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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I have read with great interest several of the articles and guides here, and one in particular (to which I seem to have lost the link, and which I appear to be unable to relocate, *sigh*) struck a chord with me. Several posters here have underscored the same point, but this article in particular seemed to boil it down to basics for me. I took away from the article a couple of key points (at least for me), specifically: KISS. I'm not a good player, I'm not even an average player, and trying to improve (let alone master) all areas at once is a recipe for failure. So I'm picking one or two skills/areas on which to focus, and which are likely to apply (more or less) across tiers/tank types. Keep the high tier tanks in the garage until I'm ready to contribute with them. There are a couple of t7s (e.g. the T20) with which I can generally contribute positively (relative to my own personal average, not necessarily that of the greater community, although the latter is the goal), but I made the mistake of buying a t8 some time back - and let's just say I am < useless in it. No sense pretending otherwise. Focus on growing crew (and player) skills using some t4/5/6 tanks (but only t4 for scouts right now, more on this in a bit). I think that for a long time, I (like many other low-skilled players) greatly underestimated the importance of crew skills - I suspect many low-skilled players pretty much ignore them outright. It's better to grind at a tier and get good with it than it is to advance at this point. Familiarity breeds success. I think many of us (talking about players of my relatively low skill, not other posters here) focus too much on completing each set of weekly challenges, e.g. - so we constantly flip between tank classes, tiers, lines, nations - depending on what challenge flavor WG is pimping at the moment. So recently I've been trying to pick a couple of tanks with a category (currently two German t4 TDs - 38t and StuG III b) and focus primarily on those, with a goal of becoming really familiar with what they're good at doing and those parts of the game for which they're ill-suited (and observing the salient differences between the two). I'm still prone to dumping a streak of stinkers now and again, but I feel like I've generally been more successful of late following this approach (and it's been more satisfying as a result). As for the key skills/areas, I'm focusing on two goals: (a) making sure I "pull my weight" - do at least my tank's HP in damage every time out, and (b) get to one or two key spots and try to do my damage early. Where I can, I try to focus on either the nastiest baddy on the other side or on finishing off something ripe for the plucking, but I'm emphasizing the other two more for now. As a secondary area, I'm really trying (with varying amounts of success) not to "fall in love" with a spot or battle - knowing when to pull the plug and relocate is something that bites me in the ass more than I'd like to admit. Anyhow...I wanted to (a) say thanks again for the great resources here, and (b) ask if this seems like a reasonable way to digest the elephant one bite at a time, as it were? -Tanager PS - Scouting is hard. Really hard. When I do it, I'm sticking to the Luchs and T50, and man, does the Luchs force you to learn when to disengage and retreat for a bit. I haven't learned that yet, but maybe I will one day...
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