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Found 27 results

  1. The title says it all, really. I'm looking for a clan that can help me not suck at internet tanks. I can't think of anything else to say other than I've had almost no clan experience before (I've been in 2 clans and most of the players in both were garbage) and I have almost no tanks right now and none of them are past t6.
  2. Hello everybody! I'm back again trying my luck at finding another family! My previous IGN was Matt0nChr0n. Name: Matt Age: 26 Timezone: Eastern Location: Canada Activity: I have a very odd schedule working shifts. I will be active almost every day (2-4 hours). But I alternate every week between day and evening shifts as well as balance IRL. So the times I will be online vary between day and night. I am currently on satellite internet so my connectivity will be an issue for the next month until I move into my new home with good solid internet. It is manageable for now. Bare with my stats I am just getting back into the game. What am I looking for? I am looking for a more casual clan that does not require mandatory attendance for CW given my messy schedule. As much as I love CW, my schedule does not allow me to actively participate An already established clan that has been around for a while. I do not want to take part in the making of a new one. A clan that actively participates in clan tournaments. Campaigns, etc... A clan that does strongholds, platoons, etc... Activates strongholds boost often to help my grinds. A mature group of people who thrive to be the best! Comprised and ran by mostly adults! Who know how to have fun and when to be serious! A clan that always offers incite, ways to help me improve, change my game. Plays other games as well. What do I offer? 5 Tier 10's: Obj 140, 3kish dpg @ 62%+ wr E100, 2.9kish dpg @ 63%+ wr IS-7, 2.5kish dpg (I know it sucks) @ 62%+ wr T62A, 3.2kish dpg @ 71% +wr T110E5 3.1kish dpg @ 66+ wr Others to consider: T54E1, I am at 200k exp on it, 50k more to go for the T57 Heavy AMX120 50, haven't started the grind quite yet. Tournament tanks (or so I believe): AMX 50 100 T32 IS-3 Pershing researched but not bought T37 Hellcat Cromwell Note: All 'tournament' tanks have decent crews in them. Clan History: TLR: The clan died basically... a lot of good players came from there. It was mostly a pub clan. ACES: Great group of guys. I was deployed for a few months but wasn't sure on my situation being military. LOLI: Awesome group of players, much respect. But the whole anime and direction of the clan doesn't fit me very well. VILIN: I was sad that I have to leave because I was moving and left on deployment . Great group of top notch players and had a blast. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the read! I am a pretty laid back guy and at the end of the day this is a game! But I am competitive by nature and do enjoy the challenge. If you have any questions or would like me to come on your teamspeak just give me a shout in-game or here. Thank you! Enjoy your day!
  3. I've noticed something about Obsidian's Armored Warfare (a 50's to present, arena-based pvp (& pve) tank game) which happens to run on a modern CryEngine 3 architecture. (currently awaiting a closed beta; no mention of an alpha yet, either) Baddies, Dunning-Kruger-personified types, are repeating all the fallacies and hilarious talking points there. Already shaping the forums in a negative manner. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Sunpawz/516739482/ http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/Sunpawz/1001344847/ Note: he makes allusions to also owning accounts (presumably under a different name) in both Asia and RU. With "over 30K battles" http://aw.my.com/forum/index.php?page=Thread&postID=11207#post11207 Note the thread title: Do -not- add artillery Best Gems: I live in reality, unlike you apparently. You noobs // author's note: he's (of the %49-50 above) calling this a noob: ruin games. If there were to be "opt out of games with artillery" there would also be "opt out of games with TD, LT, MT, HT" as well. Only the worst developer on the face of the planet would ruin their own game like that. Stats =/= skill. "I readily admit I'm only slightly above average" That is what egotistical people do. Also, I do not have an ego, unlike you, Mr. Troll. Here he fundamentally proves his misunderstanding of RNG: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:cC6kNlPpnP0J:aw.my.com/forum/index.php%3Fpage%3DThread%26threadID%3D120%26pageNo%3D21+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Note the thread title: "Learn from Wargaming's mistakes" Note: this is a cached link cause he got this thread locked through shitposting. ================================ I find it amusing NA WoT forums shittier denizens are going to make Armored Warfare a shitty, stat-denying culture, guaranteed to fracture. I look forward to a new farm for tears. (seriously, this guy is deluded out of his mind) The strange thing is he doesn't even pollute WoT forums. Just AW's forums, despite posting the same exact crap you would expect from WoT's forums. It's surreal.
  4. Hello friends! Looking for CW clan. I have 2 tier 10s. The 140 and 62a. Going for the e5 next, at the t32, just need to buy it. I'm sort of stuck where I am skill wise, and I would love to learn from some better players and get CW experience. I want platoon m8s for the dank purple stats, and I need friends. I have anxiety, so i don't talk much on TS(only when needed). Much more "energetic" in chat than I actually am. I can be online most weekends. I'm very salty. Thanks
  5. Hello friends I've been stuck at 2k recent for quite a while now, and I can't seem to get better. I have trouble deciding when to push/retreat, I usually get in bad spots, I don't know the maps too well, and I can't effectively read team comps. Looking for someone to teach me this stuff 1 on 1. Thanks :^)
  6. Tiers 4-9 (please no ask for E-100nerino). Pref 5/8s available, Pz B2 available. Be willing to hop on TS3 but no mic. Prefer West for better ping
  7. I made a WoTLabs forum account last year and never got around to posting in it. I have started the game through trial by fire with my friend buying me a SPershing before we even got to T5. As a raider who came from an MMORPG, it became pretty much all about the stats once I discovered XVM at the time. Over a year later I have plateaued at my current level and was unable to improve and started slipping due to moving to a region with an additional 100ping(on top of the usual 240) and Internet instability. I would still love to get them dank purple stats so I want to start being able to use the forums fully.
  8. I'm in need of some guidance to help me get into the purple recent WN8 field. I am very close but there is something limiting me and I cant seem to sort it out. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello fellow Captains! (although at this point I don't consider myself a Captain... maybe more of a steward?) It took me several thousand battles in WoT to figure out that I sucked. It has taken less than one hundred in WoWS to get that same feeling. Allow me to elaborate (and rant a bit). Prepare your butts for a wall o' text. I really suck at playing battleships. I currently have the Wyoming and I am finding it a good ship but severely limited by my skills and perhaps the game mechanics as well (more on that later). More specifically, I am struggling with... 1. Citadel hits: Despite the finicky nature of long-ranged combat, I am having trouble doing more than average damage on my shots because I can't consistently aim for citadels. Even with the Wyoming a well-aimed salvo is lucky to hit more than 4 times at long (10-14km) ranges. Most of the other shots straddle the target, making each shot count because guess what, you have a 30s reload on your hands. Is the best place to get citadel hits still by aiming at the waterline? 2. Destroyers: The bane of battleship's existence. Let's pretend you are driving a Maus on a completely flat map that is only swampy terrain. Then, give a LT on the enemy team the ability to fire the equivalent of a JPE100 gun (albeit with a terrible shell velocity) while remaining unspotted by you. Furthermore, let him fire it multiple times in a spread. By the time you see the torpedoes, it is already too late for your big, fat battleship arse to turn. Furthermore, if you manage to have a DD in your sights, have the AP broadside that you have loaded for everything else (and probably weighing more than the ship you fired it at XD) over-penetrate and do minimal damage, allowing him 30 seconds to HE spam/burn you to death while remaining enticingly out of your secondary weapon's range. That has been my experience playing in a BB against a Destroyer. I consistently get wrecked by them and I am pretty sure it is operator error. Smug opponents have berated me for "Not staying 12km away" (DD's are 2x faster than me, I couldn't even if I wanted to. Besides, I am in an American BB, which barely has 12km of firing range as it is. If I am that far away from enemy destroyers (who are usually near the front) I am wayyy too far back to be of any use to the team) and "Straying from my cruiser picket line" (teamwork in WoWS is limited to driving in front of you as you release a full spread of torps at the enemy). Any good BB drivers (like Tedster?) have suggestions for how to deal with enemy destroyers? 3. Torpedo Bombers: Yes, I am watching my minimap. Yes, I can see them coming. Yes, I ctr+click on them to give my AA batteries a better chance at hitting them. I even go so far as making sluggish turns to try and throw their aim off. Well, I still haven't shot a plane down and while I have avoided torpedoes more often than not, I haven't picked up on the animation that signals they are going to drop torps (anyone have a video of this?) I feel this is one skill you can never be too good at. 4. Spotting mechanics: Unlike WoT, there is no set viewrange for each ship, rather a range at which that ship can be detected. This means that the little icon that tells me that I am detected is constantly lit, sometimes less that 30 seconds out of the spawn point. This also leads to ships (mainly destroyers with their high concealment attribute and ability to pop a somkescreen) to simply disappear. I find this incredibly frustrating and as far as I know there is not much I can do about it. 5. The Phoenix: Yes, I know, it isn't battleship related. But of all the ships I have played, it feels the most uncomfortable. It feels like a destroyer/cruiser mix that has none of the redeeming qualities of either class. Besides free xping it (not an option), is there any advice for playing this ship? As of now it is completely stock. I know this is a lot of text so if you have made it this far, good for you. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, because I am not good at this thing called ships. Thanks for your help! I can maybe put some replays up if I figure out how to activate them. My apologies for not having any at this time.
  10. Alright, I'm no purple toaster but I figure I play well enough in high-tier heavy tonks to help some people out. I do have my favorites (E100, E75), my pseudo favorites (Maus, M103, T30, E4[yes those last two are heavies, don't question it]), and the few I play sporadically (see screenie). I will be posting -all- of my replays so that player still working at it can see when a better player scrubs it up, not just the cherry-picked gudfaights. Stick around long enough and this may be my Lowe stat rehab thread as well! First of, the tonks in my garage sorted by battles: Obviously, my E. Honda is by far my favorite, and I don't do too poorly in it. My T34 I do not recall playing that many battles in >.< and my T29 I spent a lot of time playing in when I first started (great Idea BTW, very good learning tool). My Lowe was my first tier VIII tank, and with it I learned the art of scrubbing hard. KV-2... nuff said. E75 I recently bought back and love nearly as much as my E100, with the games piling on almost daily. The Maus is a pubstomper extraordinaire and sees it's share of field time. The M103 I bought back recently and enjoy much, as its harder to hit weak spots (when hull-down) and better MM make it as fun to run if not more-so than the E5. The E4 is a great heavy tank (like I said, don't question it), and the T30 is a good heavy tank that is fun to brush the dust off of from time to time. The Jagzilla doesn't have the heavy part in nomenclature, but does on the scales ^^ The E5 is a nice all-rounder, but can be frustrating at times due to its lack of armor. The IS-6 is fun to grind credits in because of it's trolly armor, but can also troll you equally badly with its poor gun handling. The E3 is a fun mauler that can armor tank for DAYZ if not flanked. The JT 8.8 just shits out credits so it gets a few runs if I'm not being lazy and just buying them lol. The T32 is an AMAZING tier 8 with a ridiculous turret, much fun to play although I did not think so my first time through (just came off my T29, may have even been my first ground out tier 8 tank). The SU-100Y is just fun for derpy-ness. The IS-4 is a good all-around tank that at times just seems to be missing... something, but I'm still sub 100 games in it, so who knows. The 112 is a fast IS-6 that is just as fun to play when your LFP doesn't burst into flames XD The IS-7 I just purchased recently, and am not doing -too- poorly in, but the armor can be stupid at times. TL;DR - Buffalo's opinion on his tanks At the end of every post I will post a snip of my service record summary, which can be used to compare my games played to the games I posted in between each, so you know I'm not yanking your chain If for some reason I can't post the replays (C-dubs, tournament, etc) I will make note of it. I will be using http://replays.quickybaby.com/ to upload my replays, let me know if this doesn't work for someone or if the pros have a suggestion of a better host. I like it because it's easy and it shows the per battle WN8. This probably won't help any unicums, but maybe people struggling to bring their heavy play to par can learn a thing or two. Cheers! Beginning SR:
  11. Come join me in search for my father! Come in relax, have fun. Ask questions and request tanks, I dont bite... just gently http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot toss a follow and say hi in chat <3 P.S If you enjoyed the stream or didn't leave some feedback for improvement <3
  12. Okay my clan share a teamspeak with another clan. The other clan had a member that was under performing, and he was kicked untill he can get his play on par with the rest of the clan. One of DEMI's officers asked me too help mentor him, i by no means a great player but i know my way about too some extent. So i decided too platoon with him and see if there was anything obvious that i could help with... well he doesnt take advantage of situations at all. Example: He chooses a reasonably viable location too snipe from, but once he no longer has shots or he is getting over run he makes no attempts too keep up with the battle, and all my advice seems too just slide of his shoulder. Any tips?
  13. I took a couple of months off and came back and just can't get things in my favour. I went from being just above average to being slightly detrimental to my team. My Wn8 has rapidly declined, my winrate has plummeted and my personal rating has been decimated. I'm looking for people to platoon with in the hopes of gleaning what I have lost.
  14. Oh gosh the title fail. Kind of like my gameplay of late... Over the last month or so, I seem to be sliding backwards in terms of performance. While my overall WN8 is going up (albeit slowly), my recent has dropped almost 100 points (not gud). This may be due to a couple factors: -I suck@tonks (biggest reason) -My laptop recently has taken to shutting itself down with no warning, presumably to prevent overheating. This results in a 0dmg game for sure. -My 3 most-played tanks in this timespan (going off memory here) are the ELC (I play it as a scout mostly, and since assisted dmg isn't part of WN8...), the Lorraine (this tank+me=fail), and the VK 45. 02A (Is it a heavy? Is it a medium?) -Lack of consistency (this is on me) Note that at least 2 of the factors are my own fault, something I have no shame in admitting (because the first step in the path to improvement is admitting that you need improvement). I feel that I know the basics (watch the minimap, angling, and how to use vision mechanics) but I am stuck at this level and even receding. My questions to you are: 1. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation (mired in poor gameplay?) How did you escape from the doldrums of fail? 2. What are some ground rules that you might live by? Every situation is different but having something firm to stand on in most situations is helpful.
  15. Who am I? A middle aged Aussie, played on the NA server a bit, then migrated over to then SEA (now ASIA) a couple of years back. Joined and then left a couple of social clans over that period, now just hanging out in a very small club house with a couple of mates. But I'm not improving any more, and my stats seem to have hit a padded wall. I'd say my preferred class is MT, and my skill level is battle tier VII. But given the ASIA server pop size, there are no more TC running at a reasonable hour, and I'm left swimming in the tomato soup which is solo pub matches. But I want to play in SH skirmishes and/or battles, and then there is the tantalising carrot of the endgame of Clam Wares. But to get in a decent clan, I'll need decent stats*... I appear to have garnered a good rep for some mysterious reason on the WG Asia forums, so a recent request there for mentoring / tooning assistance resulted a heap of offers. An old buddy of mine, that has markedly improved over the last year suggested I come check out this place, as there are apparently some great resources as well as some very knowledgeable folk. So here I am... To date, the only concerted effort I've made to improve my skills was reading Tazilon's ProScout site, and looking at some of his tutorial vids on yewtoob. Oh...wait, I also asked for help on the Asia forums when I started playing my stock T-44, aka the "XP Piñata". My aim is to improve my playstyle to a point that I'm playing at at least >50% in all my Tier VIII mediums. Once that happens, I feel that I'll actually be able to take my T-54 out of the garage, and into a Tier X battle, without XVM declaring to all and sundry that I'm a potential liability, tl;dr I know I need to improve, so I'm not a liability to my team at higher tiers. Told that coming here, reading what's already writ, as well as asking questions and paying attention to the answers will most probably help. PS "My name is Minion, and it's been at least a fortnight since I've stat padded in my Matilda".<mutted, half arsed cheer> *Not just WR. As well, my damage/hits and frag/death ratio need to improve.
  16. i like anime and tanks and 2hu and im pretty mediocre at the game but im not bad so yeah hi
  17. Hi I am a big-time baddie. Last time I posted asking someone to help me seal club so I could inflate my stats by playing only Tier 2. I got yelled at by everybody for not being serious about improving as a player, and my thread was put in the trash can, after much abuse. I have repented of my past sins, so I will try to improve in a more serious way. I was wondering... If I post links to some of my baddie replays, will anyone watch one or two and tell me some of the stuff I'm doing wrong? I mean specific stuff, not just "you suck" or "uninstall" etc.
  18. I would like to thank everyone here for helping me get as far as I have in this game, and preemptively for future improvement; if a forgotten person hadn't mentioned this very forum to me on the official forums mental clinic, I would've probably never left the grasps of denial and terribadness. I'm still bad, but at least I'm not deep red bad anymore Now, would anyone mind helping me figure out why I'm stagnating so much in terms of my recent stats? I've been at blue recent or thereabout ever since I hit 1100 or so overall WN8, but as my XVM camo has slowly melted away, I haven't really had the booming progression of before; if anything, as of late, I've taken several steps back.
  19. i caught a bot user in SEA server charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game http://wotlabs.net/sea/player/charlotteberry http://www.noobmeter.com/player/sea/charlotteberry/2002769103/ they got average 50 win8 and 50 average damage in their 31k games do add them as a friend, you will get a friend that is on 24/7
  20. I am looking for players on the west coast to platoon with. Although I do prefer west I can play east but the ping makes me miss shots I should hit. I will platoon with almost anyone unless you are red at 20k battles and don't want to improve but I am preferably looking for a player I can learn from. I like to mainly play high tiers but I do have a 2 skill t1 Cunningham if you want to go down that low. Tanks I own. Tier 8: 13 90, pershing Tier 9: none Tier 10: 140, leo If you would like to platoon I will add you in game
  21. like the title says just need someone to carry my fat Italian/German/black ass and help me get a better Win Rate i mostly play on NA west (20 ping) but i can play on NA east (140 ping) and i mostly play tier 8 and 10 would like at least 60 day blue
  22. Welp need dark purps for x2 malignancy. Why are da doctors.
  23. Can I have someone experienced (like a purple) review this replay for me? Any feedback/constructive criticism would be appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/?gu7euakdiipsd3w For the record, what I did during this match: nearly 1.5K damage no dmg received ~350 assistance dmg 16 shots fired, 7 hits, 7 penetrations (I know my aim is sometimes horrid) 2nd top dmg dealer on our team (top was T29 with 2.7K dmg) I went full retard and tried to kill a luchs at the beginning of the match; I acknowledge that I made a stupid
  24. Before I start, here's the battle simulater FAQ: http://www.vbaddict.net/content/63-Battle-Simulator-based-on-Replays You can even use it on your mobile phones! Please spare some time in looking at my replay overview >_< I have been solo-ing tier 8 since my 300th battle (I was a greater burden back then than now), and have always suffered low winrates on that tier. I'm currently at a plateau (stats not going up for a week, wr fell 0.2%), so I thought I'd post here. Here are some of my recent replays with not-completely fail teams (ones that die so fast I that I get flanked from 3 directions): http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-128032813262015666 JgPantherII, Lakeville: I made a fatal mistake in calculating JgPz4 reload and died early. If I didn't die maybe the outcome would have been different... http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/live-oaks-soviet-union-t-34-140164154547999108 JgPanther II, Live Oaks: I didn't know whether returning to base to defend was good, or if I should have went closer to shoot the WZ-132. Either way, halfway back both flanks collapsed and we lost. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-139202262262319731 JgPanther II, Malivoka: Should I have went up the hill? Did I camp in base too long? Where should I have gone? This was my nth lost in a row last night, where n is greater than 10, so I was very exasperated at the start of the match. Also, my client crashed halfway while camping in base, so the replay is cut by 3 min. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-134591516085813878 T69, Malinovka: Not sure if I should have gone up the hill, but I held on pretty long against 3-5 tanks trying to kill me, using ridge lines. What should I have done? The E1 went to kill himself by going over the ridge line several times, despite getting shot -.- http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/highway-usa-t69-132974834561021484 T69, Highway: Team vaporised to a Ferdi, and I took too much damage at the start due to getting blocked from behind -.- Also, I failed to track ferdi on my last shot... Did I miss his tracks or did RNG troll me? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-86293565165071386 Tiger II, Severogorsk: I went up the opposite hill as usual, and died after getting overwhelmed. My Tiger II is sitting on a 28% WR at the moment; bought it a few days ago. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-83789058065627006 Tiger II, Cliff: I basically stayed under the hill as I was afraid of dying. Was I too passive? I couldn't pen the IS-7 and IS-3 facing me, even with gold (I think I did load gold). Did practically no damage (201) this battle and got carried. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/murovanka-soviet-union-t-34-84925609491362857 Tiger II, Murovanka: I was completely useless this match too, maybe I should have went into the forest and snipe? I was bottom tier with stock turret http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/karelia-usa-t20-125769816468583492 T20, Karelia: I took a lot of damage at the start due to getting shot from the opposite cliff. Where should I have gone? I was mostly useless this match with a total damage of 444. This game was a victory http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-115632203296299625 T20, Cliff: I thought I wasn't spotted at the start and didn't get into cover. Took a lot of damage for nothing too. Was mostly useless this game. Should I have gone to the donut? Or climb the hill? I got kinda angry when I took shots for nothing and the tanks behind didn't help. Was also on a 10+ loss streak that day. I admit I was too reckless for expecting support. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-95294987688875580 T26E4, Severogorsk: Was I too passive this match? I couldn't pen the E-75 and was only sniping the other SP whenever he turned his turret away (weakspot). Definitely didn't need to load gold but I did and wasted it. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-106594982220141563 T26E4, Lakeville: I was pretty useless this match too, made 8 shots but only 1 or 2 dealt damage. Was I too aggressive? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-195823310046207031 KV-5, Lakeville: HTs were sitting outside city and dying. At the end it was 3v3 I think. In hindsight I should have asked them to go a big round through city instead of valley. This game was a draw. Should I have went through city too? I had approx 2s left to shoot the last guy on their team, but I didn't have the gun depression (moved back too much) to do so. Any feedback is much appreciated. Most of the above replays are losses. These matches were played in the past 2 days (except the last one).
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