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Found 18 results

  1. Looking for a clan to get back into competitive play. I haven't played much CW since the 3rd campaign ended, and none since 2.0 came out. I've heard CW 2.0 is shit, but I'd be available anytime that didn't interfere with skirmish times. Haven't played much SH, and would like to give it a try with a group that can win. I would also like to find a group to play Weekday Warfare with. (Admitted gold whore, just call me Anna Nicole) A clan that will be giving the next campaign a go would be a +, but not a must have since I'm looking for a place to call home long after that. A clan with decently skilled players to platoon with is a must, as these pubs lately are making me want to rip my hair out. My Tanks Tier X's: 140, 62-A, 907, Batchat, 30B, STB-1, E5, T57, IS-7, 50B, FV(183) ---- Can buy back the T-92 and 268, rage sold both stupidly, just have to grind the credits. (Not playing at an acceptable level in some of my X's, I need to learn to play them better consistently, acquired over half of them back when I was playing on a toaster at 15 or so fps. My first 25k games.) Tier VIII's: IS-3; 50 100; Mod. 1; CDC; 34-3; 13 90; T49; RU (just got RU, still grinding modules) Tier VI's: T37, VK 28.01, Type 64, KV-85 (Haven't played CW at these tiers and no SH for a while now, have no idea what's being used at these tiers now) http://wotlabs.net/na/player/__Prophet__ Have a lot of games in the hellcat, but I don't own it anymore and haven't played it in thousands of battles. My most played tank is by far now the Batchat, and I'm loving the 34-3 since getting ti a few days ago. Any clans interested please msg me here or in-game thanks. Reading beyond this point not necessary. Just keyboard spam. My past in WoT: I was the classic shitter pubbie (and still may be). I played on a toaster laptop for 25k or so of my first games, 15-20 fps was no fun. I played 8k battles into the game before ever visiting the forums, learning about any of the mechanics, or reading any guides. Looking at my WoTLabs profile you'll see that it says VPG-R was my first clan, I'll tell you it's not. I should keep this a secret as it's possibly the most horrible thing ever, but might as well own my mistakes. I joined RE8EL off of some spam recruitment from a pub battle, I don't remember how many games I had back then, but my highest tier was the Hellcat. I spent a few days there until I got pulled into a CW in my Hellcat, (no tier 6 CW back then) and my Hellcat, a tier 8 GW (no X arty back then), and one Tier X, I think an IS-7 went into Province and got shit on by a full team of X's. I dropped tags that night as I wasn't going to learn shit there. I bounced up through the VPG clans as I gained X's, left there eventually, and went to SCDRL which back then was SCUD. Didn't really fit in well with the team that was there at the time, so my next stop was a clan called CRAY, of which the CO had tried to recruit me during a pub in-between my VPG-SCUD move. Left CRAY after a dispute with the CO and me and a few friends tried to start SKIPT, (damn recruiting is HARD!!!) We gave up on that endeavor as even recruiting players who had even 1 X was extremely hard, there were just so many options. Went back to CRAY which was renamed to LVTHN. I took over a DC position and pretty much ran the operation for a few months while the CO went inactive. After I ran it for a few months the reigns were given to another tanker, who ran it for a few months before leading merger into BOLD. As mergers often don't, it didn't work out. I left BOLD and went to their ally RISK, played the 3rd campaign there and was one of 4 players in the clan to get the 907. After that I jumped around for a bit, joined NUGGS to play tourneys, but the tourney team was full, same with SHRUG. APE fell apart right after I joined. Went back to VPG as I had a few friends there, but left again with this last group that left during the clan league. After that I decided I would just pub it up for a bit and only play my skirmishes. That's when I left for about a month to give AW a try, it's ok imo, but it still has a ways to go. During that time the only WoT I played was the skirmishes. Came back to WoT about a month ago but my recents have suffered since returning. I was up to about 2200, last week they were 1850, so I think I'm getting back the feel for the game again. Me irl: 28 year old male from central Florida, married, no kids(3 fully grown pitbulls that sleep in the bed, might as well be kids). I worked as a sous chef prior to 2011, when complications from a surgery sidelined me. Sitting home browsing the net I found WoT, my first MMO in 2013. I'm still hoping to find a fix for my medical issues so I can get back into the kitchen one day, back to doing what I love, but until then I spend my time playing WoT, and playing with my dogs when I feel well enough.
  2. I've been on this forum for a long time, and I don't think reading is doing it for me anymore. I'm looking for a shitter green friendly mentor who's willing to help me through the movements of a unica. I don't flex, because I really don't know when to flex, and the proper way to do that. I took time off the game and WOWE MUCH MAP CHANGE SUCH WOW, and I have a severe case of head-up ass. Tanks I want to get good in right now: M46, SuperP, and the E5. If you can teach me how to properly play the 1375, I'll cry sweet tears. I have a mic, and TS, but I doubt you're going to want to hear me. I should be on pretty much any time you can have, but being a sophomore atm I have a little bit of school, and my diving and swimming practice. Danke for reading, and if you're interested in seeing how bad I really am, feel free to add a comment or send a PM my way. THX.
  3. http://youtu.be/oBOTZnP5bQs go to 12:20 and listen to the angry ruski he rants annoyingly for like a minute about how an E-100 focused him when he was 400meters away for all RNGesus, arty, pub rage, whatever I don't give a damn for it, it's annoying as hell. I'm sure nogg after a long day at work enjoyed coming home to play with me or some other guy (I'd usually stay in same channel, so I didn't have to toon with him to know what was going on) and then a nerd. And then have the nerd cry about pubbies camping, or arty hitting him in a really obvious place to pre-aim, or how he missed or some shit. here is a list of common nerd phrases -OMG THESE PUBBIES ARE AWFUL AND CAN'T HELP ME (relying on pubbies is a great jingles meme) -OMG ARTY HAS BEEN FOCUSING ME THE ENTIRE MATCH (maybe you should analyze why) -I FUCKING MISSED HIM, BULLSHIT RNG. (because all accuracy should be 0.01M) -I DIDN'T PEN A GOD DAMN LT (because you hit it's tracks) -OMG THIS SHITTER IS PERMATRACKING ME (No shit, some people will play decent) -THIS RETARD IS BLOCKING MY SHOT (what of it?) -OMG THE LOW ROLL! (holy shit do you not realize +-25% damage exists?) -WHY THE HELL ARE OUT PUBBIES CAMPING?! (because minimaps are hard to use to see where you need to go) -OH FOR FUCKS SAKE MATCHMAKING (okay well GL, as long as I get my damage idc if we lose due to MM) I tooned with a nerd today and had a sub 2k wn8 session on one of my friend's accounts, I started being a nerd aswell and raged a bit too and played like trash. If you have a problem with any part of the game even including arty it is of my belief there are ways to end it being a problem or minimize it. Ever since I've been analyzing every part of my game, my blood pressure has been healthier, but today I was a nerd and I was stressed. Perhaps we should all analyze why things are as they are, and end nerdism. Obligatory Animeme
  4. For quite some time now, I've been stuck at blue recent stats, and I feel like I'm having real trouble progressing beyond. I improved via the Kewei Way for quite some time, but ironically and weirdly, I seem to have stopped improving through it at the intended statistical level of play where it should start really working wonders. Now, this might seem a little bit counter-intuitive, but I don't want an overall dark purple to mentor me. This is because, as MaxL explained to me, so many of the issues that I deal with regularly have their correct solutions internalized in his mind, so it's hard for him to grasp how I even make these mistakes. I simply don't have a strong enough background in overall stats (which show how long someone has been playing at a certain level for) for his type of mentoring to really work. Therefore, I'm looking for a blue overall / light purple recent to light purple overall / dark purple recent to mentor me on how to get past my current barriers; I feel that I can rectify most of my mistakes on my own, but I'm missing some important aspects to progression. I feel that getting mentored by someone in that particular range might help me more than someone like MaxL, since they can connect better to my current flaws and offer learning solutions that work in today's meta. Please note: This is NOT a request for a purple to merely carry me. If you can, please explain to me what your thought process is, etc. I'm short on time to watch streams and that kind of stuff. I would watch Zeven, but I like actually playing the game. On top of that, I'm not sure that I play like most people who can improve from the streams, if they do at all.
  5. I've been complaining more loudly than an unpaid whore lately, and wanted to give everyone the chance to point and laugh offer advice. In short, I played 100 Leo PTA games recently and did quite well. I decided to tackle my old nemesis, the T-62A, to see if I had become good@tanks, or was simply good@PTA. If you're interested in the gory details: I've picked out 6 of my top scoring games, damage wise. They average out to over 5100 dpg, over 3 KPG, and a 33% win rate. I figure the best examples of "doing it wrong" would be games where the score looked good, and a player might be tempted to say "Team was bad, I therefore excuse the loss." Ideally, I'd like some of the good T-62A players to send me death threats for playing their preciousss so poorly. Barring that, some review for the benefit of the community would be appreciated. I'll include brief personal reviews, outlining my though process. Been watching Barks lately, and want to try a spot I saw him play in his Leo. I snack on crossing tanks, but fail to score critical track shots. I feel I do a good job of balancing damage and safety here. I notice that the south is very weak. Something needs to happen north. Hundo wants to be food, but it takes me 3 shots to land a proper track. Load heat, and opt for the turret shot instead of the track shot. Move to end the north battle. Platoon mates report south under control, so I decide to shepherd my pubs on to cap. Extermineate roadblock, while 62 accidentally bounces TD fire. Handle the JT somewhat poorly, but don't pay for it. Apply chemotherapy. Game is now in hand. My formerly inflammable tank tries to be german. My fire comment is not hyperbole. I feel I did well here. My initial position forced the enemy north push to go online in an unfavorable spot. Their Hundos were largely unable to utilize their armor. I aggressively moved to eliminate tough TDs, knowing my pubs would try to engage them in frontal shootouts. Could have been cleaner, and I really need to track more with the 62's DPM.
  6. Back when I was playing the ELC, I was always told to play it like a pocket tank destroyer or a heavily passive scout. That made sense to me since it was fast, had a 175 penetration / 240 damage, and apparently had great camouflage values with the disadvantage of not having a fully rotational turret. I had some success in it and enjoyed it, even if at some points I was bored with the supposed play style. The AMX 12t has been another completely different can of worms to deal with. With the use of a fully rotational turret, I believed I could get a better role as more of an active scout (which is my preferred play style). The issue is the gun handling performance while on the move is, well of a lack of a better phrase, piss poor. Snap Shot and Smooth Ride are a necessity after I finish Camouflage. The gun handling isn’t the big issue I have with the 12t. It’s the fact that playing it as an active scout seems to be a quick way to die (For the record, I don’t just suicide scout and rush for artillery, that’s blatantly destructive to your team) and playing it as a front line passive scout is not rewarding to either experience or WN8. The thing is when I play the 12t as a sniper, it feels like I am not doing my job at all, yet I am rewarded for doing that. Whenever I snipe in the back and see someone yelling at me “12t go scout”, I can’t help but feel like they have a point. Yet when I look at the after battle reports and WN8 calculation, I am always 3rd on the team or better with 2700+ WN8 rating (And before anyone asks/yells at me, no I do not know how WN8 is calculated. I just know that everyone uses it to calculate player skill and a higher number implies a better player.) How is this supposed to be played? Is it a light scout or an autoloader tank destroyer?
  7. So, I've finally made it to a 50% overall winrate, and I would like to thank you all here for helping, advising, carrying, and not kicking me for being a complete shitposter. I would really like to, in particular, give my thanks to: Never, for creating this awesome community rocketbrainsurgeon, for posting the extremely informative guides everyone who's willing to platoon with me in the Wotlabs channel, for putting up with my potato gameplay I hope to improve further over time, and look forward to becoming a purple!
  8. Ok, so I'm looking to build my own rig for the first time. I'm a scrub at this, so not really looking for overclocking, fancy LED light shows, or other complicated shit right now. I'm looking to run WoT at maximum graphics comfortably, and hopefully cover whatever games I get into afterwards. Budget is $1400, keeping in mind I'm in Canada. Ripriprip. Here's roughly what I'm looking at so far: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3a5D3 Thoughts? Am I putting too much cash in some places and not enough elsewhere? Please try to keep it in terms that I can understand
  9. I am that guy who thinks British heavy tanks are actually good. I am that guy who will drive backwards into a AMX Foch-155 with a T1 Cunningham, fully expecting to detonate his ammo rack without firing a single shot. I am that guy who will assume Artillery always has him pre aimed and wont push a flank, blaming his teammates that they didn't carry hard enough. I am that guy who thinks HE is a good idea. I am that guy that will camp beside the Waffentrager E-100 in his IS-6 (After fail platooning into a game), shooting randomly behind him trying to get that scout tank from killing our artillery piece, only to HIT the artillery piece, TK him, and get the Waffentrager lit on fire because they were shooting at me, only to hit him (Yes this did happen on a Redshire game). Yes, I am the ultimate potato. Yes I am bad at this game. Yes I will disappoint you. Yes, I am British_Fire_Power. I look forward to playing with all of you. Edit: Apparently I'm also very bad at spelling. Doing this on a tablet PC is truly frustrating.
  10. This poast consists of three parts: Introduction, statistics analysis and a fairly specific question on making m103 work under the conditions I'm often forced to face in pub matches on EU servers. I've bolded the beginning of all parts for your convenience, feel free to skip some (or all ) sections. As an intro: I've had my m103 for about a month now and I'm struggling to make it work. I free exped the second gun, and have already researched the turret, radio and suspension. I have it fully equipped (vert stab, rammer, vents, full set of consumables). I mostly fire AP, but a few rounds each of both HEAT and HE for specific use. My crew has BIA as the 1st skill and 6th sense/snap shot/repair x 3 as the 2nd. Now to the statistics: battles 84 victories 39.29% battles survived 25% hit ratio 79% enemies destroyed per battle 0.76 damage caused per battle 1290 This is my first T9 tank, so I obviously still have a lot to learn about high-tier gameplay (I've only seen it from scout's perspective before). It's also much different from the previous tanks in the branch (T29 and T32), which means I have to adapt. I recognize that, and have read through a lot of guides and forum posts in order to learn to play it. But that being said, my record in it is just terribad. Or rather, anomalously bad. It's such a glaring anomaly that it makes me put my tinfoil hat on and doubt if MM is truly random. What I mean is: I've seen it claimed numerous times here and other forums that an AFKer would get a WR of around 45% due to other players carrying him to victory. I've also seen numerous claims that in order to get a sub-45% WR one has to TK or otherwise hamper his own team. Yet here I am, having a bad, but by no means terrible dpg, and a 39% WR. I don't TK, I don't block or otherwise hamper my teammates' shots, or do anything of the kind. It seems like I never get a team that carries me to victory. About three quarters of my wins in this tank are due to my good performance in that battle (doing ~3k damage, defending a crucial position, etc.). If I AFKed in this tank I suspect my win rate would drop to 20%ish. How is that even possible? Assuming this is a statistical anomaly, how long can a statistical anomaly last? It's been 84 matches so far and my WR show no signs of rising (despite my dpg slowly improving). Call me paranoid, but it seems like the MM is anticipating my usual level of performance and adjusting the team composition to fit it, and when I fail to deliver it results in a catastrophic defeat. Now the more specific question: An important problem I have with this tank is that it is severely limited in the number of positions where it can work well (moderately hilly terrain, narrow passages). And these positions just happen to be the ones that pubbies tend to flock to, while the positions where m103 is disadvantaged tend to be precisely the sort of spots that pubbies tend to ignore and good players are forced to occupy (someone has to). So: What am I supposed to do if most of my teammates go to a spot which would be advantegous to my m103, while leaving open a flank/position that is a terrible place for m103? Especially given the metagame changes (i.e. high-alpha td proliferation)? As an example: It's redshire encounter, and I am the northeast spawn. Let's have a map here for quick reference: So, I head to C5, which is an obvious position for a gun depression tank. Initially I'm pleased to see that most of my team heads north with me instead of lamely camping the base (that seems to be the usual strategy, at least on EU). My smile fades when I realize that no one has headed to A4 and that pretty much all of my team's heavy tanks (including an E100, wtf) pile up at C5. I ping A4 furiously and specifically ask our IS-7 and Pershing to go there. They both ignore me, and shortly after that we get flanked by a t54 and a foch, joined by other tanks going D3-D4, and promptly annihilated. I could have tried to get to A4 myself but given that I'm rather slow, my side is pretty much armorless and that the enemy certainly had numerous tds at E3, I doubt I'd have made it. And even if I did, I'd be forced to fight a t54 at A3, which means the enemy tds at E3 would get guaranteed penetration shots on the side of my turret. What should I have done in this situation? Or more generally: What the heck do you do when the ISs/t54s on your team all go to your preferred position, and you are forced to go to a position that would have favored an IS? This situation happens way too often. Should I just let one flank (the one the ISs deserted) collapse and damage whore by hanging more in the back? Or should I conduct the lemming train by going with the ISs (unlikely to succeed, given that they are faster than me and probably in the mood to suicide by cresting the first hill they find)?
  11. So I have this burning question to ask, imagine being in a tank with really bad view range and that there is a TD that has way better view range and vantage spot and I don't have enough HP to approach it and kill it, what should I do? Here is Situation 1 in my Arl 44
  12. Can anyone give me some tips on playing the Chinese 112 and/or some replays to watch? My IS-6 is recently crossed 2k DPG and climbing and since I started up the Chinese heavy line I decided to buy the 112. I knew that the side armor would be horrible and that I need to cover the lower plate but the gun handling is just awful. The impulse on the gun is awful, shots flying anywhere but on target. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. So I have heard lots of people mention the WoTLabs forum while I badpoast on the official WoT forum, and quite honestly I have no idea what caused me to wait so long to visit. I've been reading all kinds of topics full of useful information for the last few days and decided to actually introduce myself, as I would love to eventually become a helpful and contributing member of this community. First, though, I have to get rid of my serious case of the bads that has been plaguing me since forever. This introduction is liable to be an intense case of tl;dr, but I'd really like to have a 100% honest and sufficiently detailed introduction, so anyone who cares to help me knows where I'm coming from. Hi, my name is Kuroth_, and I am bad@tanks. I've tried (for a long time really) to convince myself and everybody else that I'm not really bad at tanks, but deep down I know I'm much worse than I'd like to be. My 1800 (1770? I don't know anymore) 60-day stats are basically a lie and I'm not entirely sure how I even got them that high to begin with. I suspect it had a lot to do with KV-2 and M4 derp HEAT spam, and a lot of T49 play when grinding to the Hellcat. Lots of 2000+ days resulted from the T49 spam. Either way, they are very rapidly collapsing back to a scrubby level, which is probably where I deserve to be based on actual skill. I am a terribly competitive person, and I play every video game competitively if it's remotely possible. I've played semi-professional level CoD4, Halo 3, and SSBM back in 2008-2009, and I currently play TCGs (mostly Magic) at a respectable level. I don't have nearly as much time to play video games anymore, but I do know what kind of mindset it takes to be top-level competitive. As a general rule, unless I am performing in the top 1-2% of all players everywhere, I am not happy with my performance in a game. This leads me to my problem. I enjoy WoT, but it is VERY different from the other games I have excelled at in the past, and I just cannot for the life of my wrap my head around how to be truly good at it. I can 'fake' being good by playing high alpha/'OP' tanks (like the previously mentioned M4 HEAT spam) and posting "good numbers", but that kind of hollow performance isn't what I want. What I really want is to be actually good at the game, and to be able to perform well in any tank, on any map, at any tier. Right now I am extremely far away from that goal, and I feel like I've hit a serious mental block preventing me from improving that I just can't place a finger on. That's where I'm hoping you guys can step in and mentor me to an extent. I already have the basic mechanics down pretty darn well (at least I think I do...). Things like camouflage/vision mechanics, pen mechanics, differences between shell types, etc. I certainly make bad choices still, and sometimes I get caught off guard by something 'dumb' about vision mechanics ("That tank can stay camo'd THIS CLOSE TO ME?" is a somewhat common one...), but I don't think those are the basis of my problems overall. I feel like it's more about my mindset in general, my knowledge of maps and strategy, and not knowing how to deal with really bad situations/teams to pull out victory. AND DEAR GOD, I do NOT know how to get my gun effectively in use. I spend way too much time either trading shots 1 for 1, taking hits for nothing, or being completely out of position to be useful to my team/relocating during important engagements and thereby missing them completely. The problem is, every time I try to address this by trying something new, going to a new position, whatever, I end up either being torn apart or useless anyway. And the absolute worst part is: I know I have these faults, and I try to fix them, but I still have no luck. I don't know where to go to be most effective much of the time. I don't know when to stay hidden, and when to peek for a shot. I don't know when I should take a hit to accomplish a goal vs. when it's completely unnecessary risk. I've come to the conclusion that I just can't do it without some form of outside help or a wake-up call of some kind. ---- So basically, here's what I hate about my current play: I cannot play Medium tanks. I just can't. I am so terribly bad at them that it's embarassing, I regularly post 0.5 or worse damage ratios whenever I hop into my T-44 and end up gimping my team of a tier 8 medium. I am competent in heavy tanks up to my personal top tier of 8 (though I am notably BAD at my T34 for some reason). In fact, all of the shortcomings I mentioned are primarily focused on when I play my mediums/T8 tanks. I am very comfortable playing and carrying games at tiers 5-6 in my HTs, TDs, and certain MTs. Part of it is lower overall enemy skill level, part of it is a more forgiving environment in general, and part of it is probably the vehicles I enjoy driving. However, I don't want to be stuck playing those tiers forever in order to carry games; I want to learn how to carry T8 games like that. Then T9 (once I research one). Then T10. And who knows, maybe I'll start playing CWs with one of the better clans sometime in the future. But that will never happen unless I figure out what I'm doing wrong right now, and start learning how to play this game for REAL. So yeah. Like I said, my name is Kuroth_, and I am bad@tanks. But I don't want to stay that way. One day soon I would like to be gud@tanks and in a position where I can help others improve as well. For now though, what I think I need is for some uniscums to tell me why I'm bad and beat me up until I am black and blue. And then, eventually, purple.
  14. I have had 60 light purple stats for a while now, but I feel like I am not improving my game. I've been playing a lot of higher tiers, and almost all of my tier 10s have higher average damage then health. I watched streams of unicums and taok notes, learned about the spotting mechanics, and improved my survivability. My question is, what can I do to take my game to the next level?
  15. This past week has been frustrating and strange. My sig shows the results, with a more complete picture here -> http://wotlabs.net/na/player/mrmoonlight tl;didn't click: oh nos!! WR is dropping!! However, damage done, WN7, ave xp are all rising. Am I improving with the small tasks of tanking and failing on the win? Not carrying hard enough? not doing my part? too much potato? These numbers are bothersome. I feel like I'm getting better at positioning, living longer during the matches, playing better than before, but the wins are coming fewer. Is the question just to vague? Seeking suggestions/reassurance. Thanks for your time!
  16. So yesterday I had a purple 60day wn7 of about 1729, today I checked my wotlabs and its blue at 1604. Yesterday I had an avrg dmg of ~1800 so what the hell made my 60day wn7 go down by 125 in 1 day -_-
  17. Got Malinovka (south spawn) in my M103 tonight. It was a Tier X match with 3 arty per side, I decided to head for the hill because I didn't see much benefit in camping at base and waiting to get artied. Only a T54E1 and T-54 headed for hill initially, they got up there before I did and I got near the top in time to help them finish off a 111. Enemy didn't have any other tanks on the hill, we ended up advancing to the far edge and taking out an E75 but in the process lost the T54E1 and an E75 that had followed up the hill later. T110E5 that came up with the E75 pulled onto the edge looking for something to shoot at and got blasted without spotting anything which reinforced that it would be useless for me to do the same. At that point I wasn't really sure what to do, poking over the edge was tantamount to suicide, I sat there for a bit thinking about it and finally decided to back up to the windmill figuring they would push up hill eventually. On the way I got distracted trying to get a shot over the side at a Panther II without getting close enough to get lit, by the time they pushed over the hill I got one shot in and got killed. I know my overall play in this match wasn't great but I'm wondering if going up the hill in the first place was a tactical error, the problem is I'm not sure what I would have done instead to benefit the team. Where did I go wrong here? Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/217044?secret=a61143647553cf2c23faf08dcf9e8774
  18. So seeing as this is my first thread on the shiny new WoTLabs Forums , I'd like to say very nice job and thanks for the sanctuary away from ignorance. Anyhow the time has arisen for me to pick tanks back up and truly improve at higher tiers. I have managed to grasp medium TC's, tier 8 premiums, and typical stat padding tanks well(Improvement is relative). But I still encounter difficulty whilst using end tier vehicles that do not include arty. Specifically the M103 and Lorraine 40T, in short my play style is often to aggressive for my own good thanks in part to ignorance and both vehicles being speedy for their size and class. My other challenge is not so much gameplay based as it is opinion. Coming in 8.6 is a series of changes that may or may not determine whether or not i buy my second end tier. (the typ E) The question is whether i should purchase the Typ E simply as a second resort or should I conserve the 3.5-4 million for my bat chat? Thanks in advance, Spartan96
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