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Found 11 results

  1. LABS is recruiting That's right, the #1 rated play4fun clan is now looking for recruits! Who are we, and what are we looking for? A solid group of active players, looking for overall dark purples. 6/7 nights available for discussing anime while we wipe our enemy's asses in clan wars. 18+ or be mature. lolwut was dat, who would join such bland, boring clam We're really just a bunch of people like the X-men, but without superpowers. "Old", young and childish, chill or stubborn. But despite that, we are all rather tolerable/tolerant, so we'll accept you with open arms. Except maybe our lord-emperor Solonii, because, well... But seriously, what do we expect of you? Activity is something that we'd like. But, this is a very casual clan, heck I've never even seen Never in the in-game chat. A visual representation might illustrate what I mean. Do you see the activity in south africa? Yes? Well then, right now, our clan would be something like that tiny dot south-west of it. That's why we make this thread of course. What I'm trying to say is that we don't care if you take a 2week break, or if you play 24/7. We're all here to have fun, and all we want is for you to do the same. How about stats? ayy lmao This is wotlabs yo, we don't care if you have trouble beating JSnazz in his OP hetzer. This guy knows exactly what's up: So, with a bit of that, and a bit more of LABS, the chemistry becomes real and this could be you! We'd like to have some semi-burnt out but good mentors/experienced players too, so they can help training the young padawans. Our plans for the future! It is quite obvious that we aren't even close to fielding CW teams at the moment, and if we're honest, we probably won't be able to do any of that in the near future. Play4fun and educate the youngsters. Advantages of being in the #1_klam_NA - Total immunity on the forums. Look at ZX, has the lord-emperor ever threatened him? - Tons of free gold Did you really think all that patron money is supporting this website? - We have girls Or maybe just one viking. - We're so awesome that nobody leaves our clan And if someone would, we'll wardec their entire next clan as soon as we can field a 15 man team... With tier tens... - Players from all over the world Although the maximum players you may see in the clan chat is around 4 at the moment, there's always someone. hue ------------------------ Well that's how I (scout), feel about our clam. Since diversity is what bonds us (lolwat), I'll post some serious, clear requirements and the lot. In case you're the kind of (lovely) person who prefers to receive information this way. Requirements: -50+ posts on the WoTLabs Forum. -Even if you don't have the 50poasts, being active is fine. -Have a working mic. -So we can hear that sexy voice on TS. -Be mature. -We have some very young people in here and I have to admit that they look at the games very fairly and always are searching for a solution in their own gameplay rather than blaming whoever they can. I can't say that's how I would've done it at their age. -Have a sense of humor. -Don't be the party-pooper that takes things too seriously, k? -Have a thick skin. -As mentioned, we're working towards that dank purple WN8, so you gotta be open to criticism. Clan rules: -Don't be a drama queen. -Unless, of course, you're M1ster_R0gers, then carry on Interested? Post something in the thread, or PM ZXrage, csbassplayer and/or me. PM anyone you want to for info about le clan. TS: ts.wotlabs.net:9467
  2. Looking for serious high-level game play? LIMBO - no clan wars (minimum 60-day 2350 WN8) - We focus on tanks and being good at it. Forum trolling or anime-appreciation is just not what we need. LIMBO (and all the Mafia clans) is not for everyone. We're focused on having a mature, drama-free environment in order to play tanks at a high level. We are so committed to this at times it means asking people to leave, even when it cost us more than we'd have liked, but that's the cost we've paid to maintain a fun and drama-free environment. LIMBO is the 2350+ WN8 non-clan wars clan of the JKLB Mafia, headed up by H_Von_Dutchland aka "HVD". LIMBO is a platooning clan that (voluntarily) does tournaments and skirmishes with members of all 4 clans on our shared TS. The other 3 members of the JKLB Mafia are: JIMBO - is a clan wars fighting clan (2177 60 day WN8) KIMBO - is the platoon-only clan, we (voluntarily) do tournaments, skirmishes (1976 60 day WN8) BIMBO - is a clan wars fighting clan as well (1773 60 day WN8) If you'd like to be in this kind of environment and meet the statistical requirements to join, please contact us in game, get on our team speak server at ts3.jklmafia.com or visit our website at jklmafia.com
  3. moved to the right location.
  4. Requirements : NA Server 1000 WN8 and 48%WR Overall or 1200+ WN8 and 49% WR recent and 1000+ battles for new recruits. Must have TeamSpeak 3. Must be at least 16 years old as parental discretion is advised due to adult content ... Tier 6+ Stronghold viable tanks required as we actively participate in Stronghold Skirmishes. We are now participating in Clan Wars, so 1 tier 10 tank is preferred, but a tier 9 working towards a tier 10 will suffice. We will provide training to new recruits as needed ... so the clan can improve! If interested ... Contact Me here at WOTLABS
  5. Hey, you there! Yes, you. Sitting there, staring at your screen. Do you feel bored, and perhaps just a little unfulfilled? Yes, I thought so. Well, do I have the remedy to all that ails you! Brand new to the Clan market is PRVDA, an associate clan to Pravda Girls’ Academy. Now there of course a few requirements: Have a microphone, and be active on Teamspeak 1 Tier VI tank for Strongholds. Training sessions every other week Whew, what a list! Certainly you must be wondering just what PRVDA is hoping to do? Those answers are simple enough. PRAVDA is hoping to start up a confident strongholds team. While remaining casual and fun! Activities include hanging out, parties, karaoke and more! With your help our possibilities are endless! But what’s in it for you? A reasonable question. I think we like lists, so here, have one of the reasons to join: A fun, casual anime clan We host our own TS3 Server Part of the largest Anime Alliance on the NA server Officer positions are available! Social, low pressure no commitment (Unless you sign on for a tournament!) Kind, fun, helpful and understanding staff They are already a part of an established alliance, with many CW clans, so advancement is always a possibility. Bi-weekly training with other clans in the alliance. Okay, now that’s a real list! So, now that you have the facts you don’t need to feel bored and unfulfilled. If you have any questions come find me ingame or shoot me message here! Good luck tanking out there! Panzer Vor! User experience may vary, Anime not required to apply or enter, disliking/hating anime will not vary your chances to win. rules and regulations apply while under contract with prav and a member of the alliance. purchase not necessary.
  6. Hi we are looking for Active players, the type of player that wants a clan that is active everyday doing Platoons, stronghold and other battles. we are looking for players that have an average win rate, 2500 battles or more of course and are mature 18 years old or older, most in clan are between 18-71 yrs old. We do not put up with slackers, you play on a steady basis or get booted. I am from the 11th ACR ,Viet Nam era, some of the clan members are from the same unit but different time periods. We like to play , we like to learn, we are working on becoming better. we have also absorbed 11th ACR Blackhorse Reg. (1HOW) for our training clan for any player that wants to learn. the commanders there are x ARMY and want to help players to learn how to play better. If interested in joining either clan, Please send a clan application to either (11BAT ) 18 yrs old and up and 2500 battles or to (1HOW) for those first starting out.
  7. Hey! I've been lurking these forums for a while now, learning as much as I possibly can, and I have everyone here at WotLabs to thank for my progress. I wasn't quite sure which forum to post this in, but here goes: How heavily is clan history considered when applying to top tier clans? These past few days, I've had several people with good-to-great stats dismiss me or my opinion in pubs thanks entirely to my clam tags. "You're in LIMBO that's all I need to know". I did some sluething and found out that my CO made a few badpoasts in CR/D, so now the landholding clans seem to see our members as a joke. How badly will this affect me when time comes for me to apply for a CW clan? (no t10 just yet)
  8. [uS]/=US= is a platoon clan that is looking for skilled and mature players. The original [uS] started as a Halo clan back in 2011, but died in early 2013. We are dedicated to giving our members a good atmosphere in-game. The main requirements are some skill at this game and a good attitude. We are going to join the stronghold bandwagon. Minimum requirements to join are: - 3000 battles - Tier 8 - 1050 Overall WN8/1450 60 Day WN8 - 50% Overall Win Rate - Voice communication/ears - English - 16 years old+ Applications are accepted on a case by case basis. WoT page: http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000016195-US/#wot&mt_order_by=-member_since Website: http://unitedswatclan.enjin.com/ Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/unitedswatclan - If you want to play other games with members Temporary TS3: I do gfx tl;dr - we're a start up platoon clan looking for skilled players bonus: we have a nice looking emblem bonus 2: we're gonna do strongholds
  9. Chips- Clan-Warfare Hardened Individuals Providing Support "Chipping Into To You, One Stack At A Time" CHIPS, is a brother clan to Dice and DiceR comprised of clan war hardened veterans. We are a diverse group of friends from all over the world dedicated to providing our members with tactical excellence at the Platoon, Company and Clan level team play. We value tankers who can learn quickly, think on their feet and improve their overall skills. While having fun and working together to complete our common goal of achieving a victory each and every time we compete. Requirements: Tankers MUST have a minimum of 1 Tier 10 preferably 2 Tankers need to have a minimum 30 day WN8 of 1100 or better Tankers need to have a minimum 60 day WN8 of 1300 or better Tankers must have 50% win ratio Tankers must be able to attend Clan Wars at least 3 nights a week We prefer tankers 18 years and older but will make exceptions for the right candidate All Tankers MUST have Teamspeak and a Mic All Tankers MUST be in Teamspeak while in game Benefits of joining the Dice Family We share TeamSpeak with our brother clans so there is no need to tank alone Compete in Clan Wars & Tournaments Play with skilled, like minded tankers Clan wide giveaways and competitions
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