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Found 4 results

  1. First off, if this post is in the wrong place I apologize upfront. I was wondering when a player catches a ban from a support ticket, or the report tickets reaching a certain threshold like in xensation's case. Does the ban start ticking down as soon as the switch is thrown, or does the ban start at the players next attempted log in. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity.
  2. -just before everything else I'm not aware of how this topic sits on this forum so if I should shut my face inform me so And now to the terrible: Team damage In the last few months Ive managed to turn myself blue/get banned in a few different interesting ways including getting miffed and shooting a fool misplacing a shot into a random, a teammate driving in front of my autoloader & happily giving my clan mates lead hugs but its seemed that not all team kills hold the same weight sooo here I am to ask What are the weights of say spraying 20 shells into a "friendly" tank's rear who drove in front of a started spray compared to lobbing a 183 hesh shell into a toonmate in their batchat. How does the system treat shooting tracks off of people and will I be banned for drowning my AFK platoonmate? if anyone has gone through and tested this/ if this has been written somewhere before I would love a link I would place a bet i deserve to be beaten with a stick for posting this but I really would like to know regardless of my shitty humor dragged in here honestly what i posted here really deserves to be tossed in the can, its crap
  3. Is there a list of banned mods, server specific or universal, anywhere? I have never found one for NA but apparantly there are lists for RU/EU. There is another thread that I didn't read but that was instantly moderated because it included illegal mods. I'm very unclear on how anyone knows what is 'illegal' and what is allowed but need to know so I don't give WG any opening to do anything to my account. Here is a list compiled on the EU servers: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/246122-the-list-of-prohibited-modifications-of-the-game-client/ Here is the list WG provides for people developing mods: https://na.wargaming.net/developers/documentation/rules/rules/ Bannable mods: -Object transparency mods (foliage removal is a question mark but seems to be bannable) -3D tank hitskins -Bots -Scripted actions (ie. auto scripting of manual FX) -Laser pointer -God's eye free camera view -Autoaim changes -Dead tank skins (whiteout) -Tracers Mods that may be bannable: -Turret direction indicator on minimaps -Enemy reload indicator on minimaps (not the reload timer - it's when they are sighted and radio that they are reloading) Does anyone know of any more? Going through this list there's one I didn't know about that came in my mod pack so I'll probably remove it. I had read comments about it being banned in the EU but then saw major EU and RU streamers using it.
  4. It appears that your WOT forum account has been banned for posting something sensitive? What exactly did you post? Your guides and reviews helped me a lot, hope to see your posts more here on wotlabs.
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