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Found 12 results

  1. Awake for Campaign. Finally a new one. Prettymuch only serious DURING battles. BAD PLAY is NOTED and commented on lol. Hit up ViolentViolet or app directly if looking for a Clan with a Record for finishing top 10 in campaign and GettinTanks. ======Requirements to Join Y0L0======== ☛ English Speakers with Mic and be willing to use Team Speak whenever Online.. ☛ 2300+ Overall & Recent of 3000+ ☛ 9K+ PR Highly Recommended ☛ Minimum 4 CW viable tier Xs to enter. ☛ Heavies-2900+, Mediums-3000+, TDS 3000+* ~ AVG DAMAGE T10 (exceptions can be made)If interested , apply on the portal to Y0l0 and also talk to our recruiter on Team speak.For more Recruitment information contact : ViolentViolet, O_P_Hacker, Chuny77TS - yolo.teamspeak3.com
  2. Looking for a few more members to do the campaign next week. We do tournaments now, and will enter global map later, for interested clan members.
  3. Well We tried to make BUNEH a thing again but it just never took traction and people started burning out. I've been in a PETCO themed clam for 3 years and seeing as I have about as much of a chance as an ice cube surviving long in H3LL of getting into Otter, looks like my PETCO time is done. I know there isn't many "teal" level clans around anymore and my stats are too low for all of the "top clans" but they are what they are. Slow and steady improvement but with 30K+ battles overall isn't going to go up fast. So I'm looking at fairly competitive clans. No training clans or T6 CW clans please. I would prefer T10 but can deal with 8 if needed. Gold's not my primary motivation for a clan. I've got a good job and can buy my own if needed. Stats are in the signature below. What I can offer.....Command experience, I've done pretty much everything there is for a clan except Quartermaster. I can recruit, XO, chips etc. I've got most of the required T10's for CW (to include the 53/55) and can buy the E100 if needed. As far as T8's go I've got the most used ones for SH/CW and have the fastboi 6's for SH's. Just send me a PM and I'll sort through the offers. I dropped tags today so would be a few days before I could get into any clan. Looking for a reason to keep playing to be honest.
  4. Looks like we've got some leak from SEA server (may or may not be accurate). http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/19853-info-about-is-5-campaign/?p=512454 here for the event regulation details,thx for sharing(and digging) . As each of the servers are announcing the news one by one, finally we're getting clear idea of it. any thoughts? And some interesting numbers,IS-5 appears to be purchasable with in-game gold,for a limited amount though. RU server: 10k as rewards; 20k for sale. EU server: 4.5k as rewards; 6.5k for sale. NA server: 1k as rewards; 1.5k for sale. SEA server:kek waow.
  5. I know I'm in a clan already, but I always want to improve. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult. First ~8k Battles were absolute trash. Started to get better and better, and I'm now maintaining 2500 Recent (Still increasing steadily) However, this low 1100 Overall usually makes me need to join clans with a lower recent to accommodate for low overall. I'm looking for around 2300 or better clan recent as an average, not a requirement, as I tend to find that most clans have lower average than requirement. I'm looking for mainly Tournaments that make good gold, usually going into Alpha, and I can be here almost every day of the week. I have E5, E3, 57, and 907. M48, 53/55 and E4 Unlocked(Planning to buy E4 and 53/55, not M48) I 'm on my way to E100(at E75) and IS7(at IS-3) I also want to be able to do the Campaigns, whether we also do normal CW in the meantime or not. So, I'm looking for: -Tournaments -2300ish or more Clan recent -Campaigns Standard CW is nice to have, but it's not something I need a clan to have. If this just isn't possible for a player with my Overall, I'd like to know, it'd be useful in the future. Sorry for the wall of text, and thank you to anyone that helps. P.S. No offense to ROXY, you guys are still cool
  6. BUNNY is recruiting players with the minimum requirements of: 1600+ WN8 overall 2100+ WN8 30/60 day (recent) 4 tier 10 clan wars viable tanks We have a very good amount of players that are very active. join us before the mini campaign starts and get your IS 5 reward tank. Message MrSharpi for a quick evaluation.
  7. So today we had a landing battle at the same time as this one, so the players not picked for the primary one jumped into this one. This is what happened: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1414688#airfield-charcharo-e-100 (You may want to jump until the 5:30-5:00 mark or so). So our team completely slaughtered them at first sight, being only 6 tanks they put up a damn good fight, until the numbers overwhelmed them. I jumped on their TS-channel when our battle finished, and it was at the same time this happened. Everyone really had fun and it was a side to competitive play I really haven't experienced before, they didn't win, it wasn't really close in the end - but they left pretty goddamn satisfied. It also proved to me that strategy is what conquers this game, numbers aren't everything, even when the odds are against you from the very start. This is by no means meant to shit on the clan they faced, more of a reminder of how fun this game can be, outside of the rage-filled pubbie environment.
  8. We are looking for a place to call home, and this is what we are looking for: 1. Clan wars, gud fites all the time! 2. Organized and well structured 3. Gud players to play with 4. No play 2 lose 5. Strong leadership 6. Fielding minimum of 2 teams for CW 7. An active community 8. Clan participation in the 3rd campaign is a must About me TZ:EST University Student Loves tanks obj268, obj263, T-62a, obj140, obj430, IS7, IS4, T57hvy, t110e5, m48 Patton, Bat, Foch155, AMX50b, FV183, e100, 113 7/7 weekly availability Ex Commander of FERET, have vast experience calling CW About Benji TZ:PST College Student Likes anime, and cat girls Vk7201, m60, e50m, Jagzilla, e100 will have batchat this week 7/7 weekly availability Likes to shoot tanks We are very good friends and we would like to stay together. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Upvote is an independent clan active in clan wars. We are RDDT's sister clan. Upvote is looking for recruits for Clan Wars and the upcoming Campaign! Now you might be wondering, what can Upvote do for me? Well let me tell you what Upvote offers: A laid back and friendly atmosphere Clan wars everyday Be part of a great team Platoons! Platoons everywhere! A place to help improve your skills Gold Payouts! A fun and exciting Teamspeak Victory in the next Campaign Experienced Leadership A place to make friends Now you may be wondering how can I join this amazing clan!? All you need to do is meet the requirements! Requirements: 1. Have an account on Reddit.com 2. 2100+ WN8 over 60 days 3. 54% winrate over 60 days 4. 4+ (preferably 5) Clan Wars viable tanks (Tier 10 stats will be looked at) 5. Participate 3+ days a week in Clan Wars 6. Have a good, positive attitude and not be a source of drama. Priority Tanks we are seeking: Conquerer GC, M53/M55, 50B, Leopard 1, STB-1, Obj 140, Batchat, E100, IS-7, E5, E3, 268, Waffen, T57. Now you might be thinking what if my stats are a little bit off; well attitude and tier x damage are actually the most important things. How to Apply: Send a message to a recruiter to let them know you are interested. Get into our teamspeak, let recruiters or officers know you are interested, play with people in the clan you want to join. Show you will be active and demonstrate a positive attitude and ability to work well with teammates. Provide basic information about yourself, CW experience, and availability Applying should be done once you have completed the other steps. ​Links: TeamSpeak server address: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com Clan page: http://worldoftanks....00006817-NARWL/ TL-DR we work closely with and would like to promote if you are not a candidate for NARWL: [TL-DR] Requirements to join: -> 1600 60-day win8 -> 50% 60-day win rate -> 3+ CW viable tier 10s -> active in TS and CW 3+ nights/week -> Must have a Reddit account on Reddit.com We are very interested in callers! Show proficiency as a caller in TL-DR and it will help you greatly to move to NARWL! Reddit is a big group of clans and we have many that fit every bracket of skill and purpose. SNOO is our west coast clan, AURUM is a 1300+ wn8 clan wars clan, RDDT3 is a training clan and there are others for casual or competitive play.
  10. [AGOGE] Is now Recruiting for Clan Wars We are looking for players with 1250+ WN8 60 day and 52% Winrate with at least 1 Tier 10 tank and 2 Tier 8s as we are going after the T23E3 and of course exceptions can be made. We are a bunch of mature active people with a goal of participating in the world on fire event so APPLY now. TS: Pass: 1234
  11. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/cw/announcing-campaign-2 Top 3000 players get the 7201 for earning "fame points" through unspecified methods. Oh boy. Edit: From Valter
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