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Found 13 results

  1. This is something I've been pondering for a while. Doing 3k damage in a tier 10 was usually a baseline for a unicum player where 4k damage was usually reserved for a top tier super uni player. With the new MM changes do you think we are seeing a shift in avg damage at this tier? Personally, I feel like I've been playing better but I'm not sure if that is just a perceived notion because of damage pools being much higher. Thoughts?
  2. Nice work on damage spread, quoting /r/WorldofTanks on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/4z53s0/infographic_damage_spread_in_world_of_tanks/
  3. Team Bone Bones back with some more content, today we will be featuring a replay from panbartosz_ from the EU server in his Löwe.
  4. Wondering how to make decisions while playing your tier 8 lights, while still maximizing damage output? Give this video a watch and tell the TeamBoneBoys what you think!
  5. Today Domination mode arrived on EU server, so I decide to give it a go. What I discovered was that if you have empty magazine in 50B, if you enter station and wait for 5 seconds, you will get fully loaded gun ready to destroy enemies. This is especially broken on Sand River, since on that map you have repair station in the middle of the map, with cover. My best score so far was 13 886, could have done it better if I just didn't waste clip on E5's far away from me. http://prntscr.com/7c7bbs I would like to see what is best score someone can get.
  6. T95E2, a pretty bad and ugly tank, but rare and a 'murica medium; I want it. This means that I made a reroll, originally only planning to blast my way to t10 as fast as possible, but my focus shifted after only a few battles; I decided to see if I too could into this padding business. I'm currently at t7, and will be there for a while, and I'm looking for someone willing to listen to my rage and insults while grinding up to t10. Any candidates must be okay with me padding like a disgusting whore on this reroll, I will ragequit the second I have under 4,5-5k wn8 over 10 or so games. My reroll is 95E2 on EU server, I play only on EU1 due to packetloss shit on EU2. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/95e2/524163450/ If you are okay with this and the occasional abuse, then you are welcome to carry me. I only demand that you have over 50% winrate and don't camp redline.
  7. Not entirely sure if this is the best place to talk about this, but from the other topics I saw here it seems the most relevant. Anyways, it is a well known fact that the API does not include damage upon detection statistics to be accessed, and thus this has been a limiting factor in WN8 calculations etc. for a long period of time. However, a few patches ago I was curious to see if such information could be extracted from replays. Using WoT-Replay-To-JSON (a vBAddict tool ) a particular replay was able to be analyzed in a human-readable form. Insights: The replay was well structured, most importantly an identify block was clearly found in the bottom lines of the JSON file. It contained two pieces of vital information: the playername and also the associated internaluserID, which was the internal ID used throughout the replay file to reference the player with their specific tank and statistics for the game. Under the vehicles block, referencing the internal ID of my player name allowed me to find the spotting damage, under damageAssistedRadio apparently. I believe this is also the spotting damage that shows up in the in-game scorecards (Right?) Thoughts: Since the spotting damage data is available (for quite sometime now actually, and vBAddict apparently factors it in into their calculations) and especially readable and quick to reference when parsed into JSON, isn't it possible to have an automated script process the replays (for those that do record replays) and pass on the spotting damage values to the servers where the API stats are processed to be factored in for calculations? Would this be some viable way to factor in spotting damage for WN8 calculations? Obviously, what I am proposing and talking about here is under the assumption that what I was looking at in the JSON file was indeed damage upon detection. If I am a fool or a noob who does not know what he's talking about, feel free to educate me. I am open to whatever opinion everyone has about this. JSON file is here for reference. Thank you.
  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/1091399#self Too bad you dont get credits for DAMAGE blocked... What it felt like>
  9. So I was browsing the official forums and I found this website: http://www.targetdamage.com/ Just looking over it, it seems to be a pretty good source for what damage per tank you need for green/blue/purple.
  10. http://www.targetdamage.com/ Looks like a nice overview on what you should be doing, some numbers are low for purple (1800 in pershing) but overall it's a good baseline Confirm validity y/n? I think its a very user friendly tool to find out what you should/are doing in tanks.
  11. By way of analogy, empty damage is like empty calories. And just as 'damage whore' is often a pejorative (though not always) so too are empty calories The Devil. But that's all in a vacuum. ===================== Do you eat healthy most of the time? Do you have a high metabolism, low blood pressure? Are you young? A few empty calories aren't killing you. You can have a soda, pizza, fast and junk food, and sleep easily. And so it is in tanks. Damage is damage, and although watching an enemy tank limp away or back out of a corner to live is frustrating, the good DPG whores really, really do attrit an enemy team down. In their selected flank, or a little bit all over the place, in more open maps and in high accuracy / camo tanks. ====================== Empty Damage is simple then. SITUATION 1 -- 1st Minute / Allied Scout West side Siegfried Line -- field on Malinovka -- riverbed rush El Halluf -- and numerous other examples. One of a few things happens in which you benefit from this. You either suggest it, you assume / watch for it to, or (most thankfully) an ally announces those intentions. Hopefully not a top-tier sui-scout, but nevertheless, even if it is, these are usually players with 1 foot in the grave mentally -- you generally can't talk them out of it. So you shoot what they light; what simultaneously drives into them and profit. Damage is damage. SITUATION 1A -- 1st Minute / Enemy Suiscout Basically the opposite. Your team did nothing necessarily aggressive to generate lights, but an enemy is driving so aggressively or so far they've presented themselves as a target. Damage being damage, it might as well be you as anyone. But as a good player, almost doubly so -- the worst possible situation for the enemy suiscout is 1) they get through and get something spotted and killed, like arty or even a high-tier soft TD / open top tank 2) 2nd worst, they get so far into allied lines, every player on your team digs their heels into the ground and stops advancing. Depending on the map, this is a situation which can wrest map control away from you. 3) Least likely, but also a worst case, the enemy suiscout lives and digs into a really, really nasty bait position. Now he's feeding his own team empty damage. The best situation I can think of this is when SW spawned light tank gets to G4 on El Halluf, East-facing cliff. The process of digging out a low tier tank like this isn't a profitable one for your team. Quickly -- even greedily -- taking that empty damage on this light tank could have prevented this. Sometimes, you have to play slow to win. (ignoring it or trusting allies is too often a mistake) SITUATION B -- Allied Peeking Pubs, at least in NA, have a very simple mindset, and a few specific habits. Here, they like to go to deploy to a certain line in the sand -- a certain phase line -- and hold it. There, they peek. They either win, in which case, their most Cardinal Trait comes into action -- inertia. They go forward to the enemy flag like it's a gravity well. Or they die. But say you have a stately peek-a-boo going on. You have an allied tank doing, whatever, peeking, but not well at all. He over exposes, doesn't aim, or gets in a rut of bad timing. His own rushed shot misses, he takes damage, backs out, and rinses, washes and repeats conveniently so the enemy will do this 2, 3, 4 more times in a row. Well, pubs gonna pub, so you let him do it, take the damage, and then try and get your own shot off. His incompetence is painful enough, but it can at least spring your gun out for damage. (this is a situation you're most likely to find yourself in a bottom/mid-tier HT/TD) SITUATION C -- Time Sensitive Sniping This is probably the staple of the damage whore. On larger, open maps, the long middle phase of a game can present itself with opportunity after opportunity. Karelia, having high-donut control, means you can variously take potshots at enemy tanks... everywhere around you. At various points, your tank could be at any one of those asterisks (and even lower, covering the corner, though that's a bit less likely in a soft medium) due to the various intentions of the enemy, or obvious opportunities. This picture best demonstrates the principle of Empty Damage -- taking whatever the enemy team gives you. Of course, you can't take advantage of all of this, unless you're in an advantageous position. Maps like this are good examples of why taking key terrain is so very important many times. And besides the pure sniping potential of the spot, this gives you great flex options. SITUATION D -- Enemy Zerg Into Allies Plenty of situations, either deliberately or by chance, you'll be in position to see an enemy push coalesce into some poor ally. His death is assured, but while he's lighting things, you can drain some empty damage hit points from the enemy. ======================= ======================= Empty Damage, like calories, get a bad rap. But that's only in a vacuum of other considerations. As a lower-tier tank, or in a very slow match, it can be minutes in-between good opportunities to move, attack, even fire your gun. You could derp, but if you're playing to win, you're going to be more opportunistic. And by and large, empty damage is a process in which you get damage off of other people's conscious scouting, poor enemy or allied decisions, or distant cross-fire opportunities. By and large, empty damage is not tactically significant. It is not immediate action against a concentration of tanks which will represent a broken enemy flank / position. It is not pushing, it is not flanking -- (it can be camping!) -- and it is not flexing. It's the trump card of the wily scout tank -- floating. From spot to spot, one flank to another, from active scout, to passive, to loop-scouting. From offense, to defense, and back again. TL;DR -- Empty Damage is first and foremost, opportunistic. And secondly -- safe. It's all around you, all of the time. I like to think I just gave a name to a type of damage, but it's definitely a concept I think is worth labeling and understanding. There's a time and place to push, to camp, and there's a time and place to just sit back and soak up empty damage.
  12. Hi guys, I would like to post a question that has been bugging me lately. How much damage per game is considered adequate to carry the game in tier 6-9 ( i currently have no T10 tanks). Bear in mind i usually drive HTs and sometimes TDs. Tier 6: Tier 7: Tier 8: Tier 9: Thanks for any feedback and sorry if this sounds like a silly question or has been asked to death already.
  13. Since the replay section is locked, post 10k dmg + games in here?? I really want to see what awesome matches people have been through where they carried from the start. Lemme start 10051 dmg in Object 268 - Sorry for the lemming move at the end. It was the adrenaline I swear...but srsly, I was hit by the most inaccurate tankin the game, in the side, while he wasn't aimed. </3 http://wotreplays.com/site/243567#sand_river-mooseybro-object_268 Feel free to move this topic to the applicable section wherever that may be but as for now I am without a place to put it.
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