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Found 2 results

  1. yoyoya2

    Myoko review

    The four Myōkō-class cruisers (妙高型巡洋艦 Myōkō-gata jun'yōkan?) were built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1920s. Three were lost during World War II. The ships of this class displaced 11,633 tons (standard), were 201 m (661 ft) long, and were capable of 36 knots (67 km/h). They carried two aircraft and their main armament was ten 20.3-centimetre (8.0 in) guns in five twin turrets. At the time, this was the heaviest armament of any cruiser class in the world. They were also the first cruisers the Japanese Navy constructed that exceeded the (10,000 ton) limit set by the Washington Naval Treaty. In the game the myoko is a tier 7 cruiser with 5 double 8 inch guns that will fire at a range of 16.1km and 4x3 triple torpedo tubes. Armour The myoko is a fast heavy cruiser and suffers of having a huge citadel and overall weak armor. The main belt has a thickness of 100mm and a deck of only 37mm. This is comparable to the pensacola's 50-100mm belt armor. The citadels on the ship can be found at the waterline under the turrets,under the funnel and under the torpedo tubes. This means that it has a citadel for every occasion. So never show a broadside to anything that is shooting AP. The + is the fact that the myoko is very slim. Compared to its US peers the myoko can travel at a slight angle and not show at flat side to the enemy. The reason why you would want to travel at a angle is that it is easy for BBs to drop shots into the the front and get citadel pens. + Slim +Can be angled - Weak overall armor - HUGE citadel -I really do mean HUGE Armament Myoko is armed with 10 8 inch (203mm) guns paired in 5 turrets. These 8 inch guns have a decent rate of fire (12 seconds)To pump out great damage.With a range of 16.1km you can outrange all other IJN cruiser until tier 9 and can be competitive with the US CAs above tier 7. unlike the 6 inch shells the AP on these guns are very capable of killing CAs with a few salvos and doing serious damage to BBs while the HE shells can set fires like no other and kill BBs who are well angled The myoko is also armed with 12 torpedoes paired in 4x3 turrets with 2 on each side These torpedoes have a range of 10km and a speed of 62knts while doing a maximum damage of over 17k The arc on the torpedoes are 90 degrees from the side to 75-80 degrees to the rear therefore great for defensive but poor on the offensive. + Lots of guns + Accurate + Even with weak armor they don't get destroyed easily + Good torpedoes with fast reload (103 seconds) = Slower reload then aoba but better then peers = AA is lackluster compared to US but better than aoba - slow turrets -The gun placement can be wierd -Torpedo arc can be frustrating Maneuverability The myoko is a fast cruiser with a top speed of 36 knots this top speed helps it chase CVs and get in range quickly but can often cause you to overextend and die a horrible death. Being a very long ship you have to watch out that when you turn You don't clip a mountain but with fast acceleration and a rudder shift time of 9 seconds you can quickly change directions and do S turns without problems. Even with a decent rudder shift time the turning radius is pretty bad at just over 700m. + Fast + Decent rudder shift time = Acceleration - Turning radius is big -Length of ship prevents turning in tight spaces Overall The myoko is a great ship and clearly out performs the pensacola. It can be played as a support or as a brawler. If a BB rushes you you just need to let him pass you then launch 6 torpedoes to finish him off. And using the great guns you can easily kill CAs in two salvos at ranges under 10km with AP and can often one salvo DDs with HE while doing 5-15k dmg to BBs with AP at close ranges or 3-6k dmg With HE at long range with fires. Stats
  2. I've recently had the idea of farming epic medals such as kolobonovs to make people warship me. Currently I only have one, but if I only played tanks like Cruiser IV I could get a couple more kolobonovs. Not saying they are easy to get, but its just pathetic in that thing. I want to know you bloonicums' thoughts on this. Should I farm medals to be cool? Or grind my stuff?
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