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Found 10 results

  1. Comrade tankers, Darkest were the days of 1941 when we ground through the T-34 line, clanless and alone. Then we saw the light of the Forum Warriors channel, from which came offers of platoons and friendship. We remember how we became one with PBKAC and fought our campy Swamp battles in Europe. We can still vividly hear the IOC's order on Fisherman's Bay: "one-two line, begin yer push". We recall our victory with a half-baked fascist box strat on Ruinberg and our obscene defeat from "dick in facce" on Cliffs. We were there to witness the conception of hardcore PBKAC Himmelsdorf strats, where once we stacked meds on the hill only to lose to a capfast. We had our moments farming lame points with BULBA in the Americas and doing our giddy M60 count-ins to farm pubbie tears. And of course, who can forget the thunderdome, the fast-bois strongholds, and the anime club. Nowadays the war is over and the soldiers don't know where to go. The WarGods removed all-chat and so we bid farewell to the days of smack-talking baddies. CR/D is dead and gone, forever buried deep in the ground alongside Chairinabasket. We wonder where the veterans from old PETCO are now and what new hip game they play today. We tried the PTSD-inducing Red Orchestra 2, fighting the Great Patriotic War as a conscript with only a rifle and bayonnet, but the community there was small, they didn't insult each other much, and there was neither stat padding nor metagame. We tried League of Legends, finding some of the memes and airhorn-inducing MLG plays entertaining, but it lacked the euphoric feeling of a 3-unicorn hard-carry; there was none of the "us versus them" mentality as the game just makes good players fight other good players. We miss the days of WoT; terrible as the game is, the people playing it are second to none. We dream of fighting with you unicorns in the halls of Valhalla, forever pursuing the 99.9% winrate and surfing on the waves of the Red Sea. Thank you all for our time together. We are here to read through old posts and we would love to chat and reminisce. 8112204 (2011 - 2015)
  2. Hi I've never thought about making a thread until now, probably because I'm in China until August and really bored. Ask me anything this game and stuff, why I watch bad anime, and dank memes. I'll try to answer serious questions without shitposting too hard. About Me - Played since closed beta - Been recruiting for BULBA and more recently some depcomm stuff - Fuck arty - 3 MoE on T57, E100, E5, 50B, 140, M46 (I only have like 8 tanks in my garage :sadface:) (I gotta brag about something ok) - Recent WN8 is always between 3300-3800. Recent WR has always been above 70 since I got it. - https://www.twitch.tv/diastant - idk I'm really bored right now help
  3. Hello, fellow NA clan friends, Hopefully CW 2.0 has not killed everyone yet. After enduring the harsh training that is listening to Gabe's voice, I feel that I am ready to get some actual calling experience. Calling for clans below the top 20 will help me get down the basics and hone my foundation as a trainee. Hence, I am offering my services (free): I will devise a strats and also FC for your stronghold/CW battles. Why should you trust a newbie like me to win your battles? First, I believe that some of my knowledge of individual play transfers over to the calling scene; namely my knowledge of crossfires which results in my ability to farm those damages. Second, Gabe-san has taught me well, endlessly spamming youtube links of euroclams duking it out so that I can learn well. Third, Gabe-san will help me during the battles (provided that he is free) as he has retired from chief Bulba caller (too old by Bulba standards). It will work like this: I will show up before the battle starts with a strat on maptactic. I will show the positions/rotations to the clans and explain the strat fully so you know how to use it. Then, you will provide me (and Gabe) a sock so we can play in your battle. Gabe will then sing a communist victory song to celebrate the victory. This will be a mutually beneficial exchange: I will become more adept at calling while your clan will enjoy having an advantage over rival clans in battle. If interested shoot me a PM and we'll schedule something. Happy grinding! ^^
  4. Nihao ˙͜ >˙/ I'm JoJoJacKy and I play for Synrgy in WGLNA Gold League. So I have decided to start streaming regularly at least 4 times a week. My goal in WoT at the moment is to reach 90% recent win rate in Tier 10s, and try to get the 3rd MoE on all my 10s. I will be playing pubs and sometimes will stream tournaments or Clan Wars. My stream will feature many of the top TRUE unicums in platoons such as JackQueRudo, Merkle_PRO, _Shrew, _KT, KancolleBanzai...etc. This will be a salt free zone, and occasionally feature notable shenanigans such as when MM is screwy, or when I sell tanks that are terrible: Anyways my I will streaming mostly in the mornings/early afternoons and sometimes in the evening, at least 4 times a week. >>>>>>>> http://www.twitch.tv/jojackington <<<<<<<< Schedule > Mondays-Thursdays 9AM-12PM~ (PST) > Fridays-Sundays Random~ ˙͜ >˙7
  5. So I recent bought an STB-1, here are some (100) replays. (Edit: Mostly solo, but I did platoon some games.) http://www.mediafire.com/download/dhq2bltmdjy41iv/20150518_2111_japan-ST_B1_39_crimea.zip Around the end I started to get impatient and kept playing it on bad days, but oh well. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I did run Optics for a bit, but I ended up going with vents. (Edit: If you have any tanks you'd like replays of just let me know and I'll play some and upload them) Second set of replays here, I think it's 93 with only 80 of them being pub matches. https://www.mediafire.com/?cx0nyv37axf0bfv
  6. BULBA recently finished their expedition on the East Coast of the clan wars map, and since we have not been streaming our fights like VILIN and BULLS have, we made this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2RCxBTMpRE&feature=youtu.be
  7. BULBA Anime club will soon have a Ramen Cook Off!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! WINTER BULBA ANIME MEETING IS INCOMING! DECEMBER 20TH! We will give everybody 15 minutes to make a dish related to ramen, and then we will share our delicious creations! Instead of using just a picture to share our creations, we will try to share our dedication to the dishes we have created by recreating them in MS Paint, as well as writing a Haiku about how lovely the smell was and how delectable the taste was. Hopefully with this new an improved way of sharing our feelings over the internet, we can make great memories during the upcoming winter holidays. :^) To prepare for our special anime club event, I figured I would get some practice! This way we can use this as an sample for the real event. Since I cannot prepare any food tonight, I will just use a snack that I have unfortunately finished already. I'm going to use a bag of Doritos I already finished. Here is a picture of my snack. K. Now it is time to convey my enjoyment and delight for my snack through a few pieces of art I shall now create. Okay that may or may not have been in MS Paint. Fine. Now for the haiku! Doritos By Tum crunchy Doritos extremely cheesy flavor hot damn that was good Now it's your turn! What did you eat today? Edit: It was just vitamin C I swear EDIT Since no one else wanted to join in. I'll just continue sharing my beautiful art with myself. -hmf-. This was my brunch earlier... Let's get back to my favorite steam game! MS Paint! I have more hours logged in MS Paint than I do anything else. :^) And then on to the totally non-weeb art form of Haikus! Muh Pork By Tum Meat is kinda gross When you buy it raw n stuff But cooked, dayum shits gud Btw, if anyone knows any good ways to prepare pork chops n stuff, let me know. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  8. We've had a wonderful response from everyone and while we should have planned this out much better before, basically, we've concluded that a few hours a day platooning isn't going to have the impact that we hoped for as . Admittedly, I myself saw this as a bit over hyped. There just isn't time to help everyone on the list in a reasonable amount of time without compromising the amount of hours spent on each person. We also wouldn't want a very long waiting period. Streams and replays are, imo, more helpful as they put in in the shoes of said player. We'll be instead doing live replay review sessions/replay reviews/Answer Questions/something of that sort. The list for that will either just be a repeat of the current list, or if people don't want that, a new list. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  9. Bulba Media Restarting! We will be streaming much more, as we have more super pro mlg people who have upgraded from potato to toaster, so they will be able to stream! Bulba Twitch Profile We will also be uploading more super awesome pro replays on our Youtube channel! Bulba Youtube Channel We will be uploading all the highlights from the Twitch channel to the Youtube channel for all your viewing pleasure! See you there! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pls no Bullyrino :3 Some super mlg noscope highlights that have been uploaded to Youtube already! ↓
  10. http://www.twitch.tv/bulbarepresent <-------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introducing Romantic Bulbasaur's official Twitch channel! It will be running as much as possible, by multiple fellow [bULBA] members. We'll be aiming to run this stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Watch us play tanks both solo and platooned with some of the top unicums on the server. We will provide commentary and/or speak with the platoon mates about CHAI camping spots, re-rolls, and [bULBA]. We will be actively answering questions in chat, whether it is about World of Tanks, Food, or Life, we will reply with the best answer possible. Many of us have lots of experience in World of Tanks, and many of us are from WGLNA Teams. We are here to help and make the stream as fun as possible. We also have an official [bULBA] anime club. Please contact [bULBA] members for more information. Also it is being considered that we will have some days where we stream other games such as PAYDAY 2 or WARGAME: RED DRAGON. Current Streamers: Nas_, Oxmathus, Diastant, WorstPlayer_NA Bulbasaur, I Choose You!!! WARNING: THE AVERAGE AGE OF [bULBA] IS -17 and 1/2 YEARS OLD. SOME [bULBA] MEMBERS GET MUCH MADS WHILE PLAYING WORLD OF TANKS. WE HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH AMOUNT OF ASIANS. MOST OF US CAN'T DRIVE, AND EXPECT A LOT OF #YOLOSWAG ON STREAM. ALSO WE HAVE ANTI BULLY RANGERS IN [bULBA], SO NO BULLY PLS o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7 ANY COMPLAINTS PLS DIRECT THEM TOWARDS PRECAMBRIAN. THANK YOU Hey hombre, les go eet some Tacos güey.
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