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Found 1 result

  1. A while back, someone had asked for an opinion as to why they get treated as they do on the forums. From people trolling threads and posts they make to just outright ignoring and avoiding them altogether. As I was explaining my best thoughts to them, it occurred to me that this is actually quite a wide-spread issue that should be addressed. Many people seem to fail to understand how and why they're "bad@poasting" and when they realize it, they're usually already far down the wrong path. As you post, you slowly build up a reputation for yourself (or quickly, if you're a post/thread spammer, and especially if you post irrelevant things). Now, depending on where and what you're posting, your exposure to the other forum users can become greatly compounded, and your perceived reputation as either a good poster or a terrible poster can be earned well within a week. A lot of the bad posters usually fall into two categories: Those who constantly make irrelevant and tedious posts, and Those who make posts who have no idea what they're talking about. Of the former, everyone knows of a forum user who is constantly making posts about WarThunder and other nonsensical posts that really have no relevancy on these forums. As for the latter, we all know a guy who spends all his time Clubbing Seals in the lower tiers, yet trying to talk specifics about tiers he's never once set foot in, or another who can't form a coherent sentence to save their life. Which brings us to grammar. Yes, yes, it's the Internet and spelling and grammar aren't cool among the kids these days. Nevertheless, you're trying to impress your ideas upon the generally educated populace, so at least make some effort to not type like a monkey undergoing shock treatment. Typing in all lower-case with no punctuation except for "lol" makes the general population think that you have no idea what you're talking about, and chances are, they're probably right. Every popular Web Browser has a built-in Spell Check. Use it. Though at the moment, it doesn't seem to be working on these forums specifically. Unfortunately, once you get a solid grasp down these wrong paths, many people will start to know you as a simply terrible poster. Making rambling nonsensical tirades that go no where and take a long time to get there. Or making petty whiny threads about WHY people think you're a terrible poster, which just compounds the problem. At this point, people would rather try to troll you or simply avoid you and your threads for that simple fact (ask around how many people have that Seal Clubbing Guy on ignore on the Official Forums). If you've already found yourself traveling deep down this road, you still can recover yourself. But it will take time. There's really no simple solution to overcoming this. Not something that'll fix it in a week or even a month. But a couple pointers WILL help (and this applies to both old and new forum users alike): Think before you post. Post intelligently. Post conservatively. Avoid posting accusatory threads or threads about conspiracies, such as weighted matchmaking, or threads about why people don't like you. Those never go over well and attract trolls like flies to shit. Be a conservative poster (redundant, I know). Be helpful. Help new people out with their questions. But make sure when you do, you know 100% what you're talking about. Cause you will get ripped apart by more knowledgeable players for guiding a newbie down the wrong path. And never. EVER. Make whiny threads about WinRate (or even JOIN IN at this point in time), stat denial (it's all lucklol), or anything of that sort. Hey! It's that Spell Check thing again! Use it! The road to recovery is long. Only cause the memory of forums and boards like these are long as well. Talking months. Many, many months. When you've been on the forums for a year, posting a certain way, you become known for posting that way. A week or a month of changed actions won't undo 12 months of past actions people have grown accustomed to. And it will be very very difficult. You'll have to deal with a ton of crap heaped up on you. Mostly because the general consensus is that people DON'T change. Or when they try to, they get frustrated after a week and give up and revert back to how they were. It really really takes a lot of work to undo months of bad mojo and distaste. Especially if you started out completely on the wrong foot. And a lot of heartache and patience. A ton of heartache. And it's even harder when you have other trolls biting at your heels because of your past. But that's something you have to deal with and take in stride if you really want to overcome the reputation which you've created for yourself. I really hope this helps people who are just starting out, or who have found themselves at a crossroads in their forum-persona. Oh, and if you have other ideas or pointers you'd like to add, feel free to comment (your idea may or may not be added, depending on relevancy) Addendums: Things To Do: Don't be afraid to admit if you were wrong. You may think it makes you look bad, but you look far worse if you continue holding to an untenable position long after it's been shown to be "off". - Enaris Things To Avoid: Having epilepsy-inducing gifs as avatars/signatures - Bridgeburner Other Ideas and Insights: (basically comments too long to fit in simple bullets above) Take Care in Phrasing your Questions and Comments Consider how people would respond to the follow questions if they were asked over at the Tanks forums, when these are essentially the same question: You are one man on a team of 15 and so many variables are out of your control, how can win rate be anything but luck? I often feel the outcome of the game is decided no matter what I do, why do you think the outcome is within my control? - Allurai Pinned -NW
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