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Found 13 results

  1. I personally have no clue on how to judge them because you can evaluate different parameters and I don't have experience on the BC and HWK. But by comparing stats and experience on the others this what I have come to understand: BC 12t has the best camo and decent view range making able to outspot all the other LTs LTTB has armour and nice speed/acceleration that can be useful to get to some position first HKW has the highest view range and great camo allowing to spot other classes without getting too close WZ has the best firepower (combination of handling alpha and pen) imo BC and HKW have very small size allowing them to dodge incoming fire with ease WZ and LTTB can ram all other LTs and their loaders are also radio operators (aka their view range is higher than what stats show) BC and HWK are autopenned by HE Bulldog is fast, has nice apcr, is the most comfortable and is THE FASTEST (crap camo though) HWK and WZ have the highest pen So what do you guys think? Vote and explain why.
  2. [massive wall of text, had to sit in train long time and f******n spoilers not working] Since the last tier 9 ranking is old a new one, and since I own (and play) 21 of the 29 tier 9`s I think I can judge them fairly well. Another reason is that imo many people under or overrate certain tanks because of play style preferences (I’m sure I will also fall in this trap myself). For this rating two things are important, solo play & platoon play, if your 100% platooning or 100% solo it might differ a bit, I assume that ``you`` play between 1/3 and 2/3 solo and 1/3 and 2/3 platoon. Rating is based pure for ``winpower``, damage and wn8 are thus not important, it’s about winning! In terms of importance: Firepower (inc gun depression, and gun handling / bloom) > Armour > Mobility > Soft stats (camo, view range module dmg). On a number scale it would be 10 > 6 > 5 > 3, the gun is by far the most important mobility and armour are about equal and soft stats don’t matter much. It also means that a tank with a crap gun has to be phenomenal in other aspects to make up for it. As final note, mobility is mostly a ``negative stat``, having good mobility doesn’t make a tank good, but having bad mobility does make a tank bad. The average is 6.4 and not 5.5, since 5.5 would mean the avg tank is a turd, and that’s certainly not that case. Tier 9 contains many strong tanks and is as a whole a very good tier. Also not one tank gets a 10 since not one tank is that good, the only tier 9 tanks which would be a 10 would be tier 9 IS-4, also beta Obj 704 and beta T-54 come close (9-9.5 or perhaps even 10). Lowest rated tank is a 3, even though a 4 can also be justified. The numbers below a 7 are fairly meaningless; I placed the tanks from strong to weak and put numbers behind them so the exact number doesn’t really matter that much down there. I gave for example both Amx-50-120 and Amx-30 a 5, yet Amx-30 is the better tank, but amx-30 is certainly worse as the 6 tanks, while amx-120 is not as crappy as the 4`s. ps: I also included the following buffs in this rating: IS-8 mobility and gun handling buff and JT hp buff to 2100. 10: Beta IS-4 9: E50 & St-1 8.5: T54, E75 & M46 8: WTF-P4, VK-B, T30 & Conqueror 7: M103, Wz-11111111-4, Jagdtiger, Wz-120, Cent mk7, T-10, T54e1, Obj 430 v2 6: Obj 704 & Type 61 5: Foch, Amx-30, Conway & Amx-50-120, 4: Su-122-54, Tortoise, Leopard PTA, Type 4 & T95 3: Lorraine
  3. One more (mini) elimination thread! Main reasons for this thread are the new Swedish heavies - 3 tanks with same crew layout, but you can pick only one of them (tier 6 is so fun right now, it is a genuine keeper). Given enough time (months of crew training, especially regarding lack of good (and suitable) crew trainers, I would like to keep tiers 6&8-10 from swedes, but I am limited to one girl crew I got from holiday ops (soon to have 2, one for tier 6 and one for a heavy. Many other ppl will undoubtedly face the same choice - they can also sell the tier 6, but still have to limit themselves to 1-2 Swedish heavies (or they can go TD line, god forbid ). You can explain the reasons as to which one you can pick and why. Clan war/stronghold viability is also nice to have, but not crucial. Random battle performance (solo/platoon.reasons why) is very important. I understand that those tanks have to rely on gold to do damage in most situations, but I would not like to depend on it - that is regarding tier 9&10 due to tantalizing choice of 252 APCR/300 HEAT. reload of Emil 2 complicates correct ammo choice even more, but again, a whole tier lower, and shells are stronger...just like in Skoda`s case. Old rules apply, you increase the "best" choice by 1 and decrease the "worst" choice by 3. Each user is allowed to do this a maximum of once per day. You must explain your choices, even if very briefly. However, you can give your opinion of a tank you are neither upvoting or downvoting. When a choice hits 0, it is eliminated. I'll keep track of in what order they were eliminated in the OP, and the end result is some form of interactive community aggregate ranking! Pretty neat. Highlight your increase with GREEN and your decrease with RED. Since there is an elimination of only 3 tanks in total, tanks start with 60 points each (arbitrary from my side: but enough so enough ppl can give their opinions). Kranvagn: 60 Emil 2: 60 Emil 1: 60
  4. I have always loved the T1 Cunningham. However when I got back online after finishing my semester of college, I find that it's been limited to only one gun! Why is this?! (I know why... it was OP). So I guess the real question is: What's the master tier one tank now? I've heard the lol tractor... but I never had a good experience with it... DISCUSS!!!
  5. Kitten

    Neko thread

    Imouto asked (and presumably will poast some later) Have some neko :3 Extra: Gandy and Derpi when tired~
  6. I have a surplus british medium crew with BIA and have to decide which tank to grind for them. I love the Cromwell, but since I already own the Cromwell Berlin, there is not much point in having the same tank twice, which leads me to my question: Which tank should I put them on?
  7. No idea what happened to this shot. According to tanks.gg there is no space/hole in between the hull and the tracks of the Jagdtiger. I had just enough of its side profile (near the rear drive wheel) to shoot but from the replay, the shot seemed to have went through the tank and hit the terrain behind it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Cidkz7Nkg So... stronk WG game design I'm guessing?
  8. Assume minimal prem usage (capped at 6 shells), what would change in this list? Basic "best in tier" current (pub winrate) X Heavy: E100/IS7/50B Med: 140/STB/bat TD: E3 IX H: E75/STI M: T54/E50 T: 704 VIII H: IS3/50100 M: 416/69/persh T: rhm/ISU/JP2 LT: RU/T54lw/1390 VII H: Tiger/T29 M: T-34-1/T20/Comet T: SU12244 LT: Bull VI H: All apart from Brit. M: 34-85/Crom T: SU100/hell LT: T37
  9. I just want to know the consensus on the best tier 2 arty for obvious reasons
  10. Look at this game, in hindsight or team was full on retarded, but I really felt like I did some huge mistakes but I need help to eliminate them and especially finding them in the first place. pls halp http://wotreplays.com/site/1584508#kharkov-kolnidur-jagdpanther_ii
  11. I have finally decided to get a garage mod and have chosen this Garage mod from Plazmakeks. I love the look of it. If you have a Garage mod that you think is just as good or even better, feel free to post it here. Download link:https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8fc5596ea491/hangar_miku_new.zip To install just take the Space/Talliepo folders and drop them into 9.3
  12. Hey WotLabs! I, the captain of the WGLNA open league team: Polite Canadians am looking for competent players to compete for the goaldz! The deadline for submission is the afternoon of Monday, September 15th. Please post or PM with availibility. REQUIREMENTS 1700+ 1000 battle WN8 2 or more 7/42 tanks
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