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Found 4 results

  1. Hello unicums, I would like to pose a question with regard to teamplay, carrying and costly decisions - any answer will be greatly appreciated and I am open to all criticism with regard to my playstyle, decisions etc. Yesterday, I played a battle with a newly formed platoon on Prokhorovka / Fiery Salient, the replay is found here: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1301260#fiery_salient-jokobet-object_140. What happened: Team sets up rather evenly (two tier 9s on the hill, a few in the middle, TDs and a few campers on the 1-3 line). I position myself in the middle next to the train tracks to be able to flex and get early shots, the platoon mates go closer to the road / on the road (E5 & FV 183). Nothing really - a few spots, our scouts do some scouting and eventually die like most active scouts do on this map. Soon I am the only medium left. The M103 on the hill suicides, leaving the T54E1 alone versus two confirmed tier 8 heavies on the hill. An IS-7 appears in the village, gets shot a lot and disappears. I forget about him... In about 11:30, the IS-7 reappears below the lonely T54E1 and effectively pincers him (enemy tier 8s on the hill). I leave the 1-3 line and middle for themselves, knowing that the majority of our forces are distributed there and a push by the enemy is unlikely. The IS-7 puts two shots into the T54E1 who is soon on reload. I go to the back of the train tracks to be able to support. I arrive at a shooting position, kill the IS-7 from range and persuade the enemy tier 8s on the hill to retreat instead of pushing into the T54E1. It's 2:4 against us and our team's hp pool is 5k lower. (about minute 10:30) I clear the hill (removing two tier 8 HTs and an ISU 152 that's camping the railways). In the meantime our FV 183 gets spotted and obliterated - whether due to overextending or proper scouting by the enemy, I cannot tell. All I know is that he moved a lot according to the minimap. My platoon mate in his E5 overcomes the enemy together with his support and the battle looks like a win. I flank the enemy and take out the last targets. My Questions: In the beginning, should I have spotted more for our tanks on the 1-3 line? In 11:27, I decided to leave my platoon mates because I felt that their flank was fairly ok, the middle was under no direct threat of a rush but the hill was about to get lost. Was this decision wrong? In general, what could I have done better? Is the playstyle you find in this replay (it's pretty representative of my general play, i.e. little exposure and commitment in the beginning, then exploiting gaps / filling gaps) bad? Should I change it? Does it affect my winrate? Is it my fault that my platoon mate died? With regard to teamplay, how do you judge my decisions? (--> Activating teammates' guns etc.) My own thoughts: Getting shot in the beginning by the scout was dumb and my lack of situational awareness. In general, I have a problem with committing early in the game. I usually try to minimize exposure in the beginning, going for opportunistic lights and shots. Moreover, I used to have a very campy playstyle. I feel it has become much better over time but I wouldn't call me very aggressive. I also believe that this is a detriment to my further improvement. I could have gone where my platoonmate in his E5 was sitting but I believe we then would have suffered from diminishing returns, i.e. no substantial benefit because he has optics as well. My 6k dmg in the game are purely due to stomping on low tier tanks, nothing to brag about but still necessary to win. So, as I said, I would be very happy about criticism and comments. I know it's not a perfect replay but it kinda shows how I play and it would help me a lot to get some feedback. Thank you very much! jokobet
  2. I got... really reallly reckt during this touranment, particuarly the end bit (I had south spawn for the first two days so no fighting turtles) and my question is Is it possible/how would you break a turtle on ruinberg with a light tank comp ie Croms, t37, vk3001m (I had a kv85 and 2 as well) becuase I was at a loss with this All of the teams were turtling in the buildings on south spawn and I couldent deal with it the turtle consisting of arl44 kv2, kv85, T1 heavy etc (some of them had a light tank or two) its a bit of a novice quesiton but the turtles did me in here
  3. I'd debated making a thread with some replays simply because... My playstyle is extremely boring to the majority. Hardcore camping with camo and vision abuse, late game cleanup is the usual style. Plus I tend to focus strictly on the Tank Destroyer line so that also doesn't make for an exciting game all the time. I've been uploading a few more of light tanks as I try to branch out and learn the intricacies. Best way to defeat an opponent is knowing what their tank can do after all. Some games in the T28 Prototype. Nothing spectacular but a few good shots early on and a lucky shot on the enemy SU-152 near the end allowed me to go one on one with the enemy T28 Prototype Another decent game. To be honest I rage sold this tank and the T28 at one point, but that was before I had the time, patience, and free XP to unlock the top guns on them. Really makes a difference and made me remember why I should have a bit of patience. JPZE100 game. I wasted way too much time in the middle. But I tend to go there in the beginning in case of a bridge rush or a push through the basin. Doesn't happen often but I've seen enough games where an unexpected heavy push from those locations have made for a bad time. Once I had enough of doing nothing for the beginning part of the game I drew back and went Ice Road in an attempt to reinforce, but misjudged my speed pretty badly and got there just in time for the last of the team to fall. I had some amazing artillery support though that carried me The infamous Churchill Gun Carrier. I did a 100 game challenge on it a long time ago just to see how bad it was and it kind of grew on me. Gun's pretty good but that's about all it has going for it. But it fit's my playstyle quite well and when you couple that with the general lack of fear and the majority of players who do not know what it's capable of it allows you to sometimes surprise people. I'll consolidate my GC replays into the tags under here Next up will be a bunch of replays from the Borsig. This tank grew on me so much that even though I'm well past it and have the WTF100 I bought it back just for fun. But it seems to be a trend with me in the sense that all 3 of the German Tier 8 TD's are fun for me to play. This replays are the epitome of my camping playstyle, but they also include some pretty good examples of camo abuse that this tank is capable of. First game out in the Borsig with some pretty spectacular results. Nearly lost us this game by being kill greedy and going to hunt the last enemy instead of capping. If I hadn't gotten lucky and that last tank had gone back to his base I wouldn't have been able to cap in time and would have gotten the draw instead A game that mainly just highlights the accuracy that the Borsig is capable of when things work in your favor. A game where it didn't work out well for me in the beginning, but the low profile allowed me to take cover in a rather unorthodox position and hold off the enemy And a loss game where I was doing my best as a passive spotter A few decent games to display the speed and the armor capabilities of the Jagdpanther II. That TD is quickly surpassing my Ferdinand as favorite German Tier 8. Now we get to the Obj 704. This is another one of those tanks I just love to play, the BL10, while not very accurate from time to time makes up for it in glorious, huge numbers. This one... Yeah it's bad. Just skip to 5:00 in if you watch it and save yourself boring hardcore camping even by my standards. Only thing I can think of while watching this replay is it must have been a Thursday game. Thursday is my "Tanking while Intoxicated" night and I either camp worse then normal or run in guns blazing and die quickly lol This isn't really a good game, however I uploaded it just to demonstrate where you should not shoot a Obj. 704. Found a nice little spot where pretty much the only portion of the TD exposed was the mantlet. So while not an impressive game damage wise, I did manage to block an impressive 2,800 or so damage due to the mantlet absorbing it And last but not least for the 704, a good 6k damage plus game. And I'll just leave these last videos here as a link dump kind of. Random games, me trying to scout, etc. Boring artillery play but managed to shoot the last enemy, with my last shell, as he was trying to goomba stomp. (13:58 into the video for an almost epic failure lol) M41 Lucky win Jtiger 88 and regular Jtiger bullying Pretty spectacular, stuck in a ditch fail on my AMX MLE 48 Some E75 Gameplay and angling (Heavies I seem to do well with sometimes)
  4. According to FTR... "El Halluf to be reworked with a hill in the middle..." Hmmm....
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