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Found 17 results

  1. I just got a hold of my maus and after waiting a week following my wisdom teeth being pulled out I'm more or less capable of semi coherent thoughts so MAUS 3 MARK TIME Got a million credits for today and am starting off with optics, vstab & rammer with small rep, large med and chocolate Goals -3500+dpg/#1 NA -65%+ wr -sub 100 game 3 mark Its a bit below what I did in my type5 but I feel like the rear turret is going to be a bit of an issue. As of this post, its bein streamed to the twitches https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit @Spartan96 can have my stuff if I die
  2. Hello friends o7o7 Recently, I stumbled upon a thread on the pubbie forums denouncing the E 75 as not just been powercreeped, nay, it's also a bad tank in general and is in desperate need of a buff. Now as an not very heavy oriented player I still have a high amount of respect for the great Tier 9 German Heavy (the good one) and have an equally low opinion of people who talk out their arse. So this is my reply to those who doubt the great behemoth that is the E 75. All 100 games will be played solo on my Stream I will make no excuses for the loadout, this is how I would load my E75 up crew/consumable wise and if you think I'm a dirty goldspammer than feel free to wallow in mediocrity. (Loadout has changed slighly, lots more APCR, I also may swap med kit for chocolate at some point during the challenge) These are the stats at the start of the challenge: And MoE: My goals for this challenge are as follows: 100 games completely solo on stream 65% W/R 3000 Damage per game 3 Marks of Excellence by the completion of the challenge Special thanks to JOC469 for lending me his account and credits :^) Much appreciated mate Stream will begin shortly, I will start of playing the T55a as I haven't played it before and I can get a feel for pubs at the moment Link to ASIA forums topic: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/63369-vals-100-game-solo-e75-challenge-with-100-gudness/ o7o7o7
  3. Since Gandaran is an idiot and also a masochist, he agreed to do this challenge if someone made a poast. So here it is. Expected: 65% WR / 1400 dpg / 3 MoE 65% WR / 1200 dpg / 3 MoE I'm pretty sure 1400 dpg would be one of the best on the server. He will be streaming it here: twitch.tv/gandaran and will also be uploading all of his replays in this thread. He will poast a nice (spergy) writeup about how amazing the TOG is, strengths (lol), weaknesses, how to play, etc. He will either solo or do a TOG platoon in his games. I'll update this with his progress periodically; look for his poasts if you want daily-ish updates. Good luck friend. -- Obligatory cat picture: -- Current stats: 8 Apr 2015 7 games - 87% WR - 997 dpg 12 Apr 2015 (morning) 31 games - 68% WR - 1096 dpg 16/17 Apr 2015 (late night/early morn) 72 games - 64% WR - 1109 dpg - 1 mark 17 May 2015 (Yeah this is still a thing) 86 games - 65% WR - 1120 dpg - pretty sure still 1 mark 1 June 2015 107 games - 65% WR - 1116 dpg - 2 marks(!!)
  4. THE END: Overall Stats after 95 games: WR: 62% (59 wins) DPG: 2692 KPG: 1.54 Survival: 37% --- Previously on wotlabs: Purpose: Challenge and test my skills with the AMX 50B, my second tier 10 tank, for it's first 100 games, all solo. Get feedback and suggestions from you guys Rules: 100 solopub games Played in batches of 5, min 5 batches per week Lesson/Recap on each match World of Tanks Statistics on each Goals: (feel free to give me suggestions on these. I want something hard, but achievable) 57% WR 2600 DPG 35% Survival Setup: --- Batch 1 (In the order in which I played them): #5 - (Win) Northwest, NE spawn: Played passively on the week side. Team won without me. #4 - (Win) Redshire, N spawn: Team send only three east, so I had them come back to defend base. Was tought to find a place to fight, and I traded equally. Tried to get some flanking in, but the enemy was safe from my direction, and the game was won before I had an impact. Late game, I got myself into a position where I was vision pinned. Sigh. #3 - (Loss) Stalingrad, S spawn: Went west, and pushed with a strong force, winning the side, though missing some key shots. Once they started capping the close match, I didn't go back directly enough, and we lost. Useless damage... #2 - (Win) Sacred valley, SW Spawn: Went NW, and put out an excellent clip. Then noticed crabEatOff in trouble, and also that I was in his way. I tried to take a shot for him while getting out of his way, and ended up losing all my health because I did it in a really dumb way. Also, crab critiqued my agressive play. Will try to play further back. #1 - (Win) Erlenburg, S spawn: Decided to experiment with H1 Medium spot. I wondered if I could use it. Shot twice, and lost all but 63 of my health. I escaped and repositioned, but then noticed an E4 going for one of my TDs. I came in behind him to clip him out, but missed the tracking shot, shot into good armor, and he reloaded before my fourth shot. I don't think I should have run away. I just should have took my time with the three shots that I needed. Played like shit, was hardcore carried. Not used to the reload yet. I'm either not ready to fire, or I stay out too long. Still, this tank is fun so far. Session Stats: WR: 80% DPG: 2269 KPG: 1.00 Survival: 40% --- Overall Stats after 5 games: WR: 80% (4 wins) DPG: 2269 KPG: 1.00 Survival: 40%
  5. Hello! Update 6/17: I will get this done before I leave for summer break the 1st of july. After reading Kewei's article on how to get better at World Of Tanks i have decided to play 1000 games in the T-62A to see what kind of improvement I get. At the moment I have stagnated and am sort of lacking focus on what I want to do and I find that chasing new tanks all the time is increasingly frustrating. So with a background of having watched emu87 doing solopub play in tier 10 and thinking it might work as a educational journey for lesser players as well I will be doing this. I have a lot of high tier tanks but have not really played a lot of tier 10 games. Some of the tanks I got as a noob and the tank stats reflect this in a horrible kind of way. So the principle Kewei outlined in his article should work for me I think. I chose the T-62A because it is a good medium tank and the stats I have in it is nothing to wreck. And it is fun to play, which will help me get through this challenge. So Before: Overall account stats: After: Early conclusion: My average damage in it has gone up to 2,4k a game. Not as much as I had hoped, but still it is a major improvement. Doing a bit over 1,1k spotting damage per game aswell. Win rate is perhaps the biggest disappointment with 52% wr. Had hoped to push this to 55%. My time for playing has been widely inconsistent with the time period of this solo challenge. I went 1 month without playing at all, and the last 2 months I have been playing a lot. Sometimes up to 100 battles a day. My results vary in the challenge from sessions deep into superunicum territory of 4k plus WN8 to the more average lately of 2,6k WN8. I still feel that I am improving although it is in small increments. My average damage on my tier 10 tanks are all slowly climbing up, and I hope to push this to approximately 3k. Some of my other replays. PS: The next session after I am done with the challenge: Crew and setup: As you can see I average slightly under 2k damage in it. But this is after the first 20 set of games. I will update this with screenshots after each session of 20 games. Session 1: Highlights: My Mastery Badge game doing 6,3k damage. 3 games with low damage (below 1500), and 1 zero damage game. After the first 7 games I had an average of 3,4k damage and it trailed off after that. Maybe lost focus? Session 2: Session 3: Session 4: Session 5: Session 6: Session 7: Session 8: Session 9: Session 11: Session 12: Session 13: Session 14: Session 15: Session 16: Session 17: Session 18: Session 19: Session 20: Session 21: Session 22: Session 23: Session 24: Session 25: Session 26: Session 27: Session 28: Session 29: Session 30: Session 31: Session 32: Session 33: Session 34: Session 35: Session 36: Session 37: Session 38: Session 39: Session 40: Session 41: Session 42: Session 43: Session 44: Session 45: Session 46: Session 46: Session 47: Just 3 games. Session 48: No wn8 because the mod fucked up the score. Session 49: Good teams. Session 50: Crappy play. Session 51: Session 52: Session 53: Man the teams... Session 54: Cat jumped on reset button at the end of the first match, which was an epic 6,3 damage win. Rest of session was crap. Session 55: Final session: Finally done! Last day was 10+15 games. Teams were really not that good and lots of good toons on the other sides.
  6. Since boasting and poasting and e-peen measuring is very common on this forum I thought I would give the superpeenises an opportunity to earn some easy gold. Edit: People have to finish this before the 12th of December to get their pots of gold or donation to wild life. Challenge: 200 games on a switched server(NA on EU and EU on NA) all replays hosted for sharing and stats documented in tier 10 tank chosen by me and said unicum(s). EDIT: I won't be too harsh on the time limits. The reward will follow a scale like this: 70%wr>30000 gold 65%wr>12000 gold 60%wr> 5500 gold I can help with access to accounts for this challenge on each server. Interested parties will post below, and the best canidates will be chosen by me. I will reserve the right to say no if more than 2 acceptable candidates from both NA and EU applies. Which server has got the unicums who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk? Edit: From EU: Embryonic Journey, Poltto, Stefan_XD & Moukka Who is Stefan_XD? Well look at his stats in the T-54 for starters: 4.8k average damage in the T-54! 1700 average XP! Over 5k average damage in the Obj 268! Who is - I'm stronk, basically all of my recently played tanks are in the top10 on vbaddict and +1200 avg xp (see Leopard 1, Leopard PTA, M26 Pershing, 110, T20, Chaffee, A-44, Obj 416, IS-2..) - I play mostly solo and all game modes To switch it up and compare the difficulty of solo carry in tier 9 and tier 10, Moukka will be playing the T-54 full gold spam(if he wants). Same rules as the others. From NA: PityFool, Precambrian, Jojackington, External007, SmyleeRage & BigCheese256 This will start as soon as we get the details sorted regarding accounts.
  7. My main reasoning behind doing this is I like this tank and I wanted to do a challenge with it. I like Garbad and CarbonatePork will be using all gold but I am going to make a couple changes to the challenge do to time constraints. Instead of doing 5 games per session I will be doing 10 as I leave on vacation in 6 days. I will still be doing 50 battles all solo (or platooned with reds). All of my replays will be put up for download. So let the chaos begin! Rules: #1 50 games all solo (or platooned with reds) #2 All gold spam +food(o gawd rip me credits) #3 Keep track of stats #4 5 games per night Equipment and Stats: Other threads can be found here Edit:I am only going to play 5 battles per session and finish when I get back http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368534 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368849 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=368974 http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15534-t-34-85-challenge-inspired-by-garbad-and-carbonatedpork/?p=369311
  8. So I'm going to try my hand at because it seems like a good excuse to derp around at tier six spamming gold and food. Here are the rules of engagement I'll be adhering to: 50 games, all solopub. 5 games per session. I'm not going to do this every night, so it'll take me a bit longer than 10 days. Almost all APCR except for a handful of HE shells. Food. VStab/Rammer/Optics and a two skill crew (camo and gunnery/sixth/stowage). The goal is to get the highest winrate I can, although the sample size is too small to draw conclusions from. Data tracked and presented using an amazing program that you need in your life. All replays hosted so you can watch me derp if the mood suits you. I really like with play-by-play analysis, so I'll probably try to write up some of these replays in the same fashion if time permits and I feel like it. I'll try to cover games where I exerted the most influence on the outcome, both with game-winning decisions and errors in judgement that threw a game. I run a vanilla client except for vbAddict's uploader stuff, so I'm not going to be able to present XVM chances to win or exact player data in my replay commentary. Wish me luck! First session will probably be tomorrow or Saturday because I got a super shitty night's sleep last night. All aboard the S.S. Goldspam!
  9. Hello, I have decided to play the AMX-50B for this challenge 1.Having high ping will be the first problem in this challenge adapting to the conditions will be crucial! I will be using the server reticle(mod version) I have never used this before but if I want to hit my shots I will have to get used to it. 2.Getting used to pubs!! This is a very big issue they will not play and react the same as NA pubs knowing this right off the bat it might take me sometime to play as aggressive as I would like to in order to secure the wins I must adapt if I don't I will surely fail. 3. SOLO?!?! I Have solo'd before but not this much not to the point where I cant cry out for help and have other unicums assist me..... This is why I'm doing the challenge in the first place to prove I can solo!! Well Wish me luck?! #Win%Matters#TryHardWith180ms#NoFucksGiven#UniscumPride But, what kind of person would I be if I let these things get in my way of being a "BADASS" AMX50B Crew and Stats Before: Lets hope I will improve the stats and not ruin them Statistics and Replays will be posted below and updated each day I Play! I Recommend using Wot Replay Analyser Makes it easier to sort thru the Bad/Good Games! Session Statistics: TB: 56 WR: 75% Replays: First Day Second Day Third Day
  10. The FCM 50t is generally regarded as it's squishy and can't hold a flank alone. I'll openly admit that I'm pretty bad at solopubbing the thing, myself. Well, I've got some credits to make, some free and convertible XP to generate, and some learnin' to do so without further ado I present my "Pork Learns to Love the Pubbies Solopub Challenge". You might ask, "What is the point of this solopub challenge?" I'm glad you asked! Here are my goals: Stop trying to farm damage. I've been guilty of playing the FCM as a pure support sniper in the past in the hopes of boosting WN8 and my credit earning. That's bad. I've uninstalled session stats to get out of the stats-chasing mentality and into the win-at-all-costs mindset. Damage is not always king; local advantages are often better for winning than sniping at a tank that's positioned himself effectively out of play. Trust my teammates more. My current mindset while playing involves me conserving my HP at all costs. No more! I'm going to start using my HP as an expendable resource that I can use to keep my teammates alive. If there's an autoloader that's about to get rekt while he's reloading, I'm going to jump in and save him if the opportunity looks favorable. Basically, I'm going to try to be the best team player I can be so that our team gets and maintains a numerical advantage, even if it might involve a bit of self sacrifice. Even though pubs be pubs, I need to trust that they're going to continue to shoot at enemy tanks if I can keep them alive to do so. Do what it takes to win. If my team forms a lemming train, the best play might be to secure a defensive position near our cap or the other flank to stall or defend against a capfast. If my team is pulling slightly ahead in endgame with 5 tanks left to their 4, it might make sense to go ahead and cap instead of trying to kill every tank. I'm going to try to make the best play that would tilt a questionable game into a winning one, even if it's not optimal for purpledom. I'm going to post replays and session stats in small batches whenever I work on this challenge. The goal is to solopub the FCM 50t and E-25 for something like 100-150 games so I can improve on all of the above points. I feel like the E-25 fits in the same sort of niche that the FCM does: great for getting damage and platooning but not so great for winning without a good team or platoonmates. I'm not going to be doing this challenge exclusively, but I am going to focus on it until I feel satisfied with the results. Wish me luck, gents! Solopub Challenge Overall (Incomplete): Won 48 of 77 games for a 62.3% winrate. Session 1 (won 10 of 16 games, 62.5% winrate). [ Session 2 (won 2 of 3 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 3 (won 6 of 9 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 4 (won 7 of 8 games, 87.5% winrate). [ Session 5 (won 5 of 6 games, 83.3% winrate). [ Session 6 (won 9 of 22 games, 40.9% winrate). [ Session 7 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 8 (won 4 of 4 games, 100% winrate). [ Session 9 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 10 (won 3 of 3 games, 100% winrate). [
  11. To give something of a forward; hi all, I'm Panzer9. I used to be a window licker. Or rather, more so than I do now. Then I found wotlabs forums, back when it was first starting up(Summer 2013 iirc). I'm definitely not the most vocal or "active" member but I do lurk here extremely often, so I'd like to think I'm not a total outcast here. Recently I've been going through a regression period. I used to be able to hold ~2600-2700 wn8 with 60%-63% wins with maybe 60%/40% platooned/solo playing my normal tanks. But now, I'm seriously faltering. I'm legit happy to have even blue stats, which is kinda of paradoxical considering I used to ragequit at anything less than purple. So anyway, literally the only thing I've been doing differently is playing this.... thing, the T-34-3. Considering I don't even play Chinese tanks I have no idea why I even bought it, but not much to be done about it now. It's made me realize; I was never good. A good player excels in all tanks, no excuses, no bullshit. And I can't do that. I'm just another mediocre green/blue. And I hate that, and hope this will do something to change that. Just to screencap my current stats: Disregard the winrate, it's extremely platoon padded. Essentially I'll play a certain number of solo games in this tank(to be decided in the poll), with all replays provided of coarse. I have mine set up in the rather unorthodox Garbadic manner: I'll honestly be happy if I can pull dark blue stats out of this. If any purples; actually, anyone at all, would watch the replays and give some feedback I'd be very grateful. Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
  12. Hi I'm Jojo and I am taking on _pip_'s Unicum Solo Challenge! Found Thanks to pip for making this challenge possible and allowing me to participate in it. I will be using the brand new, just bought with 0 battles FV215B for this challenge using this set-up. My goal is to obtain 70%+ win rate across 200 battles, maintaining 4k+ wn8, and see if i can hit 4k dpg. I will be uploading the replays in batches, and keeping track of progress via vbaddict. o7
  13. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/11645-weeshs-obj-140-challenge/?p=271158 Failed sorta --- Purpose: Challenge and test my skills with the Obj 140, my first tier 10 tank, for it's first 100 games. Get feedback and suggestions from the good players. Rules: 100 solopub games (option to quit at 50 if something goes horribly wrong) Played in batches of 5, min 1 bach per day Lesson/Recap on each match World of Tanks Statistics on each All replays stored and available on request. One replay included per batch. Goals (actual in RED) (feel free to give me suggestions on these. want something hard, but achievable if I improve rapidly) 52% WR (45%) 2400 DPG (1984) 40% Survival (31%) Participation Award Setup: --- Batch 1 (In the order in Which I played them): #5 - (Loss)(43%)Prokorovka, S spawn: Spotting and roughly equal trading. When team started to fall, we slow to reinforce, important teammate died fighting a bat chat alone. #4 - (Loss)(54%) Northwest, SW spawn: Rushed north, but aborted upong seeing level of support. Plan B was a location that I was perma spotted and couldn't fight from. Tried reverse sidescraping, and there probably isn't any angle that would have worked. Should not ahve been there. Should have tried to run and relocated. #3 - (Loss)(55%) Hidden Village, SE spawn: Probably should not have gone North with only a single tier 9 medium. When I saw a big heavy coming, should have escaped while I could. Was unaware of surroundings, and was in the open too often. #2 - (Win)(50%)Karelia: had trouble with an E-50M, and the ACPR ammo when above him. probably should have started shooting upper plate. The rest of the match was a shooting galery with few risks. Resulted in a low-skill required high caliber (5000 damage). #1 - (Win)(57%) Prokorovka clone, N spawn: early spotting and sniping, then some team communication. asked if a groups was ready for me to lead a push, and they all agreed. Turned game into a route. Got greedy on cleanup, but survived anyays. (REPLAY) Session Stats: WR: 40% DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40% --- Overall Stats after 5 games: WR: 40% (2 wins) (XVM estimate: 2.59) DPG: 2604 KPG: 1.40 Survival: 40%
  14. Hey everyone, I've finally decided to buckle down and grind out the credits to get the Leopard 1. I've had it unlocked for a long time but I haven't been able to put together the credits to buy it because I have a chronic goldspamming addiction. Anyways, to make this a little more fun (but what could be more fun than playing 100 games in a regular MM T8 by yourself??) I decided to make it into a bit of a challenge. I'm going to grind out ~5 mil credits SOLO over the next few days and I'm going to record various statistics about my sessions. The goal is to try to play as well as possible whilst earning credits in a timely manner. The first 20 games are listed below. I am very open to comments/criticism. Wish me luck! Edit: A few tank stats/pros & cons T34, T8 Heavy Tank -102mm Hull armor -279mm Turret armor -120mm gun, 400 alpha, 248 pen AP, 297 pen APCR Pros: -Excellent turret armor, alpha, depression, and penetration Cons: -Slow, fat, weak, sees T10s After the first 5 games I was seriously considering abandoning the challenge altogether... Also, after ~100 games I may do some statistical analysis to see what factors in my gameplay affect my winrate (frags, damage, survival, etc.) just to spice things up a bit and to give our mathematics contributors an opportunity to tell me exactly how wrong my analysis is.
  15. Hey WotLabs, I have recently noticed that my IS-7 performance is suffering. Only 2,009 DPG is not the greatest. My goal with this challenge is to try and get as close to 2500 as possible in 50 games. I will be playing a minimum of 5 games per day in it with the possibility of more. Every night I will upload the Tank Statistics Current IS-7 stats: Cheers!
  16. I've been grinding a bunch of different tanks lately in the hopes of filling my garage with awesome tier 10 tanks but neglecting my own play. What good is a garage full of tanks if I can't play them well? I remember that I improved quite a bit when I undertook my WZ-132 challenge, so I figured I'd do the same thing at tier 10 with the STB-1. So without further ado, here's the "Pork Sucks at Solopubbing Tier 10s" challenge. Here's my ground rules: Play 200 solopub games in the STB-1. Don't play any other tanks and don't platoon. Purple (WN8 and winrate) or bust. Gather the stats/replays and post them every 25 games. Report any insights I have about solopubbing tier 10s as I go along. Run food but shoot mostly APCR, reserving HEAT for E 100 turret faces and the like. This is more of a self-improvement challenge than an e-peen waving; I'm bad@STB and want to get gud. Without further ado, let the suck commence! Edit: I'm over halfway through with the challenge. I started running the E 50 Ausf. M and FV4202 because the STB was bleeding my credits dry. Session 1 (games 1-25), 48% winrate and ~2000 WN8: Session 2 (games 26-50), 40% winrate and 1633 WN8: Session 3 (games 51-72), 50% winrate and 1247 WN8: Session 4 (games 73-97), 64% winrate and 2111 WN8: Session 5 (games 98-122), 52% winrate and 1893 WN8: Session 6 (games 123-144), 47.6% winrate and 2441 WN8:
  17. So I decided to start repairing my M48 stats, they have suffered badly from too much #YOLOSWAG rushing. And I thought that I might as well do it in the form of a solopub challenge, so here goes. My goals are: 65% solo winrate and 4k+ dpg Current M48 stats: I will archive replays and update thread after each session. Wish me luck! Update 1: 3500 dpg for last night's session, went full potato after about 10 battles, and should have stopped earlier https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nbmdnYlRSMU1wUFE/edit?usp=sharing Update 2: Pretty much same story as update 1, did awesome for the first 10 battles or so, then I went full retard for the rest of the session :/ End result was 3969 dpg over 19 battles, still need to go a bit higher. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nNzZ5ZG1IdHRLZ3c/edit?usp=sharing
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