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Found 6 results

  1. I have a weird aversion towards playing OP tanks. Farming too hard in the E-50? Better stop. Pulling past 4k dpg in the 111 14? It's the tank doing it, I cant pull that legitimately. Sold. Eating T9s with a Spersh? Well, thats not fair, lets leave it in the garage and play our Type 4. You get the idea. Most people dont seem to have this issue; while some might roll their eyes at the idea of playing a 62a for an entire weekend, basically no one thinks its a good idea to avoid good tanks like the plague. Yet, I do. Sure, Ill still play them, but there's always that guilt that crops up before I hit battle. "Im taking the easy way out". I think this has become a nasty habit. Its not only making my results worse, but my desire to cripple my performance has made a real impact on my actual skill. How do you justify playing op tanks? I feel like some apathy would do me wonders.
  2. I dont know when CWs 2.0 is turning up but Im kinda miffed that I missed out on the 907 as was on a break from the game when it showed up so would like to get myself organised for the next campaign reward tank (cue it being a tank I dont want) with a clan thats likely to win reward tanks, though Im happy to be carried I like to think that I am able to contribute. So this is the part where I sell myself right? Well Im salty, crabby and a big crybaby, I lack the inclination to statpad wn8 and though I like to do damage my personal meta is winning games. Im adept at being carried by genuinely good players and I have a penchant for crap tanks. I have the uncanny ability of hindsight and turn into the worlds greatest tanker once Im dead. I have an affliction where I cant shut up but thats ok as I come with a delightful and soothing British accent..... Im a pro derp sniper Hate cancer The holder of the worlds greatest Chi Nu Kai match (who doesnt need someone who can do this in a shitty Chi Nu Kai....) A pro kill stealer, check the low damage. Have an aversion for low flying tanks Drive a customized beetle (theres a tenuous link to tanks in there somewhere...) and myself and the wife are certifiable crazy cat people with 17 of the monsters pooping, vomiting and sitting in front of my screen (we extensively help out a local shelter to the extent where petco gives us a hefty discount...) This is Blinky and Phoebe, Blinky the black one is half blind and has cerebellar hypoplasia sits at the back door punching any cat that goes in or out on the head, shes awesome and I like to think her awesomeness rubs off on me by proxy.....at least I hope its awesomeness she rubs off on me....... That seems to have covered all the information that no one needs so I guess hit me up, platoon, carry me, add me to your blacklist yadda yadda.....
  3. So I was asked by someone to review the Berlin tanks since he got them all -- I've come back and am in semi-retirement in that I don't play much, and even less on my own account. I've basically played only tier 10 for my last few thousand battles so it was interesting to see what lower tiers are like. I played 5 games in each tank. This is not a general-how-to-play guide, more of a brief overview on how each tanks feels and plays and some additional observations. 0/10 means don't ever play, 5/10 means average, and 10/10 means really good. Tank Inspector comparisons, courtesy of Rex (<3): IS2b This is literally an IS. Same gun, same round type, mobility feels ~same as well (meaning quite good for a heavy). APCR spam is profitable as long as you do damage; 4 battles saw me make 106k with heavy sprem spam, but one of those was -5k creds while the rest were a range between 30k and 47k with premium time. Overall very satisfactory and what you would expect from an IS clone. I played this like a typical Russian heavy, relying on brawling, sidescraping, and peekabooming. Do note that while the accuracy technically sucks, it can hit targets at range once aimed, though the aimtime is atrocious. AP is sufficient against 7s and most 8s -- use APCR against 9s and the tier 8 heavies. 8.5/10 Cromwell B This is a joy to play! I'm told this is a speedier Cromwell with slower traverse. Speedy it is, most definitely, as I find myself being overly aggressive and landing in bad spots because the tank is so damn fast. On the other hand, I have yet to fire APCR out of it, because the mobility is good enough that I can flank everything. Despite ~400 lower dpg than the IS2b I make far more credits with this tank because the standard round is good enough. Good ammo capacity so feel free to spam shells; 3.22s reload is enjoyable. Even an utter trash potato game saw me make 20k credits -- expect 35-40k on avg if you're at least decent, 40+k if you're good. Use these for t6 stronks to make massive amounts of creds. I played this with a general sense of how to play mediums, i.e. lots of flanking. The tank is very good at that. Su100Ys are the bane of your existence with stupid high alpha and pen, but if you catch them with their pants down on reload, get ready to farm! Tier 6 games: wreck everything. Tier 7: also wreck everything. Tier 8: you better be flanking a lot, but the platform is more than capable even bottom tier. 10/10 ISU-122S 5.85 seconds reload. Does that smell like dpm? Yeah, it should -- but make sure you have a good crew since the fuel tanks seem pretty terrible and are frontally penned. Without food, the reload is 6.11s (BIA + vents included for both). Let me start with a preface in that I don't like TDs, but this one feels very good. On the other hand, despite my WR in it, the tank seems pretty team-centric... enough that I would recommend mostly toons in it. But perhaps that's just because it feels awkward to me to play a TD. Credit earning seems decent, but I found it necessary to spam APCR a lot, meaning only ~12-20k profit on avg. Armor is trash so don't depend on it. Still overall a very good tank, one of the better in the tier. I would rate it slightly below the 122-44. 7/10 Rudy I had hopes for you; after all, the Dog's name literally means "taking a shit" in Hungarian. Tank can't be that bad, right? Kind of a shitter in my opinion; cannot make this tank work. Not sure what people love about the T-34-85, it's mediocre in just about every department. All of my damage is in the first few minutes, then I get wrecked by some idiot spamming HE or the top tiers focusing me over better targets... Tank requires some APCR spam. Bad viewrange. Can't really flank that well. Yeah, pretty much the worst of the lot by far. 3/10 Buying verdict (in terms of fun + carrying potential): 1) Crom B 2) IS2b 2.5) ISU-122S (It's a good buy) ... Stay away: Rudy
  4. Kitten

    Goodbye tanks

    Bai tanks frens. I'm finally quitting for reals this time... friends were all that kept me playing, but now I don't even enjoy that anymore. Originally I planned to wait until the Civil War ended, but I don't see the point of downloading a gig only to delete it after a few days -- gl to FOXEY wherever teff ends up taking them. This game isn't fun, so I'm off to better adventures! I do plan to make me maths stuff a reality; perhaps in this way I can continue to try and give back to the community. Should have more time now anyways. pm me for steam/skype as perhaps I have some games y'all do too~ goddamn I will miss my SEA and Yuro frens tho. Where the hell did you go Viktor </3
  5. This one is for Rexxie, ZiddyCat, and Sela, I hope you can use your influence with The Powers That Be to get Towser the Mouser honorary purple status here on WoTLabs. With 28,899 estimated lifetime kills (registered with Guinness Book of Records), I believe Towser should be inducted into the Purple Hall of Fame, next to you and all the other purple cats deserving of the honor. Quoting from the article "They say every time Towser caught a mouse, she brought it back to the stillhouse," says Neal Cameron, who has been making the whisky here for 19 years. "Whether it was the whole mouse or it was a headless mouse, I have no idea. But she brought them back to the stillman." http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2014/09/09/347093135/behind-every-good-whisky-is-a-trusty-distillery-cat
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2154283/Cats-away-Artist-turns-dead-pet-flying-helicopter-killed-car.html
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