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Found 2 results

  1. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/cw/global-map-season-2/ This is listed in the link: What does everyone think about the changes to clan wars for season 2 of Clan Wars 2.0? It looks like there will be less time needed to grind in stronghold skirmish battles for boxes/influence. Division upkeep is free and combat reserves are off. Not all provinces are available to be landed on by auction. I think they have it all wrong with the map sizes. The tier 6 map either shouldn't exist or should be the smallest. Tier 6 clan wars teaches callers and members next to nothing about clan wars. Also at tier 6 most battles are either hard camp with heavies or fastbois. Neither of which train players to get better at clan wars in higher levels. Tier 6 clan wars is like children's tee ball where they don't keep score. Its just there to make you feel good about participating. Tier 8 clan wars at least has tanks that serve similar roles to their tier 10 counterparts. Also tier 8 clan wars should be 15 v 15 and tier 6 clan wars should be at least 10 v 10 if they want to teach players about strategy and teamwork in clan wars. I think the tier 10 map should be larger or else clan wars is no longer end game content. For a large majority of the players who played pre clan wars 2.0 that means their tier 10 clan wars tanks are collecting dust in their garage and clan wars is no longer end game content due to the small size of the tier 10 map. Its also the reason you see more platoons of 44% win rate sub 400 WN8 HE100's in tier 10 pub battles now. What I'd like to see is: Tier VI Front: Deleted or really small (sub 100 provinces) 10 v 10 players. Tier VIII Front: 210-300 provinces with 45 landings 15 v 15 players. Tier X Front: 400-480 provinces with 100 landings 15 v 15 players.
  2. One of the big differences I noticed with the new Clan Wars 2.0 is that it feels like a grind. There is no more, show up at muster, go over the map tactic or training room, fight your battle(s) and be done with it. Now you have to run stronghold skirmish teams every night to earn resource and influence. We need the resources and influence to build up the stronghold, use artillery and air strikes, purchase and maintain the divisions on the map, purchase and use modules, auctions on the map, etc... Most of the time tier 6 strongholds feel like beating up on baddies or breaking a camp. So, it starts to get old after a few nights in a row of running fastbois. The occasional KV-2 or TOG game can keep it interesting. I feel that I have less time to grind tanks for tier 8 and tier 10 clan wars and less time to platoon with people because we are always ruining strongholds. I have friends who are officers in other clans and they told me how much influence they need every day to maintain their divisions on the map. They said that they have to run two tier 8 stronghold skirmish teams for about 2.5 to 3 hours a night to maintain the influence they need. Now I know why our officers are always telling us to start up a detachment and run strongholds every night. I saw this on the WoT forums and it sums it up pretty well: I feel that the grind seems to take a lot of the enjoyment out of clan wars.
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