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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, Something I've been asking me for quite a while is: Are extra rations, like coffee etc., always usefull (in relation to the creditcosts) or only when your crew is well skilled? For example: I'm grinding a new crew in my M46 Patton and atm I'm at the second perk. Would it be usefull to put in some Cola or would it be just a waste of credits? Thx for all the replies! P4nda
  2. Greetings unicums of the world, First of all, if this needs to be moved to a different section or deleted altogether because i missed a similar thread about this. (I just came back from break and im bad@forums in general ). So, as a (barely) blue struggling to get into consistent purple levels, I hate that nagging feeling that there is simple things im doing wrong/could be doing better. While gameplay flaws are hard to eradicate, im working on them one by one. What i noticed though is that the top players of the community seem to run food on pretty much anything they play, switching out extinguishers and even medkits, varying from player to player. Ive also seen various variations on premium medkits but regular repair kits and things of the sort, but im mostly interested in food since the large/small kits are just a straight upgrade and are thus a matter of available credits, which for me is not important. (I want to maximise performance in t10/9, especially when grinding moe's. Any credits i have to pay ill grind). I do run food on some of my tanks, but only on the in my opinion obvious choices (STB, BC etc), so any thoughts/insights on why food is so important and what i should switch out for it on various tanks would be greatly appreciated. A general guideline or just a list of exceptions, anything will do. I understand that the opinions on this matter are somewhat split, so what im looking for here is people that really spam food on a lot of tanks as I am interested in their thoughts on it and the tradeoffs they make to run it. Does it require a certain playstyle to get the most out of food? Do I need to learn some exquisite skills to get the most out of it? Hopefully after reading the replies I can make a call on what is best for me. Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text, Seafood42
  3. My standard setup for pubbie matches is first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher. Are there any particular Tier 8-10 tanks that purple poasters use a different setup for, such as gas or gold food?
  4. Gasoline (or oil) is one of those consumables that I just never understood. On what tanks or with what setups would using this consumable be worthwhile? Is it just a poor-man's food item for tanks where extra horsepower (and turret traverse) is more valuable than stopping fires?
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