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Found 3 results

  1. ThomChen114

    Caernarvon AX

    (Source: The Armored Patrol ) World of Tanks Supertest: Caernarvon AX – Tier VIII – Premium Heavy Tank Tier: VIII HT, GB, premium HP: 1400 Engine power: 950 HP Weight: 65 t Max. weight: 70 t Power-to-weight ratio: 15.5 HP/t Max. speed forwards/backwards: 36 / -12 km/h Hull traverse speed: 28 °/s Turret traverse speed: 36 °/s Terrain resistance: 1.055 / 1.247 / 2.205 View range: 380 m Signal range: 782.1 m Hull armor: 130 / 50 / 38 Turret armor: 254 / 152 / 95 Gun: OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel Damage: 230 / 230 / 280 Penetration: 226 / 258 / 42 Reload speed: 6.3 s DPM: 2284 Accuracy: 0.32 Aim time: 2.3 s Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20 Well played WG. Remove the 20-pdr on the regular Caernarvon and replace with 32-pdr and "old" Centurion turret, but then "re-introduce" the pre 9.20.1 Caernarvon as a premium tank. Other than that, this should've been something WG do more, introducing more tier VIII premium tanks for each tank branch, rather than spamming more Russian and German premiums. The spaced armor is an odd feature imo. I didn't realize the CAX turret was a HEAT magnet.
  2. As patch 10.0 is delayed but we'll still be getting the Centurion Action X through a micropatch, i'd like to know more about the planned upcoming changes (whether in the micropatch or once they fix patch 10.0). in the 9.10 test notes it mentioned that the Caernarvon would be getting the Centurion Action X's turret as it's elite turret, and likewise the Conqueror would have it as it's stock turret (i was just as surprised in Jingle's video on 10.0 test server when he found out about the Caernarvon having a new turret) so i'd just like to know more about this Centurion Action X turret and how will this change (or not) the Caernavon and the Conqueror (which i'm still grinding in) atm i find the Centurion turrets these tanks get holds out well, but can of course get hit and penetrated by higher tier guns occasionally, especially below the gun mantlet, but otherwise it's quite tough when hulldown (although i did notice the Caernarvon seemed to have been nerfed a bit when it become HD in that regards
  3. And I find myself driving one of the more potato-y tanks, the Caernarvon. This is what my tech tree looks like: Should I skip the remaining modules and go directly to the Conqueror? Things that I should mention: - Conqueror costs less exp than other tier 9 tanks - Top engine for the Conqueror is already unlocked - Credits are not a concern -Equipment is as followed: Enhanced Coil Springs / WAR / Rammer - I have the Excelsior to train crew - 97% on the first skill of the crew Commander: 6th Gunner: repairs Driver: preventive maintenance Loader: safe stowage My opinion on the Caernarvon: - Still slow as fuck compared to the Churchills with 2nd engine / stock tracks - Ammo rack lights up every match without WAR - I am not keeping it, this thing is going to the scrapyard as soon as I have the Conqueror unlocked