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Found 5 results

  1. So having played a bit of L4D2 again lately, I am reminded of the joys of having a system wherein a team can select members of their side for penalizing (in L4D2, via kicking them from the game) - I'm wondering what you'd think if WG were to implement a system whereby a certain quorum of team members (I dunno, say 8 out of 15) could submit a complaint against a teammate for being a bot, whereupon the offending player would automatically turn blue? I realize that the systems like this are highly subject to abuse - which is why you'd want a fairly high threshold. Since there is automatic blue-ness for tk'ing/team damage, but since I personally see way more offenders just being bots (in the true sense - not bad players, literally bots), it seems a bit out of sync to have no method whereby those players can be penalized in-game (I've submitted at least a couple of tickets for players who were clearly bots, then seem them a day or later, after hearing back that my ticket had been handled, and Just curious what folks would think. As a rule, I don't find that this gets overused in L4D2, but you don't have things like clans and such there (at least not among the guys w/whom I play), and it's a really old game - I doubt anyone under 25 still plays it (which is a shame, b/c it's a blast).
  2. bot or not ?
  3. Hello friends! Looking for CW clan. I have 2 tier 10s. The 140 and 62a. Going for the e5 next, at the t32, just need to buy it. I'm sort of stuck where I am skill wise, and I would love to learn from some better players and get CW experience. I want platoon m8s for the dank purple stats, and I need friends. I have anxiety, so i don't talk much on TS(only when needed). Much more "energetic" in chat than I actually am. I can be online most weekends. I'm very salty. Thanks
  4. XXCaptainUnicorn

    Can someone review my replays?

    Can someone review some of my replays? I feel like i'm on the verge of not being trash, but need help Here are my last 30 ish games
  5. i caught a bot user in SEA server charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game charlotteberry is most obvious bot in game they got average 50 win8 and 50 average damage in their 31k games do add them as a friend, you will get a friend that is on 24/7