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Found 4 results

  1. I'm an Old Lord from the great Kingdom that accomplished much in his homeland with added frustration so much so that the only thing I could do was to go out in conquest after the third great war to find new land and new opportunities I've returned................ to finished what I started. Who Will answer my Call "Come Forth "Honorable" Knights there is still Glory to be Had" Knights with talents of wn8 2200+ Overall and wn8 3.5k+ Recent Are needed!! Some knights below the requirement still might be accepted depending on their willingness to learn. When will my lord need my services? 8am-1pm (PST) on Some weekdays and weekends(which I rarely participate in) Rest around the same time most play. What Armor will my lord expect me to Equip? The Armor we will use will mostly be tier 8+ Mostly tier 10's What Weapons will my lord expect me to Wield? Depends on your fighting style I'm fine with you being A Medium Knight(you must be very Great at being a medium Knight). But, Mostly I'm looking for Great And Renowned Heavy Knights Known To Face Dragons Head On and Live to Tell the Tale. What About payment my lord what shall we expect to Receive? I can offer my wisdom for those from my era who have long since past and those that remain are few and withering, young knights can still be taught the old ways! Teaching this new era of knights the old ways will be my occupation until I am taken away or unable to wield a sword or put on armor due to my age........ Become the Future Become Great Platoon with Old "fart" Lord Today!
  2. Hello and Welcome to my Replay Topic <3 I will hopefully post some replays here if I don't forget it Tanks I play a lot: Other Tanks I play: Replays: IS-4 BatChat25t AMX 30B E-25 Super Pershing FV215b IS-7 T57 Heavy M48 Patton T62A T55A Leopard 1 T110E4 T54 Prototype Challenges Current Goals: 2300 WN8 -> 2450 WN8 57% Winrate -> 59% Winrate 3 Marks on more tanks 9500 Personal Rating -> 10000 Personal Rating
  3. MVP IS A NEUTRAL CLUB FOR GREAT PLAYERS Requirements: 1750+ Wn8 Overall/60 Days 2400+ Must Have Ingame Name as Teamspeak Name 18+ RULES: Be Respectful Once you enter this Teamspeak All Hate is left at the door! No Fighting if someone starts A Fight with you simply Mute/Ignore and inform An Admin If you want A Friend in the Teamspeak Inform an admin give us His ingame name and we will give him Friends Tags if he does not meet the Requirements How Do I Join? Just Simply Post Below or PM me I will PM you the Teamspeak Info ASAP! What is the purpose of this Teamspeak? The purpose of this teamspeak is to give Great players A Chill/Mature environment with other Great players to platoon with or too relax and get away. Also Just to try something new With no clan involved at all Everyone is Welcome as long as you meet the Requirements or A Friend of Someone who Does! Server TAGS Will be Assigned to you by your skill overall. MVP members can suggest tags but we don't want people to have a lot of meaningless tags but we also don't want you to feel naked as well. Admins/Founders:SmyleeRage,__Major__,PhotoFinish Moderators:External007,imoody,Harkonnen25,EbolaMonkey,Eddie_Benz,CaptainCanadia,Elpuffmo COLORFULNESS REQUESTED BY Eddie_Benz
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