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Found 4 results

  1. I came across this pretty interesting 1950s USN Training film on how the mechanisms for the Mark 1 Fire Control Computer and Mark 37 Gun Fire Control system works. It's basically a basics of how an analogue computer could be build to perform mathematical operations. These videos are more for the historian/engineer/mathematician nerds that lurks about these parts rather than for people looking for explosions. Enjoy! Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers: Shafts, Gears, Cams... 1953 US Navy Training Film Part 1 Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers: Solvers, Integrators... 1953 US Navy Training Film Part 2 I guess for those of you who are looking for some explosions here's a training film of how the 3x16" gun turret on the Iowa works. Battleship Guns: "16 Inch Gun & Turret" 1955 US Navy Training Film for Iowa Class Battleships
  2. Having started OBT in Cruisers and Destroyers I have been steadily grinding the USN BB line and have reached the giddy heights of the New Mexico. The problem I am having is that playing it is causing my WR to drop (although EPG and DPG and other stats are actually going up). I know this has nothing to do with the ship, it is excellent for its tier. Playing slow BBs is taking a lot of getting used to, I think my biggest problem is taking lines on a map where I know I can flex from in a CA/DD but obviously can't in a NewMex. This means I tend to be chasing the battle way too much. How do you set your USN BB up on a map in order to get guns on target and be able to dominate like a BB should really do?
  3. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned or addressed before in World of Warships, hence why I'm throwing that question out -- did WG state that they'd never let us control our secondary batteries? I'm quite certain that it wouldn't be absolutely game-breaking seeing that secondaries already have a lackluster range... it's just that I find it deplorable that we can't sync and aim these guns in relation to our main turrets - quite a lot of battleships had their secondaries linked to their main batteries and could fire a full broadside / control it all at the same time IIRC. To make it clear, when I say "control", I mean more than just click on a nearby ship and hoping that the AI doesn't derp -- I actually mean taking direct control of the batteries which would then act like your main batteries ( in hindsight, that'd probably feel like being a St. Louis ), and you could lead / fire as you please rather than letting the AI derp.
  4. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/27383-a-numerical-look-at-why-carriers-and-destroyers-fall-off/#topmost TL / DR from the thread OP note: I am not the OP in the thread referenced
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