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Found 5 results

  1. I don't know how many people actually do their own XVM config instead of using modpacks, but I thought we could have a dedicated thread for people that actually does this and/or just general questions or support. Kinda the same principle as the Quick Questions thread, just mainly focused towards XVM, but other mods with configs could relate. I myself have been doing this for a year, so I kinda have some experience with the config structure and what not. XVM Related Links: Site: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Forum: [EN] - [RU] Dev Builds: [Nightly] - [Change Log] - [Commit Log] Documentation: [Readme] - [Macros] - [Macros-Hangar] Recommended Editors: Notepad++ - Probably the best text editor for Windows XCTuner - Editor for .XC files that assists in editing your config - Doesn't support advanced coding features - Recommend for newbies, tho it wont really teach you anything. XCPad - Text editor tailored towards .XC file editing Need somewhere to post your xboxhueg config? http://pastebin.com/ or http://privatepaste.com/ Fire away.
  2. I'm trying to set up my old XVM config again after a long time of not using it, and I'm having trouble figuring out what the new automatic minimap circles do. I see "dynamic", "motion", "standing", "blindarea", and a couple more that go with blindarea that I haven't been able to figure out. I can't find any decent descriptions in English, and Google Translate Russian isn't quite good enough for this. Has anyone here figured out what they do?
  3. Disclaimer: This is something you have to modify according to your own tanks, crewskills, equipment and taste. It is not universally applicable. The closest enemy will not see me until I fire... I've entered in custom circles for the minimap part of the XVM config file. They indicate at what range you will be spotted by, mostly, an enemy with 400m view range. You are already familiar with the white drawrange square and the 50m proxyspot circle... Red circle: You will be spotted, in the open, standing still.Purple circle: You will be spotted, in the open, moving.Yellow circle: You will be spotted, in the open, firing. { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444", "distance": 303, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } }, { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFF00FF", "distance": 326, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } }, { "ussr-T62A": { "alpha": 60, "color": "0xFFFF00", "distance": 378, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } } Link to my xvm config file. Detailed instructions on how to use (any) custom xvm config file: I've used the WOTINFO site as a source for the data, I used to crawl around spreadsheets and russian posts, but wotinfo seems to keep track of the valid numbers. Use this site to find out about your tanks and setups then update the numbers accordingly. Maybe you want to assume it is a 440m viewrange tank who's looking at you? I generally run my meds and TD's with full camo skill, if you do the same my config will pretty much work for you. There may be issues using this with modpacks et al. as they usually come with their own xvm config or minimap mod.
  4. Now that we have a place we're allowed to talk about XVM (and I'm sure quite a few people around here have it), I thought I'd ask the burning question that has been weighing on me for many long minutes: what XVM config do all you people use, especially gudplayers? You often hear "I have XVM", but not so often what config is used. I use a modified version of the default that keeps the same style but gives me more information.
  5. I need someone who is actually very good with the XVM file to just spend 5 minutes on this and tell me what the issue is. I modified my XVM config file yesterday to adjust the colors, and also display WN6/Efficiency in all the battle screens (including during play). It seemed to (mostly) work last night, but I made a few "minor" changes to it today, and all of a sudden when I played WOT it went back to working as it did before I edited the file at all. I don't give a damn about percentiles (the "xwn" and "xeff" values I've tried to eradicate from the file)...straight up, I'd like to see the actual statistics ("wn", "eff") displayed. I've also modified the colors to more closely reflect WOTLabs, although I did take the liberty of creating a couple additional categories. I will just post the parts of the file here (just the sections I've changed), and hopefully someone can tell me what the problem is. Any help solving this irrititating hurdle would be quite welcome.
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