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Found 6 results

  1. well here we go again 52% WR|54% 1000 battles|55% 60 day 1387 WN8|2152 1000 battles|2290 60 day i have 6 tier 10s (AMX 50B' Bat chat, T57, STB-1, M60, and IS-7) My best tier 10 is the IS-7 i am working on 2 other lines WZ-111 1-4 ----------> 113 SU101------------------>263 I have TS and a Mic i can be on 4-5 days I would like to do CW and tourneys i can call 1 map for CW (mines)
  2. Currently I would like to join either a platooning/Stronghold, or a CW clan. (I did read the sticky) I have a T110E4, I'm currently working on getting the batchat (currently at the lorr. 40t) I'm an 18 year old college student from California, I have TS3, Mic, and I'm always looking to improve.
  3. Welcome to the Relic Gaming Community Relic is always looking for qualified tankers. We are a long standing clan within World Of Tanks. We strive to maintain high standards, respect and competence in all battles we are engaged in. Our leadership values team-play and strongly encourage the use of Teamspeak3 to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. We are interested in quality over quantity and getting to know our members as friends and comrades. Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates, be damn good@poasting. If you think Relic sounds like a good fit for you, register on our forums and apply. www.relicgaming.com server = ts41.gameservers.com:9454 Pwd = relic1
  4. Hi new peoples! Here's a quick guide for new players looking to join their first clan, or, nominally, their first decent clan. Good players that have been around the block can identify all of the good clans, so this guide is not for them. First, you may hear people talking about "big clans" or "small clans" or "social clans". The latter simply means that the clan is not dedicated to clan wars. There are social clans that have good players in them, although most of the players in most social clans aren't very good. They may do activities in training rooms, they may run tank companies, and they may even do some clan wars landing zones, too, and even take land every once in a while. But the difference between a big clan and a small clan isn't the number of members - but rather the quality of the players therein. HAVOK is a big clan, for example. BUNEH is a small clan. Some subclans are medium clans, such as CLAWS, or FOXEY, and other subclans are even big clans of their own, such as OTTER. Even though BUNEH has 100 players, and some of them are pretty good, they aren't a big clan because they're new to clan wars and have a lot of players that are just getting in to it. If you're new to the CW scene, you will probably not be able to get in to a big clan very easily, unless you're an exceptional player. So you will need to go to a small clan instead, and work your way up a bit. There is an entire forum on the official forums dedicated to joining clans, as seen here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/forum/51-looking-for-a-clan/ That forum is generally something I would avoid, unless you already know what you're looking for, particularly if you don't have great stats. Why? While a lot of good clans will look there for recruits, you may notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of people that move from clan to clan every day, and maybe a couple dozen posts in that forum. We have a similar forum in here, and the pool of clans that utilize it to recruit is much smaller, but is also of a much higher quality. Most of the clans that recruit in that forum are looking for random fodder to build their clans up with. Most of them are casual clans, or people attempting to get a clan wars clan started from the ground up. Most of the latter will fail. I am sure that many of them are great groups of guys (and gals), but most of them lack the skill, organization, work, and desire to put in the effort that it takes to build a truly successful clan; if someone is doing most of their recruiting on the forums, it's because they don't have a lot of connections, and connections in this game are important. Please note: Having experience is a clan with a bad reputation will do nothing to stop people from recruiting you in the future. As long as you don't blindly defend asshole commanders, your history of clans shouldn't affect you that much. So, WAT DO? There are clans that call themselves "training" clans. Most of them are a complete load of crap. If one of these clans looks good to you, do yourself a favor and look at their stats on noobmeter or WOTlabs. A good training clan should have players of all skill levels, from purple on down. You should also look for a clan to have improving short term stats rather than relatively flat stats, which would imply that the players in the clan are actually improving their game rather than being stagnant. Here's a clan that does training for their members: http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/na/UNICA/1000010664 See how their short term stats are significantly better than their long term ones? And how they have players that are legitimately excellent at the game? That is what entails a good training clan. Conversely, here is IOC, which isn't so much a training clan, but may lead you to beleive that you will learn by joining them: http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/na/IOC And you can see how they compare here: http://www.noobmeter.com/compareclans/na/IOC/UNICA
  5. Hey guys.. so I'm looking for an active clan that could net me some clan wars experience. As you can see from my stats I'm still learning alot (specifically in the higher tier game play) but I am improving constantly. I have a Foch 155 as my only current tier X and am working down towards the IS7 or E5 next (most likely the e5 as I have the T32 researched). Not expecting to be dropping tags for a top clan, but a clan that is active in TCs and at least lands/is active on the map would be a boon. Hopefully someones got the room for me.
  6. Um, so yeah. I find myself alone. Been following the same small group of guys/gals since open Beta. Now most have quit the game, or moved on to the best clans in the game. A few are still in the clans I was in. During the process of following them, I burned some bridges with different clans (Sorry Forge/Anvil, Kitties and ACES!). Bottomline, I am not great, I am not good material for FC or DC, but I strive to improve and would like to find a new home. This will be the first time where I do not beg for others to follow into the clan, or ride the coat tails of others. Ok, onto what I gots in the garage: Tier Xs widely used: 62A, Batchat, E5 Tier Xs sometimes used: IS7, IS4, Patton, M60, E50M, Maus, 261, T92 Tier Xs researched, but not bought: T57, AMX50B Tier X lines I am working currently: E100 (Need to buy E75), E4 (Need to buy T30) BatArty (Idon'trememberthename) I have played all different kindas of battles in CW and and called a few (please don't ask me to call for you, ever). My general stats are in my sig below, if you want more info, or to see some of my fail battles, look me up on noobmeter. This is me...alone...scared...will you hold me? EDIT: I am normally Blue! This is not the norm!! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V V V V V V
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