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Found 22 results

  1. Coming back for awhile and would like a decent group to run with if at all possible. I have plenty of CW experience, officer experience, and want to contribute in more ways than one. AMX 50B BC 25 t Obj 907 113 Super Conqueror. (Working on Progetto) My Recent is 2300 but my last 7 days are at 2462, I'll raise them as soon as I get used to the Matchmaker. I'll fix the numbers, just looking for an opportunity, thanks for your time.
  2. We're an Incumbent clan using AEST/DST for times. Have members based in all the major centres in Australia and New Zealand. Also have members in the Philippines but as long as you speak fluent English it should be fine. We do tier 6 strongholds/clan wars and we do tier 10 advances on weekends at 1900 and 2300hrs. Requirements: Played at least 1000 battles and has a tier 6 (pref Cromwell/Type 64/Hellcat) we sometimes take smurf accounts Speak English fluently Has/Is able to use Discord If interested reply below with you IGN. If you're on 48 hour cooldown also let me know.
  3. I'm looking for a clan to die in after my recent exclusion from Youjo. I can only play on weekends and hate speaking. I was kicked from Youjo for not doing clan wars. Apparently they're too competitive for me. I have ten tier 10s and some tier 8 op prems for stronks. A lot of the 10s are three marked. I'll pretty much never show up to CW because of reasons I can't control. It's ok though, I'm cute~ Here are my padded stats. Decent improvement over the last few weeks. What I have to offer: -Basically nothing -Stat Padding & Chai Sniping -A very bad platoon mate -Bad chat memes -Complaining -Blacklisting people in the clan who shoot me with arty -Decently active in discord or slack I'd rather not talk in TS for an eval, unless I absolutely have to. Thanks ^_^
  4. [SWN] Smexy Wild Needlefish [SWN] is an EU server based pubstar/re-roll (no CW/tournament stuff - at least for now) klanu for people who play/switched to WoT:Blitz. I originally created it only for myself to get the discount thingys that klanus in Blitz get, but realized I can share, so if you are Unica, or Super-Unica too cheap to pay 1,000,000 creds for your own clan, don't mind being in a clan with a sperg who named it after a fucking fish and want discounts to help you grind n' stuff and people to toon with, feel free to poast here or send me a PM with your IGN. No forums or TS for now, but it wouldn't be a problem to set up if this shit picks up. If not, whatevs - I'll keep the discounts for myself
  5. So I'm a "decent" player who hasn't had great luck with clans. My first clan, KIMBO, would up disbanding due to internal politics, and my last clan, NAG, promised constant improvement and competitive battles but stagnated in a similar manner. I really just want a place where I can log onto the TS and it's full of skilled people who have a good time playing the game. If there is a clan out there that would take in someone with minor calling experience and a wide variety of tanks, then send a PM and I'd love to hop on and play some games with ya. WL signature placed below for reference.
  6. Rat Trap You know, back when I was young, man, I had seen some cheese on a board. I was like damn, that cheese look hella good I gotta get me some of that [edited], man. So I gets to nibblin' on the cheese and smadadat. Guess what it was? Rat trap. So the moral of the story is, watch ya selves. They hypnotize you with dat [edited]in them booty shorts twerking for a brotha and next thing you know, she pregnant, askin you for money. Man, these ho's is cheese on a board. We are a good group of tankers. We enjoy playing tanks and have a good time. Requirements: *Must have Teamspeak and a working MIC. *Participate in tournaments and strongholds. *1500 overall WN8. *Exceptions can be made for stats (Except for immature players) We always make room for good people. For recruitment talk to one of these gents. Commander XO Recruiter
  7. Hello again... Im going to start off bye saying im not a clan jumper, I have been in many clan, and I have left or been kicked out for many reasons. I was kicked out of one clan for being Canadian, Another because the Commander didnt like me, and another because I had a disagreement with the Commander. I have left a couple clans for a variety of reasons, The most recent clan I was in, I left because everyone in the clan was incredibly inactive and I wanted to do clan functions. Now im just looking for a clan I can be PERMANENTLY comfortable in. Now that I have that out of the way...I would like to start off bye saying that i'm a respectful, kind, and funny guy. I never rage at the game, and I never put people down. I'm an 18 year old and Canadian Dude. What im looking for: -Tier 6 or 8 strongholds nightly or almost every night -Tier 6 or 8 clan wars -Team battles (not necessary) -Platooning -Fun people -Active players (at least 15 players on during prime times) -Teamspeak is a must -Regular intercourse ( Not a requirement, but will enrich my life) What I can offer: -Im a moderately acceptable caller -Kind and quirky attitude -I'm active in teamspeak -Regular participation in clan events(strongholds, clam warts...ETC.) -Coffee -Respect Important tanks I own: -1 tier 10 tank (T57 Heavy) -IS-3(2 marks), RU 251, WZ 132... im working on other TB tanks -Cromwell(3 marks), T21(3 marks), Type 64, ARL 44....ETC -T26e4, IS-6, AMX CDC *Note* before I join your clan it would be great if you could give me a rundown of what your clan is about in team speak and maybe platoon a little bit, OR message me in game or here on the forums. I Wont be joining a clan until 7:49 on September 19th because I have the cool down, and I want to consider my options.
  8. Hello guys, so i'm a former CAZA / NPC player, looking to join a clam just for fun / platooning (no CW req because i'm casual now). (and maybe some tournies) I use TS3 everyteim I enjoy playing from tier II to VI (and sometimes VIII). (Pug 4 life) English isn't my mother tongue, but i'll understand any english-speaking callers.
  9. We are an Old/New School Community of Gamers with a diverse roster of older and younger generation of gamers consisting of men and women. We are in the process of removing inactive players and as a consequence our numbers are being reduced. Our losses can be your gain. You can be apart of the New Blood to inject the enthusiasm needed to get that fire started again. Our group currently consists of working adults, active college students, and a few soon to be High School Grads. Requirements: Tier 8 or better Non-Prem 18 years or Older (exceptions are made based on the Maturity of the player) TeamSpeak3 (required for all members) Experienced Players A Mature attitude What we offer: TeamSpeak3: Speak2.sealz.com Strongholds Team Battles Tier 6 clam wars A respectful and mature community
  10. Greetings! Mudkip(MUDKP) is a new Social clan (eww, how horrible) for all of our Mudkip kind! What are we about? Mudkip is primarily a Strongholds and Tournament oriented clan. We will also be participating in clan wars but it will be an optional event for our members to attend. OUR REQUIREMENTS: -A recent WN8 rating of near or OVER Super Unicum -A recent win rate of OVER 60% -Teamspeak 3 -don't become a headache in TS -Be ACTIVE, while we do not require attendance for Clan Wars, we expect some half decent activity and participation in strongholds, etc. -Own preferably multiple Tier 6, and 8 Meta tanks, along with at least 3+ tier 10 CW tanks. ~overall stats are nice and all but as long as you can demonstrate that you aren't crap at the game and just elc padded all the way up we really don't care what your overall is -dont quite meet one of our reqs? have other areas you excel in? ask about recruiting anyways. Drop by our TS @ ts.frost-hosting.com and see what we are all about RECRUITMENT: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro Player Compaints: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro > Stiltzin Diplo: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021304/ Join the mudkip army
  11. Currently in AWFUL but I needs a place to grind out tons of stronks money I need a clam that runs stronks alldeyeverydey -will participate in lots of stronking and stronk defenses if its at that level I also have some pretty xvm colors if your into that pontoons and tournies are nice too but I do those regardless of clan affiliations
  12. Do you even frat, Bro? Rush Sigma Chi! The Flagship Clan of Frat Row Gaming Requirements: 2000+ WN8 2300+ Recent 2200+ Wn8 in 3+ tier 10 tanks in a given class 3 day Attendance. Desire to participate in TEAM activities Sigma Chi was conceived to cater to the bros who desire more participation in TEAM oriented events and want an environment where all members of the organization feel the same way. We seek to create a "Fraternity of Activity". We are not looking for GDI's who just want to solo pub and work on their WN8. We are looking for members who want to spend their primetime working with their bromigos in Clan wars, strongholds and aren't afraid to run the occasional sigma vs. sigma training room brodown. We ask our members not only to participate but to improve their ability to work as a unit, employing valuable techniques such as focus fire, group fire instead of individual poking and the ability to conserve not only your own hit points but those of your partner as well. Gold payouts will be weekly and will be based heavily on Participation, not just entering a code. The benefit to an increased exposure to strongholds will be a surplus of resources to be utilized. These will be activated so that members can get the most out of them. There are three things Bros love. One is Clan wars. Can you guess the other two?? Meet the bros: Meet the FC's: If you're interested in rushing PM Epicpanzer or Almightyspaghettimonster Be sure to leave clips, gifs, and images of your favorite movies and shows below!
  13. Are your stats blue or purple? Are you sick of clan wars or just want to take a break? Do you LOVE pandas and other furry critters? Do you enjoy feasting on the blood of your enemies having an extremely cute panda logo on your tanks? Then Black and White Supremacy may be right for you! <-- This could be you, crushing the pubbie beneath the weight of your furry might! *** Lets be honest, pandas are basically the best animal ever, and that's why this clan has the superb panda theme to go along with its excellent player base. B&W Supremacy is a casual clan for exceptional players (and my friends). Come join, make friends, rub elbows with other blunicums/unicums, platoon, do tournaments, or pretty much anything you want. There is no agenda here, except having a fun community of goods where you can come and go as you please. Stat requirements are a must so that not just any old skrebs will join, so here they are: WN8 overall: 1800 WN8 recent: 2500 Reqs are not set in stone, so if you're a chill tanker and really want in hit me up. *** So come, join me on this amazing journey to whatever it is we may be doing soon. Clan wars taking too much out of you? This is how you tell them 'I quit'! Some pub insults your style? Show them who's boss! But most of all, keep the way of the panda, and I know you'll prosper in this life. Stay fluffy, my friends.
  14. Good Day forum people. With a heavy heart I've decided to step down from being a DC in Pupeh and am looking to explore my options.The direction of the clam isn't the same as what I would have liked it to be. I know that it still shows I'm in clan but I'm not. It just hasn't cycled through yet. Looking for a clam who does cw's and can stay on the map and SH's, platoons and the occasional tournaments. CW tanks I have are 53/55, E3/4/5. T57 and IS7, multiple t6/8's for SH's and am close to the 50B. Stats are in my signature below. Thanks, Silver Can consider this closed.......
  15. Im looking for a new clam with relativly high reqs, Ideally I would be middle of the pack as far as clan skill goes rather than top 10. My main problem to join most clans is I only have two T10s atm (bat and IS7) I would like to be involved in tournies as well, and am a semi competent caller if necessary
  16. The Blitz Ferrets are recruiting! We are looking for competitive tankers to join us in killing evil otters world domination. Requirements: 18+ Use Teamspeak when in game. 1300+ WN8 overall (negotiable if recent is high) 1750+ Minimum recent WN8. Have CW tanks. Clan Wars availability 3x a week minimum. Clan Wars Tanks How to apply: 1. Register on IronRushGaming.com (Skip to step 3 if you click on this link) 2. Go to the FERET recruitment forum. 3. Copy application template. 4. Create a thread and paste your app. 5. Submit thread when finished. 6. Successful candidates will be contacted for further testing and given Teamspeak address. ​ ​
  17. Hello Purple Posters! My question is am I headed for some Clam wars viable tanks or not? And is there some lines that are not worth doing? Have I made sufficient progress have < 4,000 battles? I'm currently running down a few lines, here they are: http://i.imgur.com/1dZPeLX.jpg British Mediums http://i.imgur.com/5cXoB0R.jpg France Lights/Mediums http://i.imgur.com/Pp9k6u6.jpg Germany Mediums/Eventually E-100 line http://i.imgur.com/ayBcPe8.jpg USSR Mediums to possibly T-62a/Heavies from the T-150 I figured screenshots were easier than me writing out everything I'm going towards! Thanks for your time, Mjolnir(James)
  18. So my soloscrubbing winrate is currently in freefall, could really use a clan except for one slight problem.... I am not currently even close to having any clam warz tanks, and frankly I am not desperate to take part in that any time soon. I made an that for some reason you all collectively decided to disregard and ignore I currently am enjoying trying to enjoy my time in the mid tiers, have a few lines running from tiers 3 through to 7, I did have a 60+% winrate but as I am moving up the tiers and trying to grind through some stock tier 6 tanks I have found that my poor winrate is now going down faster than a.... well let's just say it's going down fast. I know there are a hundred clans that would take me in a heartbeat no questions asked but I am hoping to join a somewhat more selective clan with better quality players, I really do want to get my winrate back up into the 60's and really want to continue to improve as a player. I could make a thread on the potato forums and get lots of invites but would rather ask here, even if it does turn out to be futile. I don't have any tanks above tier 7 at this time. However I do bring... A somewhat reasonable level of talent and knowledge. A willingness to learn and do what it takes to further improve. Maturity, ok maybe not maturity but I am somewhat old. Not totally scrubby stats, but they could use a bit of work. Whatever voice comms you use, prefer TS3 but can get others working if needed. Tanks I am currently running, T29, Hellcat, T-150, Churchill I, T-34-85, SU-85b, Bishop, Type T-34. + a few tier 3's for sng's. Tier 10's I intend to get eventually, T110E5, IS4, Object 140. However not going to rush to tier 10 at this time. So are there any gud clans out there that might consider relaxing their requirements a tad for a "candidate" with potential?
  19. Howdy howdy howdy! Im an improving former baddy looking for a new home. Drama is high in current, and really it aint for me. They're trying to restructure, which is what is needed, but instead of trying to be at the least competitive in Clam wars they're just moving people around and keeping the baddies in the strongest divisions and in command 1 tier 10 (T-57 Heavy) and soon to have the Object 140. Clan wars are NOT a priority as Im in school (Senior year at IU) so mostly Id be happy to platoon/solo I have a few friends who might look for a new home as well, Snake6122 and Logos73. They're much more interested in Clam wars, but they've been platoonies of mine for a long while now
  20. I am looking for a decent clan to join that is reasonably active and willing to let me join. I know my overall is bad, but I'm trying to pull it up. My 60 day is kinda iffy and I wish it was better. I play fairly often. I have no tier 10s but I'm about to start working on 3 tier 9s. Which will be the M103, IS-8, and T54E1 as soon as I get the credits to buy them. I am looking for a clan I am able to platoon fairly often. With platooning I can get to the tier 10s in a fairly short amount of time. I am in North Carolina and most of the time I play from about 5 pm- 12 or 1 am. I'm sorry if this is a bit rambly and if it is bad it can be removed. I play on both the east and west servers and I don't care which.
  21. Hello, I'm thinking of looking for a new clan, mainly because I'm tired of solopubs and need plat buddies. I'm looking for one that has good players to platoon with and help me improve, and skill level around mine. Also, my highest tier tank is 7 8 and I'm not CW ready. So, any suggestions?
  22. Due to the unmitigated devastation caused by my swagger I am unable to post on the WG SEASIAPAC gulag (or I have too few games). So welcome to the SWAG. YOLO. Think you have what it takes to YOLOSWAG all over the face of ASIA? You just might be able to join SWAG. Maybe. Also announcing FG_YOLOs as official unofficial unwilling SWAG diplomat. SWAG.
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