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Found 4 results

  1. EndlessAgony

    [Blitz] Dank Games

    Place to poast your epic game results/vids/etcetera. I'll start with a breddy good T-34 match where my team was shit, enemy team was shit, and I just kinda farmed. Also, fuck that shitter in the Crusader, he kept following me around the second half of the match, attempting to steal my kills and actually managed it once, costing me the Raisenai and almost costing me the Pools.
  2. Kolni

    The Credit Grind

    So PTS-D made fun of my garage with sub 20 tanks and below 500k credits yesterday. So today I decided to start intensively powergrinding credits and I'll show 'em a real sweet garage and credit stuff during this 15% special that lasts for a month on the EU server. I will mainly be using the CDC and Type 64 for this, CDC goes both in randoms and SH, while the Type 64 goes only in SH's. Some STA-2 and Cromwell B might go in there too. There's no statgoal which means I won't shoot gold unless I need to, and I will be trying to do this within the set timeframe of the EU special. Every tank is also getting a dedicated crew but I just won't have the time to train them all up in that amount of time. Why are you doing this crap? - Because I can, and wanna see how I fare when I'm tryharding for credits rather than damage output. And I want a sexy garage. Goals: Amount of credits needed: Estimated over 90 million with equipments, loadouts and 50% off consumable buys Tanks to buy (are unlocked): Germany: JP2 BOUGHT! RU 251 E 50 BOUGHT! Leo 1 E 100 Waffle E 100 USSR: SU-101 BOUGHT! Obj 416 BOUGHT! T-54 SCRATCHED because I won't play it since 100% MoE anyway T-10 BOUGHT! Obj 140 IS-7 USA: Pershing BOUGHT! T32 M48 France: AMX 50 100 AMX 30B (haven't decided on this or 30P yet, but will get both sometime when I get enough crews for it) BC 25T UK: Conqueror - added because I didn't think of it, and I have a Bromwell crew that's starting to get OK which'll go into here, along with me scratching the T-54 should be compensated with another T9 BOUGHT! China: WZ 111-14 BOUGHT! Tanks to grind to/unlock: (most likely post credit run but if I make it, I will do it, stock grinds in Domination etcetc) Obj. 416 through 430 WZ 1-4 though 113 STA-1 through STB-1 (needs gold, put on hold for now) Possibly SU-101 through 263 if I have the stamina to Starting point: Amount of credits: 498 000 Grinding: CDC, A-43 Tanks in garage: 18 Day 1: Obj. 416 bought, SU-101 bought and has a shitty as crew but frankly I don't care because I'll beef it up a bit in SH's, T8's are good that way Tanks in garage: 19 Credits grinded: 4.9 million wn8: absolute shit but i don't care Day 2: WZ-111-14 bought Credits earned: 3,720,000 I got internet issues which sucked, there was about an hour or something left on the credit bonus which means I lost out on about 1,5-2 mil ;_; Day 3: T-10 bought bought modules for all the tanks bought Credits earned: Around 4,000,000 I could've earned so much more because I missed out on an entire bonus because of studiotime which is around 2mil in the CDC in randoms Day 4: E 50 bought Credits earned: 3,200,000 I was slacking today, only played for one credit bonus and 10-20 randoms and CW drained another 200k because CW I've been in the studio all day so I've played on the few breaks I had along with some this evening between CW and SH 0 I will update this as I go along, if I start slacking you should yell at me and feel free to send platinvites because I'ma be playing 8 all day long. Edit: WHAT THE FUCK SPOILERS PLEASE
  3. I'm an average player that needs to be carried. In all honesty I just want to win games. I cry every time I lose, pls help.
  4. So, after playing the Mammoth like it's gone out of style (very irony, much wow) I have a 2 1/2 skill crew. I had no initiative to go down this line until I got the crew, choosing the E-100 line over it. I haven't even researched the low tier trash that leads up to the T1 Heavy (plsno M3 Lees). I'm aware of their strengths but the T1 and M6 and everything below it just aren't reliable. Final verdicts anyone?