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Found 3 results

  1. I thought that the Mentor skill provided additional crew skills to all crew, but the commander. I moved my Tiger II crew, which is on its 5th skill/perk to the E 100 on Saturday. Today, I found myself putting together a new Tiger II crew, so I gave the commander Mentor, 2 crew members repairs and the radio operator situational awareness to restart. Low and behold, I played my first game with the new crew, got a 2nd class badge with 1738 damage, 2031 spotting assist and 240 blocked damage. The commander now is 25% trained on Mentor and the other crew members got 17%. The radio operator was already 31% on Situational Awareness, as he was left over from a sold tank. I don't know if you can see the picture I'm trying to attach or not. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By1Pal24ZYNKYVpqYXlpNzJNenc/view?usp=sharing
  2. I just want some people's advice/opinion on this matter. I've got the T-55A LT & MT missions done for over a year now, and alongside those, I've yet to claim the female crew from StugIV SPG mission. Previously I'd gotten 4 crew members for my T-54/Obj 907, and another 4 on my Centurion AX. That was before WG changed the whole BiA and SoS system and allowed mixed gender crews. Now I have 3 female crew as yet unclaimed, and as I have yet to manage to complete TD-15.4 and HT-12.4, I'd like to at least move on to the 4th personal mission set in the meantime. It's all a matter of what tier X vehicles should I get a female commander onto My tier X lineup atm: STB-1 Centurion AX FV215b + coming soon Super Conqueror 113 Obj 907 Obj 140 M60 My tier IX lineup keep (for now) grinding selling soon : E50 Leo PTA T-54 (grinding T-62A) T-10 M46 M103 T30 Centurion 7/1 Conqueror Conway (we'll see if 9.20.1 redeems this) Skoda T50 RU251 Jagdtiger (no crew) T-54 ltwt T49 Type 61 AMX 13 90 Batchat 25t AP Shopping list T110E5 (moving the M103 crew here) IS-7 TVP T50/51 (considering moving idle Skoda T25 crew here) WZ-111 1-4 => WZ-111 5A M48 Patton (i've got a Pershing crew set to move here, currently in M60) T110E4 (considered selling T30 and moving the crew here) I've also considered getting an AMX 30 and placing a female TC there, and the IS-7 & WZ-111 5A seem likely candidates. I don't suppose i'll be keeping the BC25t AP after unlocking the BC-25t PS if I don't claim them now, what happens to them after the personal mission changes? PPS Did they fix the female crew voice for US crew? Or does she still sound lobotomized?
  3. Hello, This might sound like a noobish question, but I've been wondering for some time and I figure someone here might know. Playing my T110E5, I of course noticed that the commander hatch is a rather huge weak spot. Anything and everything shoots at it and usually, anything at tier 6 or above can penetrate it without too much hassle. I also noticed that the hatch was situated on the left side of my turret, thus, in a desperate effort to hide the damned thing, I have tried a few times to exit cover (to shoot at enemies) on the right side: just barely enough for me to have a shot. In my noobishness, I figured this monstrosity would remain behind cover as I peeked out! But frankly, I can't say if I'm doing it wrong, or if it simply can't work. The few times it "worked", I can't say if people just couldn't aim or if it actually worked... Anyhow, my first question would be, is it possible to hide the E5's hatch by exiting cover from the right side, or is it just not a viable option? On the same note, are there "known" spots on some maps where this hatch can be in cover, i.e. a hole in a wall high enough for me to shoot, but low enough to cover the hatch? I can't seem to find any.. Thank you for your time, 32
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