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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, like so many of you I'm not the biggest fan of arty. (Yep, I do agree it needs a nerf or better yet, remove it from the game). That being said, I don't rage all the time about it and I know WG isn't gonna make it disappear any time soon. Hence my question ... how do you counter arty (especially when playing in a heavy). A light and most meds don't have too many problems since they can relocate quickly and unless arty was pre-aiming a spot where you pop up it will be difficult for them to cripple you. And TD's aren't supposed to be spotted anyway. But in heavies ... So I thought I would describe my game style when arty is in the battle: I'll go to the grinder, hold a choke point, ... and be reasonably succesfull when arty doesn't shit on me because I can be arty safe. But there are many points where you just aren't: sand river, prokho, malinovka, red shire, airfield, ... (the list is long). When there is 1 arty I might take my changes and try avoiding their direct hits by staying in motion as much as possible, but with 2 and especially 3 or more I will completely change my play style or even avoid parts of the map where I normally should take my heavy. By changing game style I mean I actually take the time to completely change location so arty has to move for sure, so they at least have the extra bloom to deal with again. But, in these battles I find for myself that I don't do enough for the team. On the other hand, when I watch streamers on twitch they don't always. For example, I was watching SirFoch playing on prokho 3 times in an afternoon and every time he was in the middle shooting up at the hill (who doesn't). But the thing is, there were 3 arties (heavy hitters too). When he got spotted he fell back, kept moving, but didn't relocate. Just pop up 15 secs later in about the same location and continue. In these 3 games, arty barely shot at him. If I try to do ... madonne ... How do you guys deal with situations like this? Do you risk the arty click? Do you relocate completely? Do you find a location that's more arty safe and just try to carry from there? Because I know for a fact I'm doing something wrong here. I could easily average 3k WN8, but at least 1 out of 4 games is shit because arty ruins my battle (either because I'm too passive trying to avoid them, or because they actually manage to cripple me). Thanks for any input/insight.
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