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Found 2 results

  1. Thoughts on the post 9.17.1 buff on the Centurion 7/1? The most significant change of course has been the top speed buff from 40 kph to 50 kph. And its a refreshing change of pace to not be outpaced by every other medium tank and lag behind some of the heavy tanks. Now I can afford to take more aggressive positions early on (the fact that you can contest the center hill on Mines (replay) within the first minute is a major change), have the option to change position and flank faster than before (prior to that i'd felt committed to whichever lane/flank I was in). The decent p/w of the tank with that speed makes it feel just that bit more reactive and allow it to cover distances faster (as you'll see at replay below) Another perk of being able to go up to 50 kph that most other faster tanks may take for granted is the end game. I've had recent games in the Centurion 7/1 were I could actually pursue and chase down enemy tanks that prior to the speed buff I would never have been able to do so (Example: http://wotreplays.com/site/3418507#siegfried_line-thomchen114-centurion_mk_7_1) Yes, the Centurion still is one of the slowest firing among the 105mm gunned tier IX medium tanks. The slight RoF increase isn't drastic, but from barely 2k to just under 2.2k base DPM is a welcome change. Now if they could just either buff the aim time/gun handling or the turret gun mantlet armor and this tank would be randy dandy (and actually competitive nowadays).
  2. Hello folks My first attempt at writing a review, so please be kind :3 This is an updated review/guide to the Centurion 7/1 (post 9.0). Pros and Cons: (For TL;DR people) + Great pen and accuracy on 105mm + Excellent view range + Good gun depression + Very Good soft terrain resistance + Climbs hills and accelerates quickly + Uses HESH instead of HE, can easily pen high tier artillery and one shot them, e.g. GW E100 +Easy stock grind, can be enjoyable. - Suffers from frequent crew kills and module damage - Unreliable turret - Slow reload and surprisingly bad aim bloom on 105mm - Uses HESH as premium ammo, no HEAT or even better APCR, etc. - Big, and...um...huge. (Bigger and taller than some heavies) - 20 pounder lacks alpha Hitpoints The 7/1 has very nice hit point count, more than the M46 and the T-54, the other two popular tier 9 mediums. It has slightly less than the E-50 though, but still, quite a lot of hit points for a tier 9 medium. Mobility When talking about the mobility of the tank, it's just one thing that stands out. The 950 engine horsepower. It has more horsepower than the E-50 and the Patton, and way more than the T-54, which allows you to do some absolutely crazy maneuvers on hills that would get you killed in other tanks. It has a 34 degree traverse, which makes the tank feel sluggish after the Mk.1 Centurion, but once you get the top engine, all that doesn't matter The top speed is only 40km/h, which makes it a bit frustrating when you need to run around the battlefield to carry, but it is enough, in my opinion. It has worse terrain resistance on hard and medium terrain than the M46 and the T-54, but better soft terrain resistance. Protection The armor on this tank is unreliable at best. The turret is now unreliable since the armor strip behind the mantlet got removed after 9.0. Nowadays, you can get penned in the center of the mantlet by anything over 160mm of penetration, even a Comet can penetrate you straight through the mantlet, given a high penetration roll (It has happened to me). The edges of the mantlet are quite strong, the strongest part is up to 260mm, which can allow some bounces, but don't really rely on it to save you. The sloped part of the turret can be easily penned by anything with over 200mm of penetration and/or with a 105mm or more caliber gun, due to overmatching. The Centurion's turret, once the specialty of the tank(before 9.0 HD nerfs), is no longer that good, and is unreliable at best. The hull is quite nicely sloped, and also has some handy spaced armor at the side that won't stop much AP, but is quite nice for HEAT. In close quarters engagements, given that you keep wiggling the hull rapidly, you can use your wide tracks, spaced armor, and upper plate to eat shots. The upper plate can bounce 220mm pen guns straight on, given some luck, and with a bit of angling, you can bounce E-75s. Funny thing to note, is that T-54s firing HEAT seem to tend to bounce off your upper plate, while one firing AP tends to go through. Luck? Maybe I was just lucky. Yup, lets put it down to luck Lower glacis is nothing good, almost always gets overmatched. The spaced armor and decent side allows you to sidescrape quite nicely, bouncing even 155mm guns. Unlike the Mk.1, which had its side overmatched by 122mm guns, the 7/1 doesn't have that issue ^^. Did I mention the side skirts of the tank bouncing HEAT well? One thing to note when side scraping is that more experienced players will just aim just to the side of the turret, before you can shoot at them. Bad rear turret and hull armor (of course). Gun(s) The Centurion 7/1 has two competitive guns. One is the 20 pounder type B barrel and the other is the 105mm L7. 20 pounder: This gun is excellent for a tier 9 medium, only lacking in damage. The penetration is better than the M46 Patton's, the accuracy is good, at 0.32, and the dpm is simply mad. Fitted with a gun rammer, vents, food, BIA, you can reach a reload time of 4.51 seconds. Even without the food and BIA, its a reload time of 4.81 seconds. This places its DPM at around 2900-3100 damage per minute. This allows you to out DPM a T-54 (given the food and BIA), or just have 30 less DPM (Without food and BIA). Recommended gun by me, reliable damage output. ^^ Though the damage is a bit lacking, so you might want to use the 105mm. 105mm gun: This gun is also quite nice for a tier 9 medium. The 105mm is a tier 10 gun, so it has excellent pen, at 268, and good damage, on par with the E-50 and the M46. The accuracy is also great when fully aimed. However, the only things that ruin it is the poor dpm and the seemingly poor accuracy when not fully aimed. The reload is just over 10 seconds, even with vents and rammer. The 105mm's poor dpm doesn't really work on this tank because of the low speed, it doesn't have the speed of the others to rush around the battlefield, flanking enemy tanks. The high pen and good accuracy allows you to be a sniper and opportunist, but it really doesn't allow much damage to be done. Also, the 105mm seems to have a random nature, it bounces shots and misses, and you cannot afford to miss because of the long reload. Not recommended for inexperienced players. It makes the tank unique though, so if the 20 pounder is not for you, by all means go for the the 105, it can be fun. View range and gun depression: 410m, excellent, the only other tier 9 medium with as much view range is the M46 Patton. Good gun depression, -10. Makes the tank comfortable to play. Crew skills: Assuming that you transferred the crew from one tank to the next, starting from tier 5, then you should have at least one crew skill to 100% by the time you get to this tank. By the time you finish, you should have 2 crew skills to 100%. In list form, for the common "I just wanna grind through dis tank" player Commander: Sixth Sense, Jack of All trades, Repairs. (Recon, camo) Gunner: Snap shot, designated target, repairs (deadeye, camo) Driver: Smooth ride, Clutch breaking, repairs (off road driving, controlled impact) Loader: safe stowage, adrenaline rush, repairs (intuition, camo) For the keeper dude: Commander: BIA, Sixth Sense, Repairs, Recon, Camo Gunner: BIA, Deadeye, Snapshot, Repairs, camo Driver: BIA, Smooth ride, repairs, camo, clutch breaking Loader: BIA, Safe stowage, repairs, situational awareness, camo Skill explanation: Commander needs sixth sense (obvious reasons). Jack of all trades, because the gunner and driver gets knocked out often, if it happens twice, as it does usually...you need this skill. Recon, because you need to maximize your view range just that little bit, as much as possible. It gives 21m extra max view range, and if you have optics, you can exploit that 21m (recon extends MAXIMUM view range). Repairs, because as I mentioned, you regularly get tracked. Gunner needs snap shot, especially if you use the 105mm, which needs that bit to aim quicker. Designated target, because you find yourself spotting a lot with your handy view range. Repairs, for obvious reasons. Deadeye would be a nice to have given the 20 pounder . Driver, smooth ride because the 20 pounder is quite good at firing on the move, Clutch breaking to increase the average traverse, off road driving, to make that ground resistance even better, controlled impact because of the good engine power and decent weight of the tank. You will find yourself ramming quite a lot of scouts and enemy tracked mediums, so this is very useful for brawling against, say T-54s. Loader, safe stowage because of the ammo rack, since it is handily located right behind your clan icon at the side of your tank. Adrenaline rush, to squeeze out that extra bit of dpm in low health situations, I found it quite nice. Repairs (again), and intuition if you're going to use the 105mm, to switch between HESH and AP...Camo for the gunner and the loader because, scouting. That extra camo is useful in maps like Lakeville and Malinovka. There was a match where my platoon mate in the 7/1 next to me got spotted and I didn't, just because I put camo crew on my tank. BIA for obvious reasons. Equipment and Consumables Vents, rammer, and optics. If you use the 105mm, give up the vents or optics for vert stabs. Consumables, use auto fire extinguisher, you get set on fire from almost every shot to your engine. Small repair kit, small health kit, though I use large, because your crew tends to be killed in pairs when you get artilleried. Unique Quirks: The seemingly quite random 105mm, see QB tank review for proof (he shook his camera in rage ^^) (Rage at 12:40) The ammo rack behind the clan logos. (Yup, its true, you can go in the training rooms to test it) The exceptionally fat front. This makes you unable to peek-a-boom around city corners. They will be able to shoot you and your ammo rack long before you can even point your gun at them. Only peek-a-boom when you are sure they have fired, don't play aiming games with Russian 122mm guns. Gunner tends to get knocked out from artillery hits. That's pretty much it Playstyle: You will find it hard to rush for aggressive positions because of the low speed, for example the middle of Ruinberg...Stay hull down at all times, sidescrape whenever you get into a city. 20 pounder: Check the enemy team list. Go wherever you think least tanks will go. When possible, find isolated heavies and gun them down with your dpm. The 20 pounder can give you an advantage against players who think you are using the 105mm, I have seen players who sat in front of my gun, thinking I was using the 105mm, which allowed me to get in two shots. The 20 pounder can perma track any tank, even with 100% repairs and toolbox. I once permatracked a IS-7 and took off almost all his health with my DPM: http://wotreplays.com/site/1520086#ensk-serene_potato-centurion_mk_7_1 105mm: At the start of the game, stay back and snipe, don't go forward, or you'll get rushed and killed before you can reload. During mid-late game, be an opportunist, wait for your heavies to take the hits, come out, and shoot them before they reload. As previously noted, the 105mm gun feels very inaccurate when unaimed, and seems to have a mind of its own. Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1147422#northwest-roycemingyu-centurion_mk_7_1 Stock grind: Absolutely painless, with the Type A 20 pounder, you only have less accuracy and dpm, and a slightly longer aim time. Second engine and top radio carries over from the Mk.1 Centurion, so mount them immediately. Unlock tracks first, improves your mobility all round (terrain resistance is a must on this tank). Then go straight for the turret, unlocking the Type B on the way, because you need the extra view range. If you find the gun's damage unacceptable, get the 105mm first. If you find the 20 pounder to be fun, then get the top engine first. I got my Mastery Ace Tanker on the Centurion 7/1 when stock. Will add the replay later. Hope someone found this review helpful ^^ I look at this tank from a green-blue player perspective, where many players are, so this review isn't perfect. Tell me if I got something wrong, how I can improve (e.g. too long ). If feedback is positive, will write more in the future
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