have the feels, that's why I'm asking you guys.) I mean, the 50 100 has such a long reload that vents lower it down by more that 1 second, but is obviously a relative gain, is 1 second important when you have to wait 48/49 seconds anyway? And on thing like the T57 H which has only less than 25 seconds reload (btw isn't this a little too op?) isn't the gain too little to be any useful in a real situation and not only in theory? Why vents are so universally praised? But, I know, the game is not only equipments, there are also skills. As we know, with skills you can improve your view range much more than you can lower the reload. So is this a metter of crew skills? Is the view range gain given by situational awareness, recon and BiA enough to make optics less useful? On a 400 m base (as lots of autoloaders) the gain given by those skills is 30 m (30 with T57 and 31.3 with 50 B, why? Because of the 5% commander bonus on the radio operator that the 50 B has and the T57 H doesen't?), as for the auto values calculator of tank inspector (if it's wrong, please point it out). If you have this skills the additional gain is an inch more than 10 m with vents and and inch less than 41 m with optics for a total of around 440 m and 471 m respectively (if you don't have those skill is + 8,6 for vents and +40 for optics, but I guess you have at that point). As for the reload time, BiA and vents helps in almost the same way so having both is a nice addon (more or less like having double vents?), but I see a lot of people summing the bonus given by BiA only when there's vents in the equation. It's not "no reload bonus because of optics" vs "reload bonus by vents + reload bonus by BiA" because you have BiA anyway (or you should) but is "reload bonus by BiA only" vs "reload bonus by vents + reload bonus by BiA". The difference given by the stacking of the crew % increase is abysmal. So my question are: is 440 m view range and more or less + 2,15% (the actual stats increase given by vents) in other stats enough better than the 400 m base to renounce other 30 m? Is 470 m view range so much better and useful than 440 m to renounce an improvement of 2,15% in other stats like reload time, accuracy, aim time, etc.? Is 2,15%, even though in various stats, worth one of the only 3 equipment slots? What about the food? If at this skills you add the effect of food you gain more or less a 4,5% improvement in the affected stats. This gives you +20/22 m view range, having more than 460 m with vents and more than 490 m with optics. The gain given by the food is effectively more than the double of the one given by the vents, the reload on the T57 H and the 50 B gets lowered by more than 1 second, on the 50 100 by 1,9 seconds. Food, like BiA should be thinked as a constant in both cases because tecnically you don't renounce food to have one among optics and vents. Food is costly but I'm now talking of battle efficiency only, the "is it woth the bleeding of credits" part comes later. Now we have still 30 m difference (a little more actually) but relatively speaking a lesser difference between the two choices. So with food as a constant, same questions as before, with new numbers: is 460 m view range and more or less + 2,15% in other stats enough better than the 400 m base to renounce other 30 m? Is 490 m view range so much better and useful than 460 m to renounce an improvement of 2,15% in other stats? As for all other stats I guess that you want to have as better view range as possible, but how much view range "is enough" to sacrifice the eventual excess to gain that + 2,15% in other stats? Is using food a good idea in autoloaders? Is the performance gain worth those credits? O are other equipments too important is these tanks to use food? This is more a personal preference, right? I honestly think that I'm missing something, if you know what it is please tell. I'll go dine so maybe I'll figure it out, I'll try to edit the post in the case. I'd like to talk in depth of this because I need to understand the game, I can't fully enjoy a game I don't understand it...
  6. I have reached 50 120 in recent days, and I started to notice a bit of a problem with reloading of the clip. Basically, the tank literally reloads by itself for absolutely no reason when the clip was not finished (I am sure I did not press "c" because I am not a noob who suddenly decides to reload when I have 3 more rounds left in clip and am clipping the side of a heavy or a LT) This happened a few times in 50 100, but it was not really a big deal so I let it pass, but now with 50 120 it is starting to frustrate me a bit Just wondering if anyone has the same problem, and potentially how to fix that Or could it be my keyboard?
  7. So, I just got my second tier 8, the T69, and I suck in it. I am not exactly a pro in anything, but my performance in the T69 is way below my average. Does anyone mind helping me learn how to better handle this autoloader in a platoon, or at least review a replay or 2? I have a mic, vent, and TS3. My optimal time would be friday/saturday evening, my weekdays are pretty busy.
  8. I just unlocked my first autoloader, the AMX 50 100. As you know it has a 6-round clip and ~50 sec reload. I mistakenly believed that reloading a partial clip would take less time, depending how empty the clip is. Triggering a reload manually requires the full reload time. What's your take on reloading even when your clip has 1-2 shells remaining? Do you try to empty the full clip in most cases? This is kind of like timing a pit stop in NASCAR racing... I've been finding in some cases that I'd rather load up from a 1-2 shell clip to full, to make sure I have full burst capability. But maybe I'm doing it wrong, because that takes my gun out of the game. TIA for your feedback!
  9. First off, I blundered through this game for a long time, play4fun all that jazz. I have tried to improve and brought myself from 45% up to a 48% in a few thousand games, which is tough after you get 6000 or so in. But I digress... I went for the french heavy line a while back, loved the 50-120 but I just cannot get a grip on the 50B at all. I want to like it, I think it could be great, but I overextend, get spotted and raped early, I'm doing something (multiple things?) wrong that I cannot see. If there is someone out there who wants to platoon with me and show me the ropes of it, or even wants to just critique some replays for me it would be greatly appreciated. No, I don't think that I should be playing T10 all the time, and I'm not. I'm building good foundations on tanks I'm familiar with and good at - KV220, IS6, and some others and maybe that playstyle is hurting my tactics in this tank. If I can figure it out, it will be a strong point for me and help my stats and gameplay overall. I want to be an asset to my team, not a liability. Any information or platoonery help you have for me would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Update: All vehicles now seen. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/09/8-9-german-vehicles-stats/ I find it fitting Waffenträger can be abbreviated to WTF, because that's the first damn thing I'm going to see in chat when people start seeing the tier 9. Old post. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/08/wt-e-100-stats/#more-3899 The 15cm offers 3,000 damage dumped in 9 seconds and 334mm penetration HEAT rounds. The 12.8cm, which appears to be the Jagdtiger's 12.8cm L/61, not the mediocre L/55, offers 3,360 damage in 10 seconds with 352mm penetration APCR rounds and the second highest muzzle velocity in the game (0.4713 seconds to maximum render distance). Compare that with the T57's 1,600 damage in 6 and Foch 155's 2,550 in 10. 420 meter view range is pretty damn scary too.
  11. So heres my set-up (Crew freshly retrained from the 1390) Now I'm running Vents/GLD/VStab because I heard its aim time was a pain, is this a correct set-up or should I opt for another one? Whats the recommended ammo-loadout? Any general tips on playing the tank? Im finding a hard time doing anything and artillery will follow me all match just to splash/shoot me.. *(Pisses me off) I'll try to put some replays up, but if someone could put a replay up on how to play the lorraine that would be great, and of course, any tips and tricks are welcome. Thanks Also: Is the engine worth it? 36k seems like a lot out of the 180ish needed for the bat
  12. Back in the game after a few months of hiatus (stopped just after learning my 21,000 83mm shells were not profitable). Decided to push further up the French light / medium line, and made it here now. My trouble is I've never played an autoloader. I read that you play it as a passive scout / vulture / endgame tank, but I've not really done passive scouting either, only mildly successful active scouting in my T-50. 12t can't into zipping around. And I basically hadn't payed any attention to these tanks when I played my others, so I've just remained blissfully unaware. http://wotreplays.com/site/241366?secret=84513222508b1e3173eeefbf2e66c109 http://wotreplays.com/site/241370?secret=84513222508b1e3173eeefbf2e66c109 http://wotreplays.com/site/241373?secret=84513222508b1e3173eeefbf2e66c109 I think this gives a reasonable smattering, though misses the campy thing I tend to do on Prokhovorka (sp?) and tier 10 Redshire camp-by-the-middle-houses stuff. I also tend to eat a shot once after being spotted in my bush because I don't have 6th sense or a good "feel" for it, but I do generally get out before dying. Really enjoying the burst damage, especially in tier 7 fights. One of the more beneficial things I think I can do is lrn2passivescout, which would involve a more detailed knowledge of sight ranges / ranges in general, which I don't have beyond a "feel" level, and a MUCH better knowledge of good bushes to hide in. I'm also not sure how to handle the pressure to suiscout in high tier games besides ignoring my team's whining. ("It'll do in a pinch" my ass. A pinch of salt and it'd do good in a stew. Suicide, I tells ya.) Not very far into this tank (30-40 battles; ~95% base crew), but I'd rather avoid the same learning curve I had to go through in my T-50. Because nobody likes a 40% scout tank. Mainly looking for either critique or good in-depth playstyle guidelines (or both). ----- As an aside, I was called out for not pushing Pearl River north valley from east spawn by a player who's winrate is above my level. I haven't played in a while, but the ~15 times I did play it over the weekend, I didn't see a single successful east-side valley push (100% failure rate is pretty special). I've never tried to push from that side though ... mostly because I've seen no success in doing so; I'm not that educated here. Am I wrong to encourage bridge camping as the preferred alternative?
  13. qyy

    The Lorraine 40T

    So, I have been playing this tank for about 3 days now and I am asking for any tips on how to drive the tank. It's a hard transition form the amx1390 to the tier 9 fat turd of a medium. Any general tips would be helpful, such as when should I engage an enemy when I should run away, and is it better to snipe at the beginning and swoop in at the end? Should I be scouting in tier 10 battles, etc. (I have the upgraded 100mm gun)
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