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Found 4 results

  1. In World of Tanks Blitz, I've seen a considerable absence of this Tier VI Swedish Premium medium autoloader. I assume the fact that it suffers from a small power creep given its lack of mobility and penetration keeps potential drivers at bay. What do you think of The Steve?
  2. Hi, I recently achieved my objective of buying every Tier 10 ( except for arty because FK clickers) so I am slightly bored and looking for new goals. I used to mentor a lot through the wotlabs chat channel ingame. I played pretty much every tanks in the game but I really love light tanks and autoloaders , so I developped a frontline oriented, aggressive, in and out, playstyle. If you're interested in playing with me for a day or so, pm me in-game. You can also pm me on wotlabs if you want, in-game would probably be easiest though. Depending on which tanks we play (normally tier 8+) and how long we play I like to ask for a credit pack if it's within your means. If not we can work something out. I'm generally online between 6 and 11 PM EST so hit me up. The rest we can discuss on TS . #batchatlyfe OR4NGE
  3. Hey everyone, Is anyone willing to take low green scrub under their wing, and teach the fine art high tier medium game play? Please I need help.
  4. EDIT: Purples say it's a terrible idea, makes sense, I've scrapped all plans of training (but I'm keeping the Cruiser III, pom poms are fun). I have unlocked the AMX 12t, which makes it the logical first choice to go up but I've heard terrible things about it, the 13 75, and the Lorraine. As for the American line, I only have the M7 unlocked and still have to go through the hell that is the T21. Have not touched the French heavy line at all, not looking forward to the B1. Take note, however, of these things: 1. I'm still a shit player with 5k battles. I have my 300 WN7 terribad moments. 2. Highest tier is a tier 7 T29 because I spread my attention across many lines. 3. I can't passive scout. I sometimes advance too far and get vaporized, and I sometimes am in a position where it turned out I didn't have line of sight to any of the enemies. Seeing as it's been a while since I've ground down a new line, I was thinking about going through either the French or American autoloaders. I thought it'd be a good idea to spend some time trying to get into the mood by playing low-tier lights (also, the exp competition), and I've been driving my Cruiser III to some success. However, although it is armorless, the Cruiser doesn't behave like a scout for its tier- it is massive compared to other tier IIs, a drum can finish off anything at its tier, and it's got reasonable HP (unlike the T71, 12t, and 13 75). The German lights with the 30 mm MK 103 have a different issue- no one at tier 5 fears the plink-plink of a few 30 dmg rounds from a Pz. II G. The mag reload is long for such tiny damage output and the accuracy makes it a pathetic sniping weapon (which, I've heard, is one way to play the autoloaders). The Leopard is matched so high that the 30 mm is only really good for arty (and Hellcats) without enough damage to knock out said arty. Hopefully some can either elaborate on their poll answers below or warn me of the futility of this plan.
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