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Found 3 results

  1. I am quickly developing affection for this tank. 750 alpha, with a turret? At tier 8? Yes, please. Join the circle jerk and lob arcing wads of death at the pubbies. I shall begin with this fancy little ~7200 damage match:
  2. So I just played my first strongholds today which was actually far more awesome than I expected. Played about 15 games but I do have a few questions. Is Himmelsdorf like the only map they have? Is it normal to run into the same team so many times that you end up keeping score? I haven't played tier 10 strongholds yet, but is it essentially training for clanwars? How viable are T49's in strongholds and why for the love of god are they allowed to pollute strongholds? In tier 6 strongholds, when playing against teams who don't know what they're doing (assholes) they would just Hell Camp, at first it was fun. Then it just got bothersome and boring. Its not like they're hard to beat, its just takes so long, when we could be filling up boxes. Why isn't Hellcamping illegal in strongholds? Finally, I had more fun in strongholds for those 15 games than I did all day long grinding my T28 prototype/KV4. Tell me, once you play strongholds with all the team work, do you sometimes just not want to play randoms due to the depravity that happens in pub game/ game chat? Feel free to answer any one of these questions if you want, or enlighten us on your experience in this game mode and what you learned playing it. tips, tricks, and funny stories all welcome. If a replay really proves what your trying to say, feel free to link it.
  3. Large picture of minimap Oh how I severely hate this map. Can't play it without anything really mobile (Get shot to hell by enemy tanks or arty) or without gun depression (Constantly have to crest hills and reposition your tank if your at G4) Arty and a compotent spotter are absolutely, no doubt rulers of this map The pubbies always camp either hill and never push when asked, or push when told not to. Always a abundance of pubbie snipers making your push difficult since your spotted = Arty out to get your chops on this map I honestly think its way more Campy than Campinovka, Usually more campy than Prokorvorkakakaka (1/2 line usually pushes on either team, Hill fights) On campinovka, atleast you get to go to the hill and push down when you have captured it, have spotting bushes at that wierd little outcrest near the swamp. and enemy tanks are stupid enough to get spotted sometimes on either teams "Trenches" Provorkakakaa, Has its middle, where scouts and mediums like to spot things/take potshots, 1/2 line that pushes (Usually 1 team does) and the hill fights which can be very entertaining. But the arty on this map are just as bad as redshire. North Side's Pro's Cons South Side's Pro's Con's TL:DR, Too campy, Every move you try to make is easily spotted and can be reacted to, Arty has a overwhelming presence on this map. Spotted = Dead/crippled Firstpost, Badpost
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