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Found 3 results

  1. So i've tried comparing the fully upgraded Colorado vs the fully upgraded Nagato (which I own), and I'd like to say that the decision between which of them is the better isn't actually as clear cut as people think - Colorado actually has good AA compared to Nagato's lackluster AA which has gotten me killed countless times, since both are so slow you generally get left behind by cruiser pubbies and have to fend against CV Torp attacks by yourself. Colorado's citadels are also much harder to hit if you compare them to Nagato's... in fact; Nagato seems to take a lot more citadel damage (they're bigger? that could be said for most IJN ships in comparison to their USN counterparts in fact). This leaves the guns; where Nagato arguably comes out on top, alongside having a much better quality of life grind because you begin with 19.5km range and the stock shells aren't that bad. If you list it down to small points... Nagato has arguably better guns, better secondaries, and more health and a slight edge on maneuverability. Colorado has better AA, better defenses, and citadel protection. I've gone in a training room and tested their protection from my Amagi's 410cm, and the Colorado received way less citadel hits on the 20+ salvoes I fired at them compared to Nagato ships that just bit the dust quickly. Am I missing something? Because both seem to be pretty good. The lower Health is a problem potentially, but the Colorado's citadels being much harder to hit appear to indicate that it doesn't need that HP as much as Nagato does.
  2. Greetings from pub hell! I'm slowly grinding through several lines, mostly based on personal taste mixed from meta intel from an old reddit post. I wanted to ask you fellas an update on current meta because i wasn't able to find any 9.5+ related intel... you know, just to check that everything i'm doing is for ending up begging for joining a cw clan when the time is right HT: 110E5, IS7, E100, AMX 50B, T57, FV215b* MT: STB-1, Obj 140, E50m, Leopard 1**, BC25t, FV4202*** TD: WTE100, 110E3 SPG: i'm just going through ConquerorGC ironically because i wanna feel the skill venting through my clicks. I despise arties and arty players in general. *) i've had my share of fun and bullying with this line that i thought to keep it going with the flow. at the caernarvon right now, not enjoying it as much as BP but still... **) i'm not sure through which line reaching it. Atm i'm at PZ III/IV but recently i've started questioning if it is a good call. I'm seeing a lot of RU251 action around and i'm not sure the indien is more fun (or more appealing from a CW clan PoV) than RU is... suggestions? ***) i'm at the Crusader but i'm not sure this grind is worth the fuss, especially because they're about to remove the 4202, any ideas? Also i'd like to know if you think i've missed some important tank(s) i should have in order to become more appealing to good clans. Of course by the time i'll be able to even reach one of the tier X tanks, chances are the meta will change (or the 'real action' will happen on another game leaving this one as empty as myspace is now) but at least i might say i'm on the right way to reach the stars. Thanks
  3. Hello Wotlabs community, Time for some E-peen waving (is that the correct usage of the term?) I just bought my first tier 10 tank today, the AMX 50B. Things I like: 1) It has gun depression/elevation! (50 120 has +/-6, this has -8/+11) 2) Hull is bouncy! (People see French tank and shoot center mass but 170mm + weird slope = troll armor) 3) Dang it's fast! (actually feels French. 50 120 for me was sluggish until it got up to speed) 4) 2.5 sec aim time/2.5 sec inter-clip reload (down from 3/3.33 respectively) 5) It's my first tier X (has been over a year/6k battles in coming, thanks to grinding multiple French lines at once) 6) It is not the 50 120 (couldn't come to grips with the poor gun handling/gun elevation and depression combo) 7) Full clip Reload speed is about 5 secs faster than the 50 120 (had it down to around 32.78 secs on the 50 120, hear it can get to about 27.? once crew is 110-121%(BIA+ Vents+Commander bonus) 8 ) I have a 100% WR in it (won 1 CW battle on the test map(that should be tier 8 ), thanks for 100% tax WG) Things I don't like: 1) Its expensive to run and I don't have a tier 8 prem (Welcome to tier X! Here is your repair bill!) 2) I suck@tonks, but that's why I am here at WoTlabs. Biggest drawback is my own skill level. Any advanced tips or replays? It seems like a souped-up 50 120 but is there anything different about its playstyle? Thank you for your help.
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