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Found 13 results

  1. We Play Tanks [WPT] is a new clan, based around two core principles, Teamwork, and Dedication. To us, it is more important that our players work well together than anything else. We are looking to become a clan wars ready team as well as a strong player in tournaments and other competitions. We hope to recruit people with at least 2 tier 10s, and 1000 wn8 overall, however we require a recent wn8 rating at about 1400-1500, however if they are not met, we still encourage you to contact us. if you are interested, please contact me via the forum as a reply, or in game to TheFIlthyCapitalist. We hope to see you in our ranks!
  2. Clam [VNAV] Is currently building teams for tournaments and team battles. We require: 1.TeamSpeak3 2.Tier 6-8 vehicles 3.Willing to attend one training session per week We are not worried about stats right now. Just a willingness to learn, work, and improve. If you have prior command experience, are a good player, and would like to train and mentor we would love to have some help there as well. If interested contact me here, in game, or at: vnav.enjin.com Thank You squidy_2016
  3. My 19 year old son (Rexkodiak) and I have transitioned from WoT to WoWs ( both former members of ANVIL ) and I am looking for a place that I can use as both a Teamspeak server and a division source for us to enjoy the game together. I am in my mid 50's, he is 19 and we are both no Drama peeps that like to meet new people and learn how to improve. I have multiple tier 8's and he has multiple tier 7's and the Hipper. It would be nice to have a place of competent division mates to grow with the game. ANVIL has not transitioned out of WoT, and it doesn't seem likely any time soon based on Wargamings inability to expand clan membership past the fixed 100 member number. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, I would sure love to hear them.
  4. Hello im George Im new comer to EU server. Its my first account. Im expirienced player I played 9 k bettles on NA server. (Playing on both fronts but EU right now is main) Im 23 Ready to play the days that clan needs. Im having opened T 37 for strongholds (not bought yet) Looking for clan - friends - good and fun team play. Im not stats pedder but it goes up
  5. [NARWL] Upvote is looking to add more members to our pod! [NARWL] Is the Sister clan of [RDDT], we participate nightly in Clan Wars/Strongholds. We are looking for a few more members to join our ranks of tusky thrusty goodness! Requirements: ABILITY TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS 3+ Days per week of CLAN PARTICIPATION (CW, Strongholds) Good attitude Active in Teamspeak while online 3+ CW Tanks 2k+ Recent WN8 1500 Overall WN8 Active Tier X play Email for Slack (Instant Message App) Reddit Account **Exceptions can be made on case by case basis** Recruiters: Assassin_Droid_ RRs_General18 101steagle Itstreet -If interested PM the above members or hop into the Recruitment channel just below the lobby @ ts.rddtclans.com CWs Viable Tanks: Heavies: AMX 50b, E100, IS-7, IS-4, FV215b, T57 Heavy, T110E5 Mediums: B-C 25t, STB-1, Leo 1, T62a, Obj 140, Obj 907 TDs: T110E3, Obj 263 Artyillery: ConquerorGC, M53/55, Obj 261 Theme Song:
  6. Hi guys, Looking for a very active clan. I am active 6-7 nights a week. I have 7 CW viable tier 10s with good crews. I will also be down to play strongholds, tourney's etc. My overall is terrible. If you want to read the story about that I can link my other post. This is me at 13k battles
  7. Looking to toon , have several 10's but not very interested in clanwars . Looking more to meet some cool people and have fun. I usually play in the evening 3 or 4 days a week 6 till 11 est . I am not in any hurry as i do not want to join a dead clan with 10 active people , been around a long time and know who is who . Will play clanwars if i am needed but that is not my focus. Shoot me a PM if interested , been staying around 1700-1800 wn8 but would like to improve on this . I could use some guidance maybe a mentor to get me over the hump as i have grown extremely stagnant as of late and find myself performing even worse through frustration being solo . Thank you, L_O_C_K
  8. After a few people within my mentor clan wanted to ask me about clans. They were unsure about joining one, and didn't know which ones to join. If you are a new player or you haven't been in a clan before, then I highly recommend reading this. What is the primary objective of a clan.? Clans can have different objectives depending on what the Commanding Officer wants their clan to be. Clans tend to focus on 1 key feature that puts them into 4 categores. Social, Training, Tournament, and CWs. These clans can also have secondary objectives borrowing from the other categories, but at the end of the day Clans tend to focus on 1 thing to create an image of themselves. Social Clans- Social clans tend to be geared to just forming just a community within WoT. This clan type is by far the most popular since literally anyone can make a social clan, and get around 20+ players in the clan as long as they are active in its development. Example: LABS, CIRC Training clans- Training clans tend geared to well... training. These clans are rather rare since actually taking the task of helping players of any level is rather difficult for the officers of the clan. Example: M-I-T, DEPAC Tournament clans- These clans are geared towards tournaments and skirmishes as their main source of income. There many clans like this and they are seeing a rise in popularity since Skirmishes have been known to actually give individual players more gold than CWs at least on the NA server. Example: SIMP Clan Wars clan- These clans are diverse in skill level, and tend to focus on Clan wars. Example: OTTER Are there any clans that do primarily strongholds. Yes, but to make an individual category for them seems lacking since the categories that I listed tend to all have a stronghold structure to allow training of player/callers for tournaments/CWs. Secondary Objectives? Clans can focus on secondary objectives to allow their clan to be more diverse for their community. An example would be a CWs clan having a tournament team, but players tend to forget that if the secondary objective gets in the way of the primary objective, the secondary objective will be dropped, or if the secondary objective starts taking priority then the priories will switch places with each other. What did the majority of these clans all have in common that could help players develop? All of these clans have a community to allow players to platoon together or do strongholds together allowing players to learn from each other about different tactics on different maps. Thus broadening the knowledge of the player. Which clans should I join? That is entirely up to the player. It depends on the skill level of the player, and what he wants to do with his tanks. Are there clans I shouldn't join? Yes! And these clans need to be avoided at all possible, because they tend to be extremely toxic to the game. Clans like TEXAS, IOC_1, ARMED, TROLU all tend to be assholes and unintelligent towards the game. These players will go out of their way to preventing wins, and will not teach players how to be proficient at the game. If you are a new player avoid these type of clans. I still don't know what clan to join Many clans create a recruitment thread either on the official forums and here. There you can learn about their requirements and what kind of clan it is. I highly recommend doing research on the clan before joining any clan whether it is looking up the stats of clan or if its forum rep.
  9. IMO, the community could use a more open discussion of clan management and operation in general. A recent discussion on gold payouts was quite interesting: Here, I would like to open a channel for all who are interested and have questions on running a clan - both in general and specific terms. I don't have anything particularly insightful or interesting to start with, so let's see how this works out as an open thread... Ask away, if you're curious, or starting up a new clan, or wondering on how to improve your clan, and we'll see who pipes up and responds.
  10. I doubt any anime clans recruit here, but it's worth a shot... Copy pasta: Yes, my member title is the best.
  11. Upvote is an independent clan active in clan wars. We are RDDT's sister clan. Upvote is looking for recruits for Clan Wars and the upcoming Campaign! Now you might be wondering, what can Upvote do for me? Well let me tell you what Upvote offers: A laid back and friendly atmosphere Clan wars everyday Be part of a great team Platoons! Platoons everywhere! A place to help improve your skills Gold Payouts! A fun and exciting Teamspeak Victory in the next Campaign Experienced Leadership A place to make friends Now you may be wondering how can I join this amazing clan!? All you need to do is meet the requirements! Requirements: 1. Have an account on Reddit.com 2. 2100+ WN8 over 60 days 3. 54% winrate over 60 days 4. 4+ (preferably 5) Clan Wars viable tanks (Tier 10 stats will be looked at) 5. Participate 3+ days a week in Clan Wars 6. Have a good, positive attitude and not be a source of drama. Priority Tanks we are seeking: Conquerer GC, M53/M55, 50B, Leopard 1, STB-1, Obj 140, Batchat, E100, IS-7, E5, E3, 268, Waffen, T57. Now you might be thinking what if my stats are a little bit off; well attitude and tier x damage are actually the most important things. How to Apply: Send a message to a recruiter to let them know you are interested. Get into our teamspeak, let recruiters or officers know you are interested, play with people in the clan you want to join. Show you will be active and demonstrate a positive attitude and ability to work well with teammates. Provide basic information about yourself, CW experience, and availability Applying should be done once you have completed the other steps. ​Links: TeamSpeak server address: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com Clan page: http://worldoftanks....00006817-NARWL/ TL-DR we work closely with and would like to promote if you are not a candidate for NARWL: [TL-DR] Requirements to join: -> 1600 60-day win8 -> 50% 60-day win rate -> 3+ CW viable tier 10s -> active in TS and CW 3+ nights/week -> Must have a Reddit account on Reddit.com We are very interested in callers! Show proficiency as a caller in TL-DR and it will help you greatly to move to NARWL! Reddit is a big group of clans and we have many that fit every bracket of skill and purpose. SNOO is our west coast clan, AURUM is a 1300+ wn8 clan wars clan, RDDT3 is a training clan and there are others for casual or competitive play.
  12. Hi new peoples! Here's a quick guide for new players looking to join their first clan, or, nominally, their first decent clan. Good players that have been around the block can identify all of the good clans, so this guide is not for them. First, you may hear people talking about "big clans" or "small clans" or "social clans". The latter simply means that the clan is not dedicated to clan wars. There are social clans that have good players in them, although most of the players in most social clans aren't very good. They may do activities in training rooms, they may run tank companies, and they may even do some clan wars landing zones, too, and even take land every once in a while. But the difference between a big clan and a small clan isn't the number of members - but rather the quality of the players therein. HAVOK is a big clan, for example. BUNEH is a small clan. Some subclans are medium clans, such as CLAWS, or FOXEY, and other subclans are even big clans of their own, such as OTTER. Even though BUNEH has 100 players, and some of them are pretty good, they aren't a big clan because they're new to clan wars and have a lot of players that are just getting in to it. If you're new to the CW scene, you will probably not be able to get in to a big clan very easily, unless you're an exceptional player. So you will need to go to a small clan instead, and work your way up a bit. There is an entire forum on the official forums dedicated to joining clans, as seen here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/forum/51-looking-for-a-clan/ That forum is generally something I would avoid, unless you already know what you're looking for, particularly if you don't have great stats. Why? While a lot of good clans will look there for recruits, you may notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of people that move from clan to clan every day, and maybe a couple dozen posts in that forum. We have a similar forum in here, and the pool of clans that utilize it to recruit is much smaller, but is also of a much higher quality. Most of the clans that recruit in that forum are looking for random fodder to build their clans up with. Most of them are casual clans, or people attempting to get a clan wars clan started from the ground up. Most of the latter will fail. I am sure that many of them are great groups of guys (and gals), but most of them lack the skill, organization, work, and desire to put in the effort that it takes to build a truly successful clan; if someone is doing most of their recruiting on the forums, it's because they don't have a lot of connections, and connections in this game are important. Please note: Having experience is a clan with a bad reputation will do nothing to stop people from recruiting you in the future. As long as you don't blindly defend asshole commanders, your history of clans shouldn't affect you that much. So, WAT DO? There are clans that call themselves "training" clans. Most of them are a complete load of crap. If one of these clans looks good to you, do yourself a favor and look at their stats on noobmeter or WOTlabs. A good training clan should have players of all skill levels, from purple on down. You should also look for a clan to have improving short term stats rather than relatively flat stats, which would imply that the players in the clan are actually improving their game rather than being stagnant. Here's a clan that does training for their members: http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/na/UNICA/1000010664 See how their short term stats are significantly better than their long term ones? And how they have players that are legitimately excellent at the game? That is what entails a good training clan. Conversely, here is IOC, which isn't so much a training clan, but may lead you to beleive that you will learn by joining them: http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/na/IOC And you can see how they compare here: http://www.noobmeter.com/compareclans/na/IOC/UNICA
  13. I have 6 tier 10s... pm me in game
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