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Found 23 results

  1. Thoughts on the post 9.17.1 buff on the Centurion 7/1? The most significant change of course has been the top speed buff from 40 kph to 50 kph. And its a refreshing change of pace to not be outpaced by every other medium tank and lag behind some of the heavy tanks. Now I can afford to take more aggressive positions early on (the fact that you can contest the center hill on Mines (replay) within the first minute is a major change), have the option to change position and flank faster than before (prior to that i'd felt committed to whichever lane/flank I was in). The decent p/w of the tank with that speed makes it feel just that bit more reactive and allow it to cover distances faster (as you'll see at replay below) Another perk of being able to go up to 50 kph that most other faster tanks may take for granted is the end game. I've had recent games in the Centurion 7/1 were I could actually pursue and chase down enemy tanks that prior to the speed buff I would never have been able to do so (Example: http://wotreplays.com/site/3418507#siegfried_line-thomchen114-centurion_mk_7_1) Yes, the Centurion still is one of the slowest firing among the 105mm gunned tier IX medium tanks. The slight RoF increase isn't drastic, but from barely 2k to just under 2.2k base DPM is a welcome change. Now if they could just either buff the aim time/gun handling or the turret gun mantlet armor and this tank would be randy dandy (and actually competitive nowadays).
  2. The Matilda, a Tier-IV tank that is often underrated and ridiculed for its ponderously slow speed. However, it makes up its lack of speed with many other great strengths. For me, the Matilda is a Tier-V heavy in all but speed, HP, and damage-per-shot. Tank Stats: Hit Points: 340 HP (370 with upgraded turret)Engine Power: 174 hp (190 hp with upgraded engine)Speed Limit: 24 km/h (about 15 mp/h)Hull Traverse: 34 deg/sTurret Traverse: 34 deg/s Power/Wt Ratio 6.57 hp/t (7.17 hp/t with upgraded engine)Hull Armor: 75/70/55 mmTurret Armor: 75/75/75 mmView Range: 330 m (340 m with upgraded turret)Signal Range 350 m (450 m with top radio)Crew: 4Commander (Radio Operator)GunnerDriverLoaderGun Stats:Name: QF 2-pdr Mk. X-BAmmo Count: 92Average Damage: 55/55 HPAverage Penetration: 121/145 mmAmmo Costs: 35/800 (2 Gold)Fire Rate: 28.57 r/m (2.1 second reload)Accuracy: 0.36 mAim Time: 1.9 sDepression/Elevation: -10°/+20°Now with the numbers out of the way. The Matilda, while listed as a Tier-4 Medium, plays more like a Heavy. While slow, it has armor that is comparable to a KV-1. The Matilda has great front armor with a small, compact, and well-angled 75mm front. The sides, while a decent 70mm, is mostly flat. It's long, narrow profile makes sidescraping somewhat feasible. The rear is a reasonable 55. The turret is 75mm all-around. In games where it is top tank, you can safely ignore all other tanks. TDs and other Matildas are your only threats in Tier-IV. View and Radio Range for a Tier-IV is decent. However it's far too slow to be of any use of a scouting role except for late game. For mobility, the Matlida is a bit of an oddball. With a transmission that only allows 24 km/h of speed and an underwhelming power-to-weight ratio, the Matilda is undeniably slow. It doesn't get much of a boost going downhill and it absolutely crawls in poor terrain. Don't even think about going uphill in this tank. However the Matilda boasts a speedy hull and gun traverse speed 34 deg/s for a combined 68 deg/s traverse. Meaning that it's great for taking out suiscouts in your line of fire and is impossible for more mobile tanks to circle it. Now the gun. The top gun is the X-B. The most standout trait of this gun is its 121 average penetration, or a range of 91-151 mm of penetration. This thing can even penetrate higher tiered heavies at range. It can also penetrate itself on decent penetration rolls. The X-B is a high RoF, low-damage, high-pen gun. A single shot on it's own will do only a measly 41-69, but it can throw damage out every two seconds with virtually guaranteed penetration. APCR gives a modest boost to penetration, use it as extra insurance to penetrate harder targets. It's great for taking out tanks that are tunnel-visioned on other targets. It also has a great psychological impact, throwing out penetrating shots every two seconds, while for meager damage, can rattle poorer players. Another great aspect of the gun is the 10 degrees of depression and 75mm of front turret armor. The Matilda can be a great hull-down sniper tank where it can't afford to have it's meager HP pool touched. Pros: Armor: this tank is outright impervious to all lower-tier tanks and can bounce bigger guns as well.Penetration: the X-B can reliably penetrate even Tier-VI tanks.High RoF: my Matilda boasts a 1.77 second reload.Quick Traverse: with 68 deg/s combined hull and gun traverse, it can always face threats head on, and can retaliate reliably against circling tanks.Excellent Depression: with -10 degrees of depression, it can easily hull-down with its 75mm thick turret.Accurate on the Move: The X-B has a "miss fast" mentality. Any misses can be followed up quickly on with a penetrating hit.Often Underestimated: there is a certain lack of "fear factor" to the Matilda and is a relative unknown.Cons:HP: as a Tier-IV tank, it's HP is average. However as a "heavy" its HP pool is meager. Penetrations are costly and it can be taken down easily by higher tiered tanks and HEAT-derps that are common at Tier-V. It's possibly to be one-shotted by M4/PzIV HEAT shells and TDs that can also use HEAT.Slow: This goes without saying. A roflstomp means you're too far behind to contribute and its slow speed makes it inflexible to changing fronts.Low Alpha: At only 50 average damage per shot, even Tier-III tanks need multiple hits to down.Suggested Equipment:Rammer: Maximize your already high RoF.Vents: RoF, Aim time, AccuracyEnhanced Gun Laying Drive: Keeps Aim time in line with RoFToolbox: Cut down track repair timeCoated Optics: Maximize late-game use of your accuracySuggested Consumables:Repair KitHealth KitPremium Repair KitCrew Skills:Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, BIA, Recon/Situational AwarenessGunner: Snap Shot, Repair, BIA, Designated TargetDriver: Off-road Driving, Repair, BIALoader: Repair, Adrenaline Rush, BIAClosing notes: this is my first tank guide and I'm just doing a tank I'm familiar with in my limited experience. Any sections to change/add and suggestions I will be glad to take. Sources: 200 Matilda battles with a 60% WRWoT Wiki
  3. FV4202 is slowly becoming from the worst t8 prem med to the best. This is too great!! CentAX is pretty much the same the buff isn't that significant but Cent 7/1 also gets a big buff. The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server! British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armor of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X. The effective armor will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable. British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armor of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armor. Due to tht, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.
  4. I finally unlocked the Conqueror. Thank goodness. The grind to it was utterly painful in this day and age of power creep. I'm trying to plan on what to do with crews for when I have the FV215b unlocked. Right now I have a 3.5 skill crew in the Conqueror and I plan on getting/keeping both the tier 9 and 10 in the line. Question is, which one benefits or needs a 4+ skilled crew more? Obviously they both would, but if you had to choose, which could perform almost as well with a 2 or 3 skill crew? For the second tank, I'll have to train a crew from the ground up. I'll probably use the FV201 to do the training to help speed it up.
  5. A thought just occurred to me regarding the current state of the game, and what it means for the Chieftain (if and when it is introduced to the game). Players have been clamoring for this thing ever since the British tanks were introduced, but perplexingly with the tier 10 having some experimental and non-existent prototypes, the FV215b and the FV4202. They replaced the FV4202 with the excellent Centurion Action X, but the FV215b remains. Now, the FV215b I'm sure has its utility and fans, and it does fit the role it was introduced in as a support heavy tank, reliant more on its firepower than its protection (though I believe it did receive some buffs in the latter department many patches ago) But with the recent over buffs to some of the super heavy tanks such as the Maus and Type 5, and more new super heavy tanks that share the WG trend of having little to no frontal weak spots, and the Swedish S tanks that can auto-ricochet 120mm caliber guns from the front, the FV215b has remained largely unchanged. Which brings me back to the Chieftain. If they keep the FV215b and introduce the Chieftain in a new British heavy tank branch, what role is it supposed to play? Will it just be another support heavy tank like the FV215b? Or will it be a heavy medium tank, better suited to roll along with the medium tanks (assuming it has the mobility to do so). With the proliferation of HEAT, it would be nice to get the Chieftain with the Stillbrew armor (perhaps as an elite/upgraded turret?), in order to improve its frontal turret armor protection and remain competitive. The only recent changes that I'd considered an upside to introducing the Chieftain now would be the arty changes, since prior to that the Chieftain would get rekt by a CGC etc with WG's massive hard-on for more super heavy tanks, I don't feel any enthusiasm for them to bring in the Chieftain. It'd probably end up getting stomped on by, what should be obsolete by-comparison, the Maus.
  6. „WG is planning a Chieftain tech tree branch. They also plan other lines too, but let’s talk about this one for now. The Chieftain line will likely split from the Valentine, with most probable tanks to be in it being the A38 Valiant, AT-1, and the Heavy Valiant. The Chieftain will top it off as the tier 10. They were planning it since the last year’s summer or even earlier, I don’t recall that far. The line is still a prototype so it can always change its structure. In the last few months, WG changed the classification of the Chieftain from Heavy to Medium a couple of times, but right now, the Chieftain is a Heavy. The line is somewhat urgent – ETA late 2017/early 2018. A Brit scout line is also in the works.” TAP link
  7. After countless games, and I have been doing fine in the Charioteer up to then, i've yet to have Aced this tank. Until this match. This was a match back in patch 9.15, before Swedish tanks spammed the server and additional UI features like damage logs were added in 9.16.
  8. This was a game from patch 9.15, where i finally Aced my Conqueror, as well as complete HT-8 (T-55A) Enjoy!
  9. Apparently there's not a single topic about my favourite tier 6 tank, the Cromwell, so I figure I could start one. My loadout so far is: GLD, Rammer, Optics / Small medpack/repair + silver gasoline Crew skills: Cmdr: 6th + camo Gunner: Deadeye + camo Driver: Offroad + camo Radio: SA + camo Loader: SS + camo So far it's been working very well for me, and I'll be getting repair as my 3rd skill. The way I see it, if I actually get shot at half the tank goes to hell anyway, so even if I get repair faster it won't help me that much. I play it very much like I played my Chaffee - I scout early, then retreat and look for stragglers to engage them 1v1 and obliterate by circling to death. Camo is there mostly to allow me to get out of danger and hide behind bushes to get a proper look at the battlefield. Optics because, as I've said, when I'm not doing solo hunting I scout, usually on the move. I really hope they won't nerf the tank, as I see it as borderline OP, especially considering the excellent premium round. My DPB is pretty average, but having played it mostly solo I manage an excellent win ratio of over 65%, and I'm perfectly fine with it - and considering I'm not exactly unicum material, I see it as a proof of the tanks OPness. Your thoughts? Anything You'd change about my setup? EDIT: Added tags to the thread
  10. Just wanted to shamelessly share this thing I did: DPM thanks to loader Orange Pekoe I've heard some gripes about the FV201, and while it may have one of the smallest guns for a tier 7 heavy tank, I'm sold on its DPM. My stats on this tank aren't stellar so far, but mostly because I haven't been playing it as much as I'd like and ASIA server pubs.
  11. So, apparently the Chinese server already has the Chieftain Mark 6 ... somehow. Looks pretty good, but its supposed to still be in development. Good turret with weak but small-ish cupola, weak hull, good DPM, penetration, depression, and gun handling. Usuable HESH ammo. Honestly, it looks like it'll need a slight nerf before they actually release the tank. Also, the Chinese server already has it because ... um ... raisins. Opinions?
  12. http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/09/08/sentinel-ac-i-new-tier-iv-british-premium/ Stats: HP: 370 Engine: 11,81 hp Mass: 27,941 tonnes Power-To-Weight: 11,81 hp / t Max speed: 60,4 / 20 km / h Hull turning speed: 40 °/s Turret turning speed: 45,9 °/s Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,151 / 2,11 View range: 350 m Radio range: 469,3 m Hull armor: 65 / 45 / ? mm Turret armor: 65 / 65 / ? mm Alpha Damage: 45 Penetration: 64 mm Rate Of Fire: 18,961 Damage Per Minute: 853,2 Reload time: 3,164s Accuracy: 0,355 Aiming time: 2,88s Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20 Pretty disappointed that it's not going to be part of an Australian branch in the UK tree. Gun looks not entirely unlike a Pz III in terms of performance, will probably buy. Edit: DPM looks terrible, mobility not that great either. Decently agile though (in terms of traverse rates).
  13. So I've been cruising this section and I noticed that there isn't a discussion thread about the tier 9 British heavy yet, so I figured I'd start one. The tank is of special interest to me as I'm currently grinding hard to get it, so any information you lot can give me about how to play it etc would be great. Because of this however, I can't really contribute much to this topic as of yet So a little backstory about this tank: Development of the tank begun in 1944 as the FV200 project was launched. These were to be a series of heavy tanks of approx. 60 tons, the main production variant to be armed with the 20pdr. It was soon realised the centurion chassis filled the role of most of these and so the project was streamlined to produce a single heavy tank with which to support the Centurions (armed with the 17pdr at the time) in combat. To fulfil this role is must be heavier armed and armoured, and also able to keep pace with the mobile Centurions. In 1949 however, it was decided the 20pdr was insufficient as it was already mounted on the lighter and easier to manufacture, Centurion Universal Tank. No doubt this was due to the new and intimidating IS series being churned out from Soviet factories. The tank was therefor to be armed with the 120mm L1A1 gun, of American origin. As this delayed the project until 1952 the Caernarvon was put into production as a stopgap measure, with approx. 20 units produced with the 20pdr gun mounted in the Centurion Mk III turret. Eventually, with a brand new turret design, the Conqueror rolled off the production line where it served with honour for a few years before being declared obsolete again with the advent of the L7 armed Centurions. I'll leave it to The_Challenger and the Chieftain to give more details about the tank itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu2eONh2GLs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCVzy7z--wE
  14. So I've got a bit of time in the coming days, expecting to reach a battle count of about 30. Haven't played regularly so I decided to use a comfy vehicle and hopefully show russian and number loving fgts what this thing can do. 3.333 dpg 900 assisted 62% Haven't played yet, but I believe there's an E-100 on track so the numbers might be inflated slightly, and WR will probably be lower than it should be. I'm not planning to upload replays unless someone specifically asks for it. Or maybe some exceptional games if those were to happen. Now I just need to find a way to track the games, I haven't done this since 2014, is vbaddict still best choice?
  15. I will preface this with the fact that I know full well that I'm not that good of a tanker, 1776 overall, so take this review/guide with a grain of salt. To all the Purple Poasters please feel free to tear me apart, I'm sure I fucked something up or am suggesting something wrong Constructive criticism is also welcome Good afternoon ladies and mentlegen! (or morning, or evening, or greetings from the future/past what have you) After a few PMs and poking from friends, I've decided to throw together a guide on one of my favorite tanks in the game: The tier 6 British medium, the Cromwell. There's two tanks in this game that I feel I've mastered, the tier 5 T14 and the tier 6 Cromwell. I've done a review for the T14 heavy (here's the link to that review: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/398524-how-to-t14-its-review-time-a-tick-old-but-she-hasnt-changed-since/ ) and now I'm doing one for the Cromwell. Being I have reliable and stable internet again, I'm going to start uploading more videos and how-to guides as well as some of my more epic games. Now, about the Cromwell, just what is it? Well, it's one of the best balanced mediums in the game in terms of the armor triangle. It balances an acceptable level of armor with a fast firing gun and a very mobile platform. Now, that's not to say the armor on this tank is any good, it's acceptable against low tiers and will bounce the occasional shell, but don't rely on it to block incoming shots, it probably won't. It's a very mobile platform which serves as your greatest offensive and defensive asset. The ability to disengage from a fight or force a fight on your terms seems makes this one of the most flexible mid tier mediums you can have. The Cromwell's Strengths: It's fast. It accelerates quickly, it turns quickly, it cruises along at 64km/h on most terrain and in the mid 50s on swampy terrain. The mobility of the Crommie helps it establish very solid map control. It's speed allows you to leave a winning a fight to help a another fight win, you can take part in every skirmish in a match, putting your gun to use all across the map That same speed can help you carry a fight, keeping distance between you and the enemy and outrunning the enemy as you fall back. High DPM gun, with roughly a 3 second reload, you can bang out the shots rapidly, raking up the damage quickly and efficiently, using the previous strengths to keep yourself out of reach of enemy guns Hull and turret traverse, combined with the speed, you can use these two in concert to go full tilt boogie and run circles around your opponents, staying ahead of their guns while you murderize their HP. Almost every tank you encounter you can knife fight to death with a circling, juking maneuver. Oddly enough, one of the slowest tanks, the TOG, will have no trouble keeping it's gun on you while you circle it as it's traverse is rather insane A comfortable stock grind, using the 2nd 6 pounder gun with Enhanced Christie suspension to focus the grind on the guns and engines doing tracks last Great wolf pack capability, a triple platoon of Cromwells is a force to be reckoned with, even in tier 8 games 13 degrees of gun depression with the second 6 pounder and -8 degrees with the top 75 HV cannon (these are the two guns you want to use, the first during the grind) Drawbacks of the Cromwell: Your armor. It's not really going to stop most equal tier tanks or tanks of higher tier, against tier 4s and 5s, you'll have acceptable protection. The first 75mm gun you gain access to is misleading with terrible pen, stick with the second 6 pounder and use gold shells as needed (trust me, it's expensive, but easier to grind it this way) Prone to module damage, the radio man and gunner tend to be dead. A lot. The ammo rack tends to be damaged often (but not destroyed, in my 3,300 battles I've been ammoracked twice that I can remember) HE is scary, avoid at all costs unless you want your crew turned into a meaty soup scattered about the inside of your tank Cannot mount ungraded turret on stock tacks without enhanced suspension Cromwell Equipment: Gun Laying Drive: Why? The Cromwell is terrible at one-the-move shooting, when you're in knife fight range (sub 100 meter engagements) you can shoot on the move with ease, otherwise you want to stop, aim, shoot then reposition and repeat. With a 2.3 second aim time, the GLD helps make that more bearable OPTIONAL During grind: Enhanced Christie Suspension Why? This allows you to skip the tracks research early on and focus on getting the best gun and the extra HP the top turret provides. Once you've mounted the top turret and gun, getting exp for the rest of the modules shouldn't take long Medium Caliber Gun Rammer: Why? It cuts down on the reload, allowing a quicker reload and more damage. Why not? OPTIONAL: Vents. Why? It's a bonus to the crew all around. If you're crew has BIA, this can be dropped for Optics or used until your crew gets BIA OPTIONAL: Coated Optics: Why? You don't want to sit still long enough for binocs to kick in, you only want to sit still long enough to pop off a shot or two and then reposition for a better shot 2, 4, and 5 are all optional and vary based on player need and crew skills. The Optics versus Binocs debate is really up to player preference, I don't recommend binocs as you really shouldn't be sitting still in a Crommie for extended periods of time Suggestions on how to play Rule #1: Stay alive. This means don't take excessive risks early on and lose your HP to bad positioning and bad trades. With optics and a 100% crew, you should have north of 400 meters of view range, meaning you should see what's coming before it sees you. Spot things if you can and take up a spot where you can deal a shot or three of damage and pull back before incoming fire. After the initial contact and first few damaging shots, you can spend the mid game helping or flexing where needed, or hanging back (in tier 8 games, usually) and taking shots of opportunity until you have a clear avenue to flank, attack, or fall back. This takes map awareness to be good at. Late game, use your speed and maneuvering capability to hunt down the last few guys if you're winning. If you're in a losing game and have to carry to win, use vision and terrain to fall back and keep the enemy walking into your guns. Use your speed and mobility to outrun the enemy advance and set up ambush positions. A more passive early game in higher tier games is encouraged, whereas in games where it's mostly tier 6 with a tier 7 or two on each side you can be fairly aggressive, establishing a dominant position early. Against tier 8s, this is not encouraged, instead waiting for moments to sneak in shots and jumping on isolated targets. Late game aggression is encouraged in games where you have the advantage. Late game passive defensive play is encouraged where you're not in an advantageous position, relying instead on your view range and ability to rapidly reposition to work down your opponents in a fighting retreat. CREW SKILLS Commander: 6th-BIA-whatever you want Gunner: Snap shot- BIA-whatever you want Driver: Smooth Ride- BIA- Whatever you want Radio man: Situational awareness- BIA- Whatever you want Loader: Safe Stowage (or any of his three specialty skills)- BIA- Whatever you want As a 3rd skill, you can go for camo for sneakiness or go my route and focus on tank comfort and focus on the tanks ability to be more accurate, turn quicker, rotate quicker, and so forth at the expense of camo bonuses. Ammo loadout and consumables loadout: AP shells: 40- most of what you'll see you'll have no problem penetrating with your standard AP shells APCR: 20- KV 4/5, IS-6, and a few other really thick tanks will need this ammo unless you want to sit still up close and aim for a weak sp- *shot and dead*, nevermind, load gold and click HE: 4 - Crit the tracks and get that reset or shoot a Nashorn in the butt for lulz Small Repair, Small medkit, and Auto fire kit (it's worth the credits, seriously) Review video (Best in 1080 C: ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsyuHWb4wqk GAMEPLAY: With commentary on how and why I make the choices I do Match 1: (Defeat) To be added Match 2: (victory and clean up damage) To be added Match 3: (victory and mega carry) To be added Match 4: (victory) To be added BONUS Pool's match: ***NOTE*** I am waiting on my videos to convert one-by-one and be uploaded to youtube and I'll add the 4 battles I played after the review video as they're ready If there's any questions, opinions, or suggestions on how I can make tank reviews and how-tos any easier, let me know! Thanks, _Tsavo_
  16. Just got my conqueror few days ago, and felt pretty good initially with its brilliant gun handling. But now something is really making me struggle about playing this tank, and yes that is SPGs, the scumbags of the battlefield. Whenever I drive the conqueror, theres a dilemma for me: I either go front line and get concentrated by all enemy SPGs (unless theres a waffle on our team and he gets spotted first of course), or I sit back and watch my teamates die one by one(specifically talking about situation where my team is weaker). What is a good strategy to deal with this problem? How do I avoid being concentrated by arties so frequently? Thank you for answering
  17. Do you adore broken english? Do you like nearly unedited video's? Are you one of those crazy folks that love british mediums? Then this might just be for you! Brought to you by keyboard-less opponents.
  18. The British T10 heavy tank has a lot of attributes that are desired in a CW tank. It is reasonably mobile, has a good gun, is accurate on the move, has high DPM, APCR prem rounds, decent turret armor, large HP pool, surprisingly not terrible gun depression and good view range. However, despite all these advantages, it isn't considered to be useful in competitive play. Can someone explain to me why that is?
  19. First Ace Tanker in Centurion 1 Link to replay 14.37 - Turn around because no one is on 1-2 line 13.27- 10.29 - Engage in poking duel with T69 10.54 - Engage and destroy KV2 with the 107 Advance north 9.42 - 8.09 - Engage in sniping targets with inaccurate fire Return south 7.27 - last ally dies, 6 opponents remain 6.46 - engage and destroy IS6 on cap 6.20 - 5.48 - engage and destroy T44 5.48 - 5.38 - sit in the open tracked knowing the M12 had fired and I would have a second or so to get out once track repaired 5.25 - 5.04 - engage and destroy KV4 4.58 - 4.44 - engage and destroy T29 advance north after taking artillery shell 2.19 - 2.01 - engage and destroy M12 2.01 - M40/M43 begins cap, return south 0.32 - 0.28 - engage and destroy M40/M43 0.23 - Victory! Equipment - Vertical Stabilizer, Gun rammer, Coated Optics Comments - Through the last part of this I was shaking like a leaf. I was already tired from labor earlier in the day. After the game I went to tell my roommate where I then fell down and couldn't get up for a minute or so. Overall it was a very fun game. There were quite a few misplays and terrible shots on my part. There was also a decent amount of good luck for me especially with arty.
  20. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/30/british-tanks-final-decision/ Pretty much confirmed the new 10 would be the Action Cent X And the Tier 10 British heavy tank will be the Chieftain Mk.2. Discussirino. (sorry if this was already posted. delete if duplicate. move if in wrong place.) Edited in my opinion: It seems like a good change, buff to turret armour while keeping the 105. The main problem with the 4202 seemed to be its lack of turret armour compared to its lower tiered companions so its nice to see they fixed that.
  21. I recently finished my Comet grind which was a breeze to do and got to the tier 8 Centurion 1. 19 games in with the upgraded turret and gun, and I am sitting at 84% wr with 80:20 mix of solopub and platoon respectively, 2453 DPG, and an average of 1.3k exp per game, including an absolute monster of a game which set a new personal record for maximum experience in a battle. I feel that the Cent 1 is an underrated gem of a T8 med with a great blend of DPM, accuracy, mobility and armor where it counts (the turret). It's just so damn comfortable to drive, and the gun snap shots well, rarely letting you down in any situation. 10 degrees of depression means you can torment those cheap chinese knockoff tanks and russian heavies on any incline. And the good hill climbing ability balances out the artificially limited top speed. Comments welcome, and if you own a Centurion 1, share your thoughts on whether you think it is a good carry-hard tank, or whether there's an even better one sitting in your garage. Link to all my Cent replays (good and potato games): http://www.mediafire.com/download/rtn23rfz78x31so/Cent_1_Replays.rar
  22. Been asked for this a few times so I revived the CoH British voice mod. >>>>>>Download Me<<<<<< Click thumb for suggested volume settings Edit:- I have now added a Sixth Sense mod featuring a British voice & also a voice that informs you of when you are being capped. I have split the mods in to 3 parts so you can pick & choose what you want to use & set up to be used with Generic mod enabler (see below) >>>>>Generic Mod Enabler download<<<<<
  23. AS the titles says, for all you Centurion 7/1 owners, which Gun do you prefer to use on it? the 20 pounder B barrel, or the 105mm L7A1. I prefer the L7A1, simply because of that Godly Penetration, and alpha. even despite the low RoF, I find it just fits me better than the 20 pounder does. Discussion welcome.
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