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Found 7 results

  1. This is something I've been pondering for a while. Doing 3k damage in a tier 10 was usually a baseline for a unicum player where 4k damage was usually reserved for a top tier super uni player. With the new MM changes do you think we are seeing a shift in avg damage at this tier? Personally, I feel like I've been playing better but I'm not sure if that is just a perceived notion because of damage pools being much higher. Thoughts?
  2. With quite a few changes to which mods have recently been labeled and legal & illegal for WOT I figured I would make a thread for new info on this stuff. Old Autoaim+ (with the lock on through walls functionality) is officially an llegal mod on NA (I don't know about EU) and I've heard from quite a few people that zoom out is illegal on NA and EU but I have not seen any sources backing that up. If anyone has official sources on changes to what is allowed, posting them here would be greatly appreciated (specifically with sources & specification on what server this applies to)
  3. Me and a friend were discussing this yesterday and I figured it was worth making a post, you'll never change something if you don't try and I'd love for this game to get even better. One of the primary issues I had with world of tanks, and it's extended to world of warships, is that vehicles aren't customisable enough. In WoT for example you always know the loadout and stats of a given tank. An E100 has 235 pen 750 damage 16.88 sec reload blah blah. This is because there is a "top" configuration for each vehicle. A ship likewise always has the same configuration when fully upgraded, the only exception that comes to mind being the Mogami with the choice of 6 or 8 inch guns. World of Warships had done a MUCH better job with captain skills are equipment choices, always room for improvement but I think they get a solid well done for variation and letting players make different builds. I'd like to take this further however and address the ship modules themselves. The unlocks shouldn't be flat upgrades but should allow further specialisation. One hull might have more secondaries at the cost of AA, another might give more armour but less health, or any combination of the above. Perhaps you could have a higher top speed but a larger turning circle. You could also allow choice of different main armament. An example would be the Izumo where there were a variety of different designs with different arrangements of the main battery. Cruisers too could have choices between more smaller calibre guns or less larger calibre ones. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself but I'd also like to see what people would think of a fully customisable secondary armament. Each ship (or hull) could have an allocation of secondary points. You could then spend these points to add different weapons. A 3x25mm mount could cost say 10 points while a 2x127mm could cost 30 points. For consistency you would probably need to have these applied symmetrically on each side of the ship, although the idea of a ship having more on one side is certainly interesting. This would allow people to further specialise, especially battleships. Cruisers could take lots of dual purpose batteries for AA escort while battleships could take lots of smaller calibres for personal defence. Ships could also forgo their anti aircraft guns in favour of more anti ship weaponry. At present a Yamato mounts 12 127mm guns on each side but could for example take 24 guns on each side at the expense of its 25mm and 155mm batteries. Or it could mount 155mm guns instead of the 127mm, increasing its anti ship defence but leaving it very open to air attack. Please leave feedback, what you think is good, what you think is bad. Any ideas of how customisation could be implemented in a different way would be great to hear too!
  4. Been out of pocket game wise for awhile and also been spending what little spare time I've got on other games (WoWS and even a dabble with WoWP) but I played a few rounds of WoT last night and I've a few questions: 1. Did the garbage men go on strike again? Arty trash everywhere.... Was going to restart a heavy grind or two based on what I'm seeing of map reworks but the arty spam has me wondering on that? 2. Some mediums seem to be reworked, buffed etc. Are they still the best alternative for folks who can't stand arty spam and if so, which lines would you focus on from tier 6+ in light of changes or upcoming changes? edit: I notice the RU meds seem to still be the default flavor of choice but I gather there are some changes of late for those who will mostly be playing pubs with meds. edit2: I haven't had arty in my garage since I sold what I had rebought for those damnable "missions" when they first came out as its just not worth it. 3. How viable are TDs these days? Life seems to be rougher on the TD side since I last played. I know I'm not necessarily a good player but I had been improving, got into green in all categories finally (after 9500+ games) and hope to continue that progress either in 6-8 or 4-7 as I basically take a few and relearn. Thanks for any tips/suggestions etc on current state of the game
  5. Or is it 9.11. Fuck if I can remember. Here's what I see so far looking off of gamemodels3d.com. I'm just looking at armor thicknesses and slopes. You've got the visual models to compare sizes and shit. I don't have the time for that too. Soviets Nazis Americans French Brits
  6. War, war never changes. http://wotreplays.com/site/2009758
  7. So, since yesterday 9.7 is up. I've started grinding the last US med line and am currently grinding the T20 (which is awesome btw ). Did a few battles and noticed there is like hardly any arty in the game anymore (5 battles played, 1 arty ...). Other members from my clan noticed the same thing (although we were not platooning). And it stayed like that all night. Then we started noticing the queue itself. 30-50 meds and heavies in queue while there were consistantly 300-400 arties and lights in queue. Not being anti-light we hadn't even noticed the number of lights per battle, so we decided to check. And sure enough, 1-2 lights per battle. A guy playing his bulldog complained MM took at least 1 min to get into a battle. So was yesterday a fluke? Or did they change the MM, where I just missed the info? Anyone else notice the lack of arties (hurray!! ) Is it the same on the US servers? Thx,
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