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Found 10 results

  1. Witam mam takie pytanie? Czy miałby ktoś Do oddania Konto do Wota blitz? Ktoś kto już długo gra w WoTA blitz i ma kilka Kont które są potrzebne jeśli ktos by miał i mógł oddać byłbym bardzo wdzięczny ?? Konto nie musi być nie wiadomo jakie mogą być słabsze czołgi nawet
  2. Place to poast your epic game results/vids/etcetera. I'll start with a breddy good T-34 match where my team was shit, enemy team was shit, and I just kinda farmed. Also, fuck that shitter in the Crusader, he kept following me around the second half of the match, attempting to steal my kills and actually managed it once, costing me the Raisenai and almost costing me the Pools.
  3. [SWN] Smexy Wild Needlefish [SWN] is an EU server based pubstar/re-roll (no CW/tournament stuff - at least for now) klanu for people who play/switched to WoT:Blitz. I originally created it only for myself to get the discount thingys that klanus in Blitz get, but realized I can share, so if you are Unica, or Super-Unica too cheap to pay 1,000,000 creds for your own clan, don't mind being in a clan with a sperg who named it after a fucking fish and want discounts to help you grind n' stuff and people to toon with, feel free to poast here or send me a PM with your IGN. No forums or TS for now, but it wouldn't be a problem to set up if this shit picks up. If not, whatevs - I'll keep the discounts for myself
  4. Hello fellas, Im starting this new toppic to reach more wotlabs users instead of commenting old topics that no one will ever answer me about how OP is pc version of blitz and how its better than normal wot. Yeah, Serb has 2 versions of wot on pc. Why you should read my topic? Thats why: BLITZ IS AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS STORE AND ITS BROKEN AS F*CK!!! I play it on my 2012 laptop without video card, normal wot runs on MINIMUM on 25fps, meanwhile BLITZ IS 60FPS ON MY OLD LAPTOP!! The graphics are so smooth on my trashy computer The ping is pretty much the same as NA east, and have about 11k players online. You will have a monstrous advantage against every normie playing on his smartphone/tablet with your keyboard and mouse, besides you already have the knowledge on how to play wot. The strategies are almost the same. Well, there are no arty, the MM is being quite fair because the teams are 7x7, the game has its own hitzone penetration skin. I'm trying to figure out which tanks are on metagame to start grinding through the tech trees, I will proly is 140 and E5
  5. Alert! This is the blitz sub-forum. Do not read on or post here before you have internalised this fact deeply. I found today that it is apparently possible to upload replays of blitz games, from what type of device I have no idea. Some vids can be seen here: http://wotbstars.com/videos.php?lng=eng&geo=EU Now, I got a Kolobanov this morning with my Valentine AT in a tier IV match, which probably does not happen every day (in truth, it would not make much of a film as I just hid on a hill somewhere and bumped off anything I could hit) and I may want the world to know about it or perhaps some other more laudable effort. However, I haven't any idea how to: A preserve replays, or B upload them from an iPad. If these things are possible, would someone please tell me how.
  6. Alert - this is the blitz sub-forum. Honk, honk, honk! Stay clear if not interested in blitz. I aced the DW2 this morning and proudly consulted my rating to find I am a super unicum in this tank after 73 battles (my overall rating is merely 'good'). In another 27 I will get a Star1 rating telling me where I stand in relation to all the other DW2 blitz players. As my score is really very high I was confidently anticipating a top 100 spot and took a sneak preview at the current list. Er, well … no. Geez! I am way below the guy in spot 100 and the guy at the top has a 96% win rate. 96%. How in heck is that possible? I mean just the random chances of finding yourself in a team of utter dorks, or with a couple of guys AFK must surely make this impossible. And yet, there it is. 109 battles too. I made the mistake of looking at the guy's overall stats and he is purple across the board except for a few mere 'greats' here and there (noob!). But that is not my question. My question is - how can you get a 96% WR in 109 random blitz battles? That is basically insane imvho. Secrets please. ETA and I maintain the DW2 is by far the most over-powered tank I had come across yet. By a country mile.
  7. Once again folks, this is the blitz sub-forum. Beware, all ye who enter here. Right, that was tier V. I achieved either very good or great ratings in my chosen four tanks (SU85, VK 30.01H, M4 and T34) and now intend to move up to tier VI. The M4 leads to two seemingly identical mediums. Which of those should be preferred and why? I will get the T34-85 because someone here said it was very good and lots of players seem to agree because they are frequently encountered. I have already got the SU100 and I'm doing OK with it. Likewise the VK 36.01H which seems fine. In fact the German heavies from IV through VI seem just dandy to me (especially IV) I know I could go for the KV 1S (which is tier VI at blitz) but the long reload time is a bit of a bore. I really should get a proper light tank but I am depressingly weak with those. Still, if there is a really good one out there, please advise.
  8. wevilc

    T1 Heavey

    I have checked but don't see a thread on this tank, which I have just acquired (note, I only play blitz). I should be interested to know how it rates against other tier V heavies in the opinion of the more experienced. The only other tier V heavy I have played was the KV1 and found that to be pretty good. Apart from being faster, does the T1 have any other edge?
  9. WHY THE E-100 is OP in Blitz Above, you can see the blitz stats of the E-100. You may notice two very interesting things. The first is its 2,300 health, and the second is its 640 alpha damage. Although these may seem like serious nerfs, in blitz the HP nerfs are normal for every non-Russian tank(t-62:1900 HP, e50m1900 HP, IS-7: 2150 HP, bias confirmed), although the E-100 got the worst of it, a 400 HP loss, more than the maus. The alpha damage Nerf is a blitz product: alpha for high-caliber guns is heavily nerfed by 12-25% and ROF is increased by a small amount for partial compensation. With all these nerfs, and the relatively small ones applied to Russian tanks, one would think the Blitz-100 would suck. But in fact, the blitz-100 is far more powerful than it is in PC, for numerous reasons. The first, and most powerful of these reasons is that Blitz allows you to SWITCH SHELLS WITHOUT RELOADING. No more "I have HEAT loaded and there's someone side-on to me, ****". Simply switch to AP and reck them. Also, Blitz has built-in penetration skins. This makes it incredibly easy to penetrate shot after shot, because you can essentially penetrate every shot you aimed correctly, without having to doubt if that maus turret is angled too much to penetrate. Along with these two giant factors, blitz has much smaller, brawl friendly maps with almost no good sniping spots, and camoflauge/view range abuse is almost nonexistent, making brawling heavies and Russian mediums essentially the only way to go, although tanks such as the hellcat are still very very powerful.
  10. I do not own an iOS device at the moment ( had gave my ipad 2nd gen to my parent in law ). Thinking whether is it a good time kill when bored at work LOL
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