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Found 1 result

  1. These are two videos by the Cloaking Donkey, a semi-known youtuber who makes an argument for why World of Warships and the way Wargaming tries to monetize it (and WoT) is pretty broken: 1. Argument why WoWs should not have gone into open beta (from a players point of view) 2. Argument why World of Warships is monetized in a questionable way: His conclusion is to quit on making content in the youtube channel for the game. A short list of main arguments for the lazy people around here: Gameplay: WoWs features imbalances between ship classes (Destroyers too strong at lower tiers, too weak at high tiers; the opposite for battle ships etc.)Wargaming rather introduces new ships (German Cruisers, Russian Destroyers) than fix the old ones, the result being that those new ships are mostly underpoweredVery slow reaction times with regard to the needs of their customers (think arty, KV-1 and KV-1S, now battleships/destroyers, the role of RNG)Monetization: Both in WoWs and WoT, Wargaming focuses on milking whales, i.e. making super expensive bundles while making many tanks unnaturally scarce (think KV-5, Type 62, E25) and packaging them in overly expensive bundlesNo shared gold/dubloons between WG ships and tanks, i.e. forcing people to pay more (otherwise especially CW veterans could easily play premiums in WoWs from their incomes in WoT CW).To my own sadness, I mostly agree with him, especially the issue with milking whales is pretty annoying and I can understand that he leaves WoWs. In addition, I find the gameplay to be pretty repetitive because unlike with tanks where you will have a different outcome depending on lots of varieties and micromanaging terrain/weakspots etc., the variation in ships is very small - it really doesnt matter whether you are 1km further away from the enemy and driving around in circles shooting at each other gets old. As such, I believe that WoWs as it is now will have a very short growth period (which could already be over) and will be an additional failed project by Wargaming who will get ever more desperate to milk their customers in WoT. Please convince me that this is not true. It's sad to see a newly released game be nothing more than a cash-grabbing zombie.
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